A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
Author: Laurie Campbell
Publsiher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 523
Release: 2011-12
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781466902268

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You rarely hear men talk about juggling children, work, and household today. Imagine if a nineteenth-century man was in that fix. What would he do? They didn't have the resources we have today. This book is a look at Otto von Goff and his daughter, Luise, during the time he made a contract to sell his cattle to France. That had never been done before. Railways were just starting, and Otto set out to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, his wife, Hildegard, is ill and hasn't paid the household staff, so Otto has to get the books without letting his guests know he's involved in the household. In addition, his daughter is sick and lonely, wanting his attention and someone to play with. He lets them go to his sorrow. He concentrates on the deal, letting his household and his daughter fall aside, thinking he'll make up later. His mother taught him, "A stitch in time saves nine," and now he has to deal with the consequences.

A Stitch In Time

A Stitch In Time
Author: Shéa MacLeod
Publsiher: Sunwalker Saga
Total Pages: 23
Release: 2014-04-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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After pissing off Thor (god of thunder/major jerk), Branwen (goddess of love and beauty/cupcake addict) finds herself thrust back in time to Regency era England. Her only hope rests with her former love, Loki (major hottie/pain in Thor's backside) and a little magic of her own. History will never be the same.

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
Author: Frederick H. Abernathy,John T. Dunlop,David Weil,Janice H. Hammond
Publsiher: Oxford University Press on Demand
Total Pages: 385
Release: 1999
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780195126150

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The result of changing styles and fickle customers on the textile and fashion industry has traditionally been costly markdowns and stock shortages. This book examines how technological advances changed the situation in the 1980s and enabled the introduction of "lean retailing."

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
Author: P. A. Shepherd
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 24
Release: 2016-10-10
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781514469071

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The Addenda contains a natural history component relating to the animals in the narrative as well as a language-teaching component instructive for teachers of English, whether the students are youngsters learning the language or adults learning English as a second language.

Without a Stitch in Time

Without a Stitch in Time
Author: Peter De Vries
Publsiher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 337
Release: 2014-11-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780226171234

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Harking from the golden age of fiction set in American suburbia—the school of John Updike and Cheever—this work from the great American humorist Peter De Vries looks with laughter upon its lawns, its cocktails, and its slightly unreal feeling of comfort. Without a Stitch in Time, a selection of forty-six articles and stories written for the New Yorker between 1943 and 1973, offers pun-filled autobiographical vignettes that reveal the source of De Vries’s nervous wit: the cognitive dissonance between his Calvinist upbringing in 1920s Chicago and the all-too-perfect postwar world. Noted as much for his verbal fluidity and wordplay as for his ability to see humor through pain, De Vries will delight both new readers and old in this uproarious modern masterpiece.

A Stitch in Time in Applewell

A Stitch in Time in Applewell
Author: Lilac Mills
Publsiher: Canelo
Total Pages: 363
Release: 2022-05-12
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781800323179

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It’s not just hems that are frayed in Applewell... Gracie rescues old clothes and cast offs from Applewell’s charity shop, making them into cute and fresh outfits, which she then sells in her little shop. Turning a profit is hard at the best of times, let alone when new arrival Lucas appears... After running away from the village in his teens, Lucas has finally returned to an uncomfortable amount of fanfare and gossip. His job requires him to streamline homeless charity, UnderCover, and his plans to do so risk putting Gracie out of business. The pair of them exchange harsh words but when Lucas' niece cuts up his sister's wedding dress, there's only one person he can think to turn to. Along with repairing the dress, will Gracie patch up her relationship with Lucas? Or is that a stitch too far? A sweet and heartwarming romance full of community spirit and quirky characters, for fans of Holly Martin, Suzanne Snow and Phillipa Ashley. Praise for A Stitch in Time in Applewell ‘I was in the mood for something light and uplifting, and this gave me exactly what I needed. I loved the chemistry between Gracie and Lucas, you could really feel their attraction coming off the page, and it made for very easy and enjoyable reading.’ Reader Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Friends, family and nosy but nice neighbours all looking out for each other, with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure – what more could you want? A definite must read.’ Reader Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Applewell feels like home. I have genuine love for these books, the characters, and the setting... beautifully written.’ Reader Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Stitch in Time A Sweet Small Town Romance The Cottages on Anchor Lane Book 4

