Atlas of Anatomy Latin Nomenclature

Atlas of Anatomy  Latin Nomenclature
Author: Anne M. Gilroy,Brian R. MacPherson,Jamie C. Wikenheiser
Publsiher: Thieme
Total Pages: 772
Release: 2021-11-19
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781638537113

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Quintessential Atlas of Anatomy expands on widely acclaimed prior editions! Atlas of Anatomy, Latin Nomenclature, Fourth Edition builds on its longstanding reputation of being the highest-quality anatomy atlas published to date using Latin nomenclature. With more than 2,000 exquisitely detailed illustrations, including over 120 new to this edition, the Atlas helps students and seasoned clinicians master the details of human anatomy. Key Features: NEW! Expanded Radiology sections include over 40 new radiographs, CTs, and MRIs NEW! A more dissectional approach to the head and neck region places neck anatomy before that of the head – the way most students dissect NEW! Additional images and tables detail the challenging anatomy of the peritoneal cavity, inguinal region, and infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae NEW! Almost 30 new clinical boxes focus on function, pathology, diagnostic techniques, anatomic variation, and more NEW! More comprehensive coverage clarifies the complexities of the ANS, including revised wiring schematics Also included in this new edition: Muscle Fact spreads provide origin, insertion, innervation, and action An innovative, user-friendly format: every topic covered in two side-by-side pages Online images with "labels-on and labels-off" capability are ideal for review and self-testing What users say about the Atlas of Anatomy: "I can't say enough how much I like the organization of this text. I think Thieme has 'hit the nail on the head' with structuring everything by region (Lower Limb) and sub-region (Ankle & Foot). It's very easy to find what you're looking for…" "The figures in the Atlas of Anatomy are exemplary and surpass other competing texts. The images are clear, precise, and aesthetically colored. The unique views presented in this work are also very helpful for studying a three-dimensional subject such as human anatomy."

Internal Organs THIEME Atlas of Anatomy Latin Nomenclature

Internal Organs  THIEME Atlas of Anatomy   Latin Nomenclature
Author: Michael Schuenke,Erik Schulte,Udo Schumacher
Publsiher: Thieme
Total Pages: 499
Release: 2021-07-03
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781684200832

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Remarkable atlas provides exceptionally detailed, clinically relevant anatomic knowledge! Thieme Atlas of Anatomy: Internal Organs, Third Edition, Latin Nomenclature, by renowned educators Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, along with consulting editors Wayne Cass and Hugo Zeberg, expands on prior editions with increased detail on anatomic relationships of inner organs, and the innervation and lymphatic systems of these organs. Organized by region, the book features 10 sections starting with an overview on body cavities. Subsequent sections cover the cardiovascular, blood, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, genital, endocrine, and autonomic nervous organ systems. Regional units covering the thorax and abdomen and pelvis begin with succinct overviews, followed by more in-depth chapters detailing the structure and neurovasculature of the region and its organs. Key Features Labels and anatomic terminology are in Latin nomenclature 1,375 images including extraordinarily realistic illustrations by Markus Voll and Karl Wesker, diagrams, tables, and descriptive text provide an unparalleled wealth of information about internal organs 21 fact sheets provide quick, handy references summarizing salient points for each organ Online images with "labels-on and labels-off" capability are ideal for review and self-testing This visually stunning atlas is an essential companion for laboratory dissection and the classroom. It will benefit medical students, internal medicine residents, and practicing physicians. The THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series also includes two additional volumes, General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System and Head, Neck, and Neuroanatomy. All volumes of the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series are available in softcover English/International nomenclature and in hardcover with Latin nomenclature.

Atlas of Anatomy

Atlas of Anatomy
Author: Anne M Gilroy,Brian R MacPherson,Lawrence M Ross
Publsiher: Thieme
Total Pages: 2040
Release: 2012-04-09
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781604067460

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The new gold standard for learning anatomy... Atlas of Anatomy, Second Edition, is the essential resource for anyone studying gross anatomy. Packed with over 2,400 full-color illustrations, this atlas guides you step-by-step through each region of the body, helping you master the details of anatomy. Key Features: Exquisite full-color illustrations with clear, thorough labeling and descriptive captions Even more clinical correlations help students make the connection between anatomy and medicine Coverage of each region intuitively arranged to simplify learning: beginning with the skeletal framework, then adding muscles, organs, vasculature, and nerves, and concluding with topographic illustrations that put it all together Over 170 tables summarize key anatomic information for ease of study and review Innovative, user-friendly format in which each two-page spread is a self-contained guide to a topic Surface anatomy spreads now include regions and reference lines or planes in addition to landmarks and palpable structures to develop physical exam skills Muscle Fact spreads ideal for memorization, reference, and review organize the essentials about muscles, including origin, insertion, innervation, and action New sectional anatomy spreads at the end of units build familiarity with 2D views of anatomic regions Access to PLUS, with over 500 images from the book for labels-on and labels-off review and timed self-tests for exam preparation

