Stray Dogs Dog Days

Stray Dogs  Dog Days
Author: Tony Fleecs
Publsiher: Image Comics
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2022-07-20
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 9781534325357

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The follow-up to 2021’s surprise cartoon/horror smash hit, STRAY DOGS! In DOG DAYS, each of the Strays gets their moment to shine with a series of vicious short stories. Questions are answered, mysteries are solved, and old wounds get torn open. This genre-bending thrill ride takes the reader from the first dog the Master captured to the final moments at his house of horrors. STRAY DOGS: DOG DAYS is a heartbreakingly adorable horror anthology by My Little Pony comic artists TONY FLEECS & TRISH FORSTNER. In this collection…every dog has its day. “Another suspenseful and gut-wrenching journey into darkness that blends Don Bluth-inspired cuteness with Hitchcock-level terror.” —Lotusland Comics “The bold artwork combines with vivid storytelling, all of which wraps around the reader’s heart and refuses to let go.” —Monkeys Fighting Robots Collects STRAY DOGS: DOG DAYS #1-2, plus the STRAY DOGS FCBD PROLOGUE

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer
Author: Rick Milone
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 331
Release: 2014-09-12
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781491744000

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It is the mid-1960s and Randy Harrison is a gangly fifteen-year-old who seeks thrills amid the pages of a steamy novel and while hanging out with his friends. Unfortunately, his thrill-seeking behavior comes with consequences. After he is sent to his Aunt Carrie's farm for two weeks as part of his punishment for a recent indiscretion, Randy prepares to embrace the seemingly idyllic country life. But as he stands at a crossroads between boyhood and manhood, Randy must first confront the challenges that await him before he can continue any further on his path to maturity. As Randy is forced to stand up to bullies, overcome sadness, wrestle with his feelings for the girl of his dreams, and deal with her rival and a man he believes is the guardian of the area, he soon discovers the value of life in a way he never imagined. Dog Days of Summer is the tale of a teenager's summer of angst as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and realizes the power of his survival instincts.

Black Dog Days Cool Cat Nights

Black Dog Days  Cool Cat Nights
Author: Jason Disley
Total Pages: 180
Release: 2019-10-13
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780244525569

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A collection of Modernist Beat Poetry that reveals the life of the poet, from his Black Dog Days to his Cool Cat Nights. It covers themes that are personal to us all, as well as themes that question existence. All with a backdrop of Jazz rhythms that both inspires the poet, and helps form his own identity.

The Dog Days of September

The Dog Days of September
Author: Steven H. Kurlander
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 124
Release: 2010-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781449071523

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The Dog Days of September is the story of two generations of an American family at the beginning of the new millennium. Out of work attorney Harold Abner has become the typical 21st century alienated American employee trapped in a greed driven, hi-tech business world where hard work, education, and experience no longer merit company loyalty or continued employment. Abner has endured months of depression, desperation, and resentment toward his plight as a result of the restructuring of his Boca Raton Internet startup. His severance pay has just run out and he has no prospects for employment. The tropical Florida summer has become a constant irritating factor in his life, capturing him in a personal hell of disappointment and failure. Abner reaches his peak of frustration one scorching Sunday morning in early September. That particular Dog Day summer morning, Abner reflects on various incidents in his life and his thoughts and actions lead to a life changing solution to his desperate plight. Eventually, that resolution sadly leads to his son David becoming entrapped in his own personal hell as a sharp shooter in Iraq. A soldier driven by the lust of battle and revenge, David is on a sniper mission and his subsequent tragic actions on another scorching September morning lead to his own introspective examination of his life and human existence. Both father and son learn in this story that middle class life in 21st Century America is now one of new struggles and disappointments not suffered by other generations of Americans. Steven H. Kurlander was born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. He graduated from Cornell University and the University of Buffalo Law School. Kurlander is a political and small business blogging consultant and publishes a blog called Kurly's Kommentary, which can be found at He lives with his wife Jodi and their two children in Lake Worth, FL.

Dog Days at the Weir Farm paperback

Dog Days at the Weir Farm  paperback
Author: K.S. Karshna
Total Pages: 315
Release: 2010-08-17
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9780557552825

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Contemporary young adult novel set in Northern Wisconsin.

Dudes Dog Days

Dudes Dog Days
Author: Tyler Reynolds,Emily Kay Johnson,Jacquelyn B Moore
Publsiher: Epic Spiel Press
Total Pages: 140
Release: 2021-09-22
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781949212297

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Fun on an epic scale for tweens! Zany, neighborhood adventure for middle grade readers 8-14. A Dude’s best friend is his dog! It’s summertime, so Deven gets a new video game, Grandad gets a new used RV, and Jayden finally gets a dog! You know how it is with dogs--you want to take them everywhere: On a police chase Up the elevator On the roof To the theater See how the Dudes handle a bear’s snack attack, rooftop ammo retrieval, and soccer-bombs from the Treehouse of Doom! Get the most out of the Dude days of summer in Dudes Dog Days! The Dudes are a diverse group of preteen boys with awesome ideas for IRL action. These five best friends find clever ways to have fun and, incidentally, turn their suburban neighborhood upside down! The Dudes Adventure Chronicles is a modern series for intermediate readers 8-14 who are looking for laughs. Each chapter book provides several realistic capers that keep kids reading to find out how it all comes out--or doesn't, with hilarious consequences! This diary of Dude-approved adventures is filled with classic boy fun like: battles, corny jokes, zombies, treehouses, secret codes, and summer fun! Spoilers: Classic humor without movie tie-ins or fart jokes! Appeals to kids who like funny, realistic fiction without a tacked-on message or ripped-from-the-headlines problem. Lacking in butts, farts, and crude humor, this series is perfect for fans of Gordon Korman, Dave Pilkey, Jeffrey Brown, Mike Lupica, Gary Paulsen, and Kwame Alexander. If they like Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins or Barbara Robinson's The Worst Best Christmas Pageant Ever, they'll love the Dudes! Warning to Parents: The Dudes’ insane take on parents, school, and the PTA just might be catching. Anecdotal evidence suggests that readers of the Dudes may imagine some resemblance between the Dudes’ parents and their own. Classic summer reading. Lends itself to read-a-louds that have the whole family cracking up. Makes a Great Gift for smart kids who need some laughs.

Dandelions and Dog Days The memoirs of a gentle giant

Dandelions and Dog Days   The memoirs of a gentle giant
Author: J E Thompson
Total Pages: 122
Release: 2013-10-04
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781291561715

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Louis. A giant dog with a huge personality. This is his story, told by him. Follow his endearing account, from the moment he took his first tentative and clumsy steps into the lives of his human companions, and through all of his subsequent misadventures. Sit back, relax and let this gentle giant entertain you with his heart warming tale. A humorous collection of anecdotes about a Leonberger for animal lovers of all ages.

Locke and Key Dog Days

Locke and Key  Dog Days
Author: Joe Hill
Publsiher: IDW Publishing
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2019-11-06
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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TWO new stories by creators Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez—"Nailed It" and "Dog Days"—plus an 8-page preview of an all-new series by Hill and artist Martin Simmonds, too!