America on Film

America on Film
Author: Harry M. Benshoff,Sean Griffin
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 623
Release: 2011-08-26
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781444357592

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America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in the Movies, 2nd Edition is a lively introduction to issues of diversity as represented within the American cinema. Provides a comprehensive overview of the industrial, socio-cultural, and aesthetic factors that contribute to cinematic representations of race, class, gender, and sexuality Includes over 100 illustrations, glossary of key terms, questions for discussion, and lists for further reading/viewing Includes new case studies of a number of films, including Crash, Brokeback Mountain, and Quinceañera

Representing race

Representing  race
Author: Robert Ferguson
Publsiher: Hodder Arnold
Total Pages: 288
Release: 1998
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0340692391

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Productive media analysis is like an iceberg, argues Robert Ferguson. The vast bulk beneath water is the intellectual, historical and analytical base without which media analysis may become superficial, mechanical or glib. Representing 'Race' argues that the study of 'race' and the media cannot be seriously undertaken without engaging with theories of ideology and without awareness of contemporary theoretical work, such as approaches to Orientalism and critical discourse analysis. Drawing on examples from newspapers, film, radio and television, Ferguson demonstrates the close relationship between representations of 'normality' and racism. Providing an overview and assessment of existing research in the area, Representing 'Race' is a challenge to intellectual complacency and a warning against the temptation to normalise the very term 'race'.

Native Americans on Film

Native Americans on Film
Author: M. Elise Marubbio,Eric L. Buffalohead
Publsiher: University Press of Kentucky
Total Pages: 467
Release: 2013-02-22
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780813140346

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“An essential book for courses on Native film, indigenous media, not to mention more general courses . . . A very impressive and useful collection.” —Randolph Lewis, author of Navajo Talking Picture The film industry and mainstream popular culture are notorious for promoting stereotypical images of Native Americans: the noble and ignoble savage, the pronoun-challenged sidekick, the ruthless warrior, the female drudge, the princess, the sexualized maiden, the drunk, and others. Over the years, Indigenous filmmakers have both challenged these representations and moved past them, offering their own distinct forms of cinematic expression. Native Americans on Film draws inspiration from the Indigenous film movement, bringing filmmakers into an intertextual conversation with academics from a variety of disciplines. The resulting dialogue opens a myriad of possibilities for engaging students with ongoing debates: What is Indigenous film? Who is an Indigenous filmmaker? What are Native filmmakers saying about Indigenous film and their own work? This thought-provoking text offers theoretical approaches to understanding Native cinema, includes pedagogical strategies for teaching particular films, and validates the different voices, approaches, and worldviews that emerge across the movement. “Accomplished scholars in the emerging field of Native film studies, Marubbio and Buffalohead . . . focus clearly on the needs of this field. They do scholars and students of Native film a great service by reprinting four seminal and provocative essays.” —James Ruppert, author of Meditation in Contemporary Native American Literature “Succeed[s] in depicting the complexities in study, teaching, and creating Native film . . . Regardless of an individual’s level of knowledge and expertise in Native film, Native Americans on Film is a valuable read for anyone interested in this topic.” —Studies in American Indian Literatures

America on Film

America on Film
Author: Kenneth M. Cameron
Publsiher: Burns & Oates
Total Pages: 272
Release: 1997
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: UOM:39015040147905

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The challenge of making the great American historical film has attracted some of our finest talents: D. W. Griffith, John Ford, Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Spike Lee. From the earliest flickering images of The Spirit of 76 (1905) through Nixon, America on Film subtly and entertainingly examines Hollywood's filming of American history, including biographies. Among the many films considered, some omissions seem surprising: The Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind, for example, since they are based on fiction. But The Iron Horse, The Beginning or the End?, the Jackie Robinson Story, Patton, Quiz Show, Lenny, Malcolm, X, Apollo 13, and literally hundreds of others are all here. Through these many movies, we see the interrelationships between image and substance, illusion and reality, racism and democracy, and cynicism and idealism, which form America's unique national identity.


Author: John H. Lenihan
Publsiher: University of Illinois Press
Total Pages: 228
Release: 1980
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 0252012542

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The author examines modern American culture through the lens of the Hollywood western.

Imagining America at War

Imagining America at War
Author: Cynthia Weber
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2020-07-24
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781000155297

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Ten films released between 9/11 and Gulf War II reflect raging debates about US foreign policy and what it means to be an American. Tracing the portrayal of America in the films Pearl Harbor (World War II); We Were Soldiers and The Quiet American (the Vietnam War); Behind Enemy Lines, Black Hawk Down and Kandahar (episodes of humanitarian intervention); Collateral Damage and In the Bedroom (vengeance in response to loss); Minority Report (futurist pre-emptive justice); and Fahrenheit 9/11 (an explicit critique of Bush’s entire war on terror), Cynthia Weber presents a stimulating new study of how Americans construct their identity and the moral values that inform their foreign policy. This is not just another book about post-9/11 America. It introduces the concept of 'moral grammars of war', and explains how they are articulated: Many Americans asked in the wake of 9/11 – not only 'why do they hate us?' but 'what does it mean to be a moral America(n) and how might such an America(n) act morally in contemporary international politics? This text explores how these questions were answered at the intersections of official US foreign policy and post-9/11 popular films. It also details US foreign policy formation in relation to traditional US narratives about US identity ‘who we think we were/are’, 'who we wish we’d never been', 'who we really are', and 'who we might become' as well as in relation to their foundations in nationalist discourses of gender and sexuality. This book will be of great interest to students of American Studies, US Foreign Policy, Contemporary US History, Cultural Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Film Studies.

Queer Images

Queer Images
Author: Benshoff,Griffin
Publsiher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Total Pages: 334
Release: 2005-10-13
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780742568570

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Queer Images chronicles representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer sexualities over one hundred years of American film. The most up-to-date and comprehensive book of its kind, it explores the ever-changing images of queer characters onscreen as well as the work of queer filmmakers and the cultural histories of queer audiences--from the works of discreetly homosexual filmmakers during Hollywood''s Golden Age and classical Hollywood''s attempt to purge sex perversion from films, to queer exploitation and physique films, cinematic responses to AIDS, and how contemporary Hollywood deals with queer issues. An essential volume for film buffs and anyone interested in sexuality and culture. Visit our website for sample chapter!

Hollywood s America

Hollywood s America
Author: Steven Mintz,Randy W. Roberts
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 417
Release: 2010-03
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781405190039

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Fully revised, updated, and extended, this compilation of interpretive essays and primary documents teaches students to read films as cultural artifacts within the contexts of actual past events. A new edition of this classic textbook, which ties movies into the broader narrative of US and film history Ten new articles which consider recently released films, as well as issues of gender and ethnicity Well-organized within a chronological framework with thematic treatments to provide a valuable resource for students of the history of American film Fourth edition includes completely new images throughout