Grant s Atlas of Anatomy

Grant s Atlas of Anatomy
Author: A. M. R. Agur,John Charles Boileau Grant,Ming J. Lee
Publsiher: Baltimore : Williams & Wilkins
Total Pages: 670
Release: 1991
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0683037013

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A collection of color diagrams and line drawings representing human anatomical dissections. Also includes x-rays and photographs.

Gray s Atlas of Anatomy E Book

Gray s Atlas of Anatomy E Book
Author: Richard Drake,A. Wayne Vogl,Adam W. M. Mitchell,Richard Tibbitts,Paul Richardson
Publsiher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Total Pages: 648
Release: 2020-02-27
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780323636414

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Clinically focused, consistently and clearly illustrated, and logically organized, Gray's Atlas of Anatomy, the companion resource to the popular Gray's Anatomy for Students, presents a vivid, visual depiction of anatomical structures. Stunning illustrations demonstrate the correlation of structures with clinical images and surface anatomy - essential for proper identification in the dissection lab and successful preparation for course exams. Build on your existing anatomy knowledge with structures presented from a superficial to deep orientation, representing a logical progression through the body. Identify the various anatomical structures of the body and better understand their relationships to each other with the visual guidance of nearly 1,000 exquisitely illustrated anatomical figures. Visualize the clinical correlation between anatomical structures and surface landmarks with surface anatomy photographs overlaid with anatomical drawings. Recognize anatomical structures as they present in practice through more than 270 clinical images - including laparoscopic, radiologic, surgical, ophthalmoscopic, otoscopic, and other clinical views - placed adjacent to anatomic artwork for side-by-side comparison. Gain a more complete understanding of the inguinal region in women through a brand-new, large-format illustration, as well as new imaging figures that reflect anatomy as viewed in the modern clinical setting. Evolve Instructor site with an image and video collection is available to instructors through their Elsevier sales rep or via request at

Anatomy An Essential Textbook

Anatomy   An Essential Textbook
Author: Anne M. Gilroy
Publsiher: Thieme
Total Pages: 634
Release: 2021-08-09
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781684202607

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Third edition of acclaimed, richly illustrated textbook is the definitive resource for learning challenging anatomy! While the relevance of anatomy to medical diagnosis and treatment continually evolves, anatomical knowledge will always be instrumental to effective treatment of patients. Building on the tradition of the highly acclaimed prior editions, Anatomy: An Essential Textbook, Third Edition by Anne M. Gilroy features new learning components that leverage the Thieme companion, Atlas of Anatomy, Fourth Edition. Concise, bulleted text paired with large, detailed anatomic figures enhance visual learning and retention of knowledge. Organized by eight units, the book starts with basic concepts and a general overview of anatomic systems. Subsequent units focused on regional anatomy cover the Back, Thorax, Abdominal Wall and Inguinal Region, Pelvis and Perineum, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, and Head and Neck. Each unit includes a chapter on the practical application of regional imaging and extensive question sets with detailed explanations. A new ordering of chapters now mirrors the revised organization of the Atlas and sequence of dissections in most gross anatomy programs. More than 100 new images, updated illustrations, and revised versions of all autonomic schematics enhance understanding of anatomy New topics in clinical and developmental anatomy addressed throughout include clinically important vascular anastomoses, spinal cord development, and common anatomic anomalies Matching colored side tabs allow quick access to similar units in both books Over 50 of the new and previously included clinical and developmental correlations now feature descriptive images, radiographs, or schematics Self-testing sections in each unit have been expanded with over 40 new USMLE-style question sets with detailed explanations This is the quintessential resource for medical students to build anatomy knowledge and confidence as they progress in their medical careers.

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Atlas of Human Anatomy
Author: Frank H. Netter
Publsiher: ICON
Total Pages: 612
Release: 2003-01
Genre: Human anatomy
ISBN: 1929007159

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Contains all the illustrations from Frank H. Netter's Atlas of human anatomy, 3rd ed., 2003, as well as exam questions.

A D A M Student Atlas of Anatomy

A D A M  Student Atlas of Anatomy
Author: Todd R. Olson,Wojciech Pawlina
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 509
Release: 2008-04-07
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780521887564

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This book features an innovative visual approach to understanding the human body.