Becoming Friends of Time

Becoming Friends of Time
Author: John Swinton
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2016
Genre: Disabilities
ISBN: 1481305689

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Time is central to all that humans do. Time structures days, provides goals, shapes dreams--and limits lives. Time appears to be tangible, real, and progressive, but, in the end, time proves illusory. Though mercurial, time can be deadly for those with disabilities. To participate fully in human society has come to mean yielding to the criterion of the clock. The absence of thinking rapidly, living punctually, and biographical narration leaves persons with disabilities vulnerable. A worldview driven by the demands the clock makes on the lives of those with dementia or profound neurological and intellectual disabilities seems pointless. And yet, Jesus comes to the world to transform time. Jesus calls us to slow down, take time, and learn to recognize the strangeness of living within God's time. He calls us to be gentle, patient, kind; to walk slowly and timefully with those whom society desires to leave behind. In Becoming Friends of Time, John Swinton crafts a theology of time that draws us toward a perspective wherein time is a gift and a calling. Time is not a commodity nor is time to be mastered. Time is a gift of God to humans, but is also a gift given back to God by humans. Swinton wrestles with critical questions that emerge from theological reflection on time and disability: rethinking doctrine for those who can never grasp Jesus with their intellects; reimagining discipleship and vocation for those who have forgotten who Jesus is; reconsidering salvation for those who, due to neurological damage, can be one person at one time and then be someone else in an instant. In the end, Swinton invites the reader to spend time with the experiences of people with profound neurological disability, people who can change our perceptions of time, enable us to grasp the fruitful rhythms of God's time, and help us learn to live in ways that are unimaginable within the boundaries of the time of the clock.

Becoming Friends

Becoming Friends
Author: Jeff Johnson
Publsiher: Saint Mary's Press
Total Pages: 94
Release: 2000-09-16
Genre: Christian education of teenagers
ISBN: 9780884894537

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Create religion classes that address younger teen's real-life issues and differing learning styles. Our comprehensive set of minicourses and teaching resources focus on relationship building, active participation, and sound religious principles. The minicourse format for grades 6-8 -- with its detailed teaching guides, full-color student booklets, and video resource materials -- gives coordinators and teachers everthing they need to create a flexible, successful curriculum that meets students unique needs. Teaching guides make teaching easy and fun with step-by-step instructions and checklists, active learning strategies, prayer guidance and copies of student booklets for reference.

Becoming Friends

Becoming Friends
Author: Paul J. Wadell
Publsiher: Brazos Press
Total Pages: 193
Release: 2002-07
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781587430510

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The author explores the indispensable role of friendship in Christian life, summoning us to love all of our neighbors, and encouraging us to cultivate the virtues of hope, justice, and forgiveness. Original.

Becoming Friends with God

Becoming Friends with God
Author: Leith Anderson
Publsiher: Baker Books
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2001-09-01
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781441262226

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A Devotional Invitation to Intimacy With God A well-respected pastor and leader in Christian circles, Leith Anderson heads up an active congregation and is deeply involved both in the community and in ministry associations. Becoming Friends With God offers a realistic look at who God is and how everyday people can learn to draw closer to God by learning about Him. Featuring short chapters designed for devotional reading, Becoming Friends With God invites readers to look at the nature of a Christian's relationship with God, examine Scripture, and discover what it means to be a friend to the Almighty. Focusing on areas like communion with God, communication, believer's responsibilities, and what makes the perfect friend, the book challenges readers to forge a new relationship with God.

How to Be Present in an Absent World

How to Be Present in an Absent World
Author: Daniel Montgomery
Publsiher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2020-02-25
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780310100973

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Experience the fullness of life that Jesus promises by learning how to engage with the present--even in the increasing busyness of work and family life. Do you ever wonder how long can you keep: grinding out eighty-hour work weeks? putting your marriage on the backburner? treating your employees like cogs in a machine? pushing your life aside before you realize your time is all up? At the heart of this collaborative project is the belief that the pain we experience is the result of absence--living disconnected from our authentic selves and lacking deep, meaningful relationships with others and with God. Daniel Montgomery, the founding pastor of Sojourn Community Church; Kenny Silva, a PhD candidate at Trinity International University; and Eboni Webb, who holds a doctorate of Clinical Psychology, pooled their efforts and expertise to focus on the problem of modern absence and the pain it causes us and those around us. This book is a guide for how to cultivate a self-awareness that empowers you to take ownership and engage in every area of influence. It's arranged into five sections, each focusing on one of the major areas of our lives where many of us struggle with absence: Time Place Body Others Story How to Be Present in an Absent World provides biblical, practical ways to handle the daily pressures of life without denying or escaping the present. Its goal is to help you rediscover what it means to show up for your own life. With interludes that offer a deep dive into the neurobiology of presence as well as principles and exercises that Dr. Webb employs in her clinical practice, Montgomery and his coauthors will equip you with the kind of self-understanding that allows you to realize God's design for human flourishing--whether in your church, in your job, or in your family.

Clever Girls of Our Time and how They Became Famous Women By the Author of Clever Boys and how They Became Famous Men I e J Johnson Fifth Edition

Clever Girls of Our Time  and how They Became Famous Women     By the Author of    Clever Boys  and how They Became Famous Men    I e  J  Johnson     Fifth Edition
Author: Joseph JOHNSON (Author of “Heroines of our Time.”.)
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 312
Release: 1875
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: BL:A0026161569

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Facebook For Dummies

Facebook For Dummies
Author: Carolyn Abram,Amy Karasavas
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 439
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781119782100

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Be a new face on Facebook! If you're new to the Facebook user community, don't be shy: you're joining around 2.7 billion users (roughly two-and-a-half Chinas) worldwide, so you'll want to make sure you’re being as sociable as possible. And with more functionality and ways to say hello—like 3-D photos and Video Chat rooms—than ever before, Facebook For Dummies is the perfect, informative companion to get and new and inexperienced users acquainted with the main features of the platform and comfortable with sharing posts, pictures (or whatever else you find interesting) with friends, family, and the world beyond! In a chatty, straightforward style, your friendly hosts, Carolyn Abram and Amy Karasavas—both former Facebook employees—help you get settled in with the basics, like setting up your profile and adding content, as well as protecting your privacy when you want to decide who can and can't see your posts. They then show you how to get involved as you add new friends, toggle your newsfeed, shape your timeline story, join groups, and more. They even let you in on ways to go pro and use Facebook for work, such as building a promo page and showing off your business to the world. Once you come out of your virtual shell, there'll be no stopping you! Build your profile and start adding friends Send private messages and instant notes Share your memories Tell stories about your day Set your privacy and curate your news feed Don't be a wallflower: with this book you have the ideal icebreaker to get the party started so you can join in with all the fun!

Goncharov in the Twenty First Century

Goncharov in the Twenty First Century
Author: Ingrid Kleespies,Lyudmila Parts
Publsiher: Academic Studies PRess
Total Pages: 282
Release: 2021-11-23
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781644697009

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Goncharov in the Twenty-First Century brings together a range of international scholars for a reexamination of Ivan Goncharov’s life and work through a twenty-first century critical lens. Contributions to the volume highlight Goncharov’s service career, the complex and understudied manifestation of Realism in his work, the diverse philosophical threads that shape his novels, and the often colliding contexts of writer and imperial bureaucrat in the 1858 travel text Frigate Pallada. Chapters engage with approaches from post-colonial and queer studies, theories of genre and the novel, desire, laughter, technology, and mobility and travel.