Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Change Your Questions  Change Your Life
Author: Adams Marilee
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2010-05
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781458756749

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The first edition of Marilee Adams's book introduced a surprising, life-altering truth: any of us can literally change our lives simply by changing the questions we ask, especially those we ask ourselves. We can ask questions that open us to learning, connection, satisfaction, and success. Or we can ask questions that impede progress and keep us from getting results we want. Asking ''What great things could happen today?'' creates very different expectations, moods, and energy than asking ''What could go wrong today?'' Many readers reported that they found themselves asking better questions before they even finished reading the book! This is the key insight that the book's hero, Ben Knight, learns from his executive coach as the story of his transformative journey unfolds, eventually leading to breakthroughs that save his career as well as his marriage. His success rests on having become a ''question man'' and an inquiring leader rather than a judgmental, know-it-all answer man.In this extensively revised second edition, Adams has made the story even more illuminating and helpful, adding three new chapters as well as three powerful new tools. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is practical yet simple, giving readers an entertaining, step-by-step guide to a technique that will transform their personal and professional lives. Great results really do begin with great questions - Marilee Adams shows you how to ask them!

Change Your Questions Change Your Life Workbook

Change Your Questions  Change Your Life Workbook
Author: Marilee Adams PhD,Andrea F. Lipton
Publsiher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2022-08-23
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781523091225

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Based on the bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, this workbook is a practical guide that helps readers ask the right questions for successful change. In the bestselling classic, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Dr. Marilee Adams introduces Question Thinking, which shows how you can change your questions and your mindset for the most successful outcomes. This workbook puts those original ideas into action and makes them easy to implement. In this workbook you get to choose an area of your life that you want to improve and then apply the principles and practices of Question Thinking to experience the benefits of this system firsthand. At the center of this work is the Choice Map, which helps you recognize the likely impact of the questions you ask. This book provides tools, warm-up exercises, somatic practices, and learning scenarios that bring the practical applications of Question Thinking into your professional and personal life. Thoroughly engaging, it includes how the Question Thinking protocols can help you switch from a controlling Judger Mindset to a flexible Learner mindset and learn how to facilitate more effective meetings and conversations. Although this workbook can serve as a companion to the bestselling book, it has been designed to stand on its own. In the book, the fable's hero undergoes a transformative journey by using Question Thinking, and this workbook helps readers undergo a similar transformation.

Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life

Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life
Author: Arlene Harder
Publsiher: Personhood Press
Total Pages: 193
Release: 2008
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781932181265

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Self Help.

Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Change Your Questions  Change Your Life
Author: Wendy Watson Nelson
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 275
Release: 2009-12
Genre: Christian life
ISBN: 1590385985

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In this unique and thought-provoking book, "Change Your Questions, Change Your Life," Wendy Watson Nelson explores the power of asking--and answering--certain questions and invites the reader to pause and reflect on the different kinds of questions one can ask and the remarkable ways new questions can help one solve old problems.

40 Questions to Change Your Life

40 Questions to Change Your Life
Author: John Mason
Publsiher: Revell
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2021-08-10
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781493431731

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With his signature infectious positive energy, John Mason offers you a simple yet powerful message of encouragement and hope--you can seize today and uncover a brighter tomorrow. For anyone who feels stuck, who yearns for a change but isn't sure just how to pursue it, John shows that the most powerful tool we have is asking ourselves the right questions to get the right answers. These bite-sized readings are perfect for busy professionals, overworked moms, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for an uplifting boost.

Teaching That Changes Lives

Teaching That Changes Lives
Author: Marilee Adams
Publsiher: ReadHowYouWant
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2013-09
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1459670590

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Since writing her international bestseller Change Your Questions, Change Your Life, Marilee Adams has increasingly been responding to speaking and consulting requests from educators. Drawing on what she has learned from these experiences she presents the ultimate guide for teachers looking to change the lives of their students while significantly improving their own lives in the process. Adams weaves a compelling story of one teacher's lasting impact on a student to demonstrate how educators can practice and pass on what she calls the Learner Mindset-consistently asking the kind of open-minded, creative, positive questions that encourage curiosity and growth. She contrasts this with the Judger mindset - negative, close-minded, and limiting - that we all too easily succumb to, particularly under pressure - and, as she shows, teachers today are under enormous pressure. Complete with a field-ready workbook that brings Adams' tools for cultivating a Learner mindset directly into the classroom, this book will help teachers become more resilient and better able to nurture a lifelong love of learning in even their most hard-to-reach students.

Ask Yourself a Better Question

Ask Yourself a Better Question
Author: Dre Baldwin
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 86
Release: 2017-01-09
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1542457939

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The questions we ask ourselves determine our lives. Our thoughts are nothing more than a continuous question-and-answer session we have with ourselves. Our lives - material, emotional, spiritual, and financial - are a direct reflection of our thoughts. Eighty-five percent of these thoughts are both habitual and unconscious. Meaning, we are asking and answering the exact same questions every day, usually in the same way over and over again. What all this means: If there is any area of your life you're not 100% happy with, the root of the needed change is in the questions you're asking of yourself. And since these questions are habitual and unconscious, the first order of business is to become aware of the questions. Only then can we change them. That is exactly what we're doing with this book, Ask Yourself A Better Question. The improved quality of your questions will lead to an improved quality of life. No matter how much skill and how many resources you add to your arsenal, bad questions will always drag you backwards into failure. Not taking full control of your questions will lead you into the randomness of the world - good days and outcomes followed by just as many bad days and outcomes. If this has happened to you before, there isn't anything wrong with you: You just didn't know what you didn't know. No one ever told you about this. There aren't any classes in school teaching you the habit of asking strong, empowering questions. Some people live 80 years and never consider what they've been asking themselves all day every day, thus they think success in life is based on randomness, the luck of the draw. Success and happiness are not random. You become exactly what you ask yourself. Are you ready to ask yourself better questions and improve your life, one answer at a time? You better be, because the journey begins on the next page. Let's get started.

Change Your Questions Change Your Life

Change Your Questions  Change Your Life
Author: Marilee G. Adams
Publsiher: Berrett-Koehler Pub
Total Pages: 175
Release: 2004
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1576752410

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A consultant, public speaker, and corporate trainer presents a series of tools, techniques, and strategies that will help people who feel "stuck" break old habits and patterns of thinking so they can accomplish their goals, improve their relationships, and find career satisfaction. Original.