A Stitch in Time  A Sweet Small Town Romance  The Cottages on Anchor Lane  Book 4
Author: Leeanna Morgan
Publsiher: Rogan Press
Total Pages: 219
Release: 2022-08-23
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "All the books in this series had me holding my breath with each turn of a page. Five stars!" Fans of Netflix's Virgin River series and Sweet Magnolias will love this small-town, feel-good romance! After being homeless for most of her life, Jackie West has finally found her idea of heaven. Living in Sapphire Bay has given her the security she craves and the friends she needs to be happy. When she sees the fourth cottage on Anchor Lane sitting empty, she dreams of turning it into a knitting store. But with limited finances, it's unlikely to happen. Aidan Remington works for BioTech Industries creating state-of-the-art prosthetics. Meeting Jackie sets him on a path he never saw coming but is everything he needs. When he’s asked to organize a charity Christmas gala to raise money for children’s prosthetics, he can’t say no. But he needs Jackie’s help. With the hopes and dreams of more than one child resting on their shoulders, they embark on a journey so important, neither of them can turn back. Until what drew them together starts to tear them apart. Join Jackie and Aidan in this heartwarming tale of resilience, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of dreams, set against the backdrop of the beautiful town of Sapphire Bay. A STITCH IN TIME is the fourth book in The Cottages on Anchor Lane series and can easily be read as a stand-alone. All of Leeanna's series are linked. If you find a character you like, they could be in another novel. Praise for Leeanna Morgan's books: “I am addicted to Leeanna Morgan's books! The only problem with them is that I hate coming to the end of one, and can't wait for the next good read. I love how she weaves the characters together and draws you right into their lives. If you haven't discovered her, please do give her books a try. You won't be disappointed, except for not having found her sooner!” “I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down. I purchased it today and finished it just now. Captivating story from beginning to end. Definitely a five-star book.” Other Novels by Leeanna Morgan: The Bridesmaids Club: Book 1: All of Me (Tess and Logan) Book 2: Loving You (Annie and Dylan) Book 3: Head Over Heels (Sally and Todd) Book 4: Sweet on You (Molly and Jacob) Emerald Lake Billionaires: Book 1: Sealed with a Kiss (Rachel and John) Book 2: Playing for Keeps (Sophie and Ryan) Book 3: Crazy Love (Holly and Daniel) Book 4: One And Only (Elizabeth and Blake) The Protectors: Book 1: Safe Haven (Hayley and Tank) Book 2: Just Breathe (Kelly and Tanner) Book 3: Always (Mallory and Grant) Book 4: The Promise (Ashley and Matthew) Montana Promises: Book 1: Coming Home (Mia and Stan) Book 2: The Gift (Hannah and Brett) Book 3: The Wish (Claire and Jason) Book 4: Country Love (Becky and Sean) Sapphire Bay: Book 1: Falling For You (Natalie and Gabe) Book 2: Once In A Lifetime (Sam and Caleb) Book 3: A Christmas Wish (Megan and William) Book 4: Before Today (Brooke and Levi) Book 5: The Sweetest Thing (Cassie and Noah) Book 6: Sweet Surrender (Willow and Zac) Santa’s Secret Helpers: Book 1: Christmas On Main Street (Emma and Jack) Book 2: Mistletoe Madness (Kylie and Ben) Book 3: Silver Bells (Bailey and Steven) Book 4: The Santa Express (Shelley and John) Book 5: Endless Love (The Jones Family) Return To Sapphire Bay: Book 1: The Lakeside Inn (Penny and Wyatt) Book 2: Summer At Lakeside (Diana and Ethan) Book 3: A Lakeside Thanksgiving (Barbara and Theo) Book 4: Christmas At Lakeside (Katie and Peter) The Cottages on Anchor Lane: Book 1: The Flower Cottage (Paris and Richard) Book 2: The Starlight Café (Andrea and David) Book 3: The Cozy Quilt Shop (Shona and Joseph) Book 4: A Stitch in Time (Jackie and Aidan) Love on Anchor Lane: Book 1: The Magic of Summer (Daniella and Harrison) Book 2: The Magic of Sunshine (Aimee and Liam) Book 3: The Magic of Rainbows (Harper and Owen) Book 4: The Magic of Christmas (Chloe and Luke)

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time
Author: Tracey V. Bateman,Cathy Marie Hake,Carol Cox,Vickie McDonough
Publsiher: Barbour Publishing
Total Pages: 356
Release: 2004
Genre: Religious fiction
ISBN: 1593101430

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Raised in No Man's Land - a wide-open tract west of the Oklahoma territory - the Stafford siblings stitch together a legacy of faith and family history. But each one struggles to recognize the arrival of true love: Micah can't imagine falling for the refined visitor from the East who "can't ride a horse or shoot a gun." Louisa, a tomboy, almost loses a chance at love by trading her holster for ribbons and bows. Josh is surprised to find the "young man" he rescued is actually Rachel Donovan, disguised to survive the harsh pioneer terrain. Sam takes a closer look - through God-colored spectacles - and discovers a sweet, soft spirit in his bumbling bride-to-be. In spite of the prejudices, false assumptions, and misleading disguises, God can tie up the loose threads of these lives and bestow His own plan - the unexpected perfection of love.