English Authentic Korean Food with Edible Wild Herbs

 English  Authentic Korean Food with Edible Wild Herbs
Author: Youngsang Cho,Geol Yu
Publsiher: JADAM
Total Pages: 518
Release: 2021-07-01
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9788989220497

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JADAM joins a new wave that humans take control of their health, following the efforts to give the initiative in technology back to the farmers. Epigenetics, which has been established as an academic, has proven that genetic changes can occur depending on foods and environmental conditions. On a global level, the diversity of food has disappeared and become simpler including the loss of nutrition. In order to cure common diabetes and high blood pressure, the intake of various nutrients through food is very important. Look at the Mother Nature! In this book, you will find out that the wild herbs around you are a treasure trove of nutrition. Wild herbs solve everything themselves. In search of water and nutrients, they spread their roots deep and wide. Thanks to this, they can accumulate various components necessary for life activities and go strong against temporary drought, cold, or flood. When pests attack, they use their components to generate repellent chemicals to defend themselves. Wild herbs’ this know-how of survival is recorded in the DNA in their cells and passed on for tens of millions of years from generation to generation, evolving into a more sophisticated life system. And if we can accept and synchronize with the strong life force and abundant nutrition of wild herbs, we can live a much healthier life.

Authentic Recipes from Korea

Authentic Recipes from Korea
Author: Injoo Chun,Jaewoon Lee,Youngran Baek
Publsiher: Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2012-03-06
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781462905386

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Make simple and delicious Korean dishes with this easy-to-follow Korean cookbook. This unique Korean cookbook of over 60 recipes, created by the celebrated chefs of the Sorabol Restaurant in the Shilla Hotel, Seoul, reveals the treasures of Korean cooking. Discover the all-time favorites — beef bulgogi, steamed chicken with ginsing, and stuffed cucumber kimchi — as well as other delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes such as Guljeolpan (nine-sectioned royal platter), Shinseolo (vegetables, fish, nuts, vegetables — boiled at the table), Bibimbap (steamed rice with vegetables and red chili bean paste), and Korean Festive Cakes. Stunning location photography, detailed information on ingredients, and insights into the culture of his fascinating country make this Korean cooking book the perfect companion for your adventure into Korean cuisine. Delicious Korean recipes include: Classic Chinese Cabbage Kimchi Traditional Rice Flour Pancake Rolls Mushroom Casserole Stewed Beef Ribs Grilled Red Snapper Ginger Cookies Dipped in Honey

Mini Korean Favorites

Mini Korean Favorites
Author: Moon,,of Takamado
Publsiher: Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages: 64
Release: 2013-03-12
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781462911998

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Korean Favorites contains recipes to make over 35 delicious, authentic Korean classics. Korean food puts heavy emphasis on rice, vegetables, and meats and has been gaining popularity in recent years. Korean food is known for being savory, spicy, and healthy. This wonderful Korean cookbook includes recipes for a diverse selection of foods like condiments, pickles, desserts, meats, poultry, rice, noodles, seafood, snacks, appetizers, soups, and stews. Recipes include: Classic cabbage kimchi Crisp honey ginger donuts Bulgogi Sesame ginger chicken Bibimbap Stir fried shrimp Seafood and scallion pancakes (Pajeon) Beef rib soup And many more Korean favorites! Also included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, over 35 clear photos, and an overview of basic Korean ingredients to create some of the tastiest Korean classics. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!

Edible Wild Plants Volume 2

Edible Wild Plants  Volume 2
Author: John Kallas, PhD
Publsiher: Gibbs Smith
Total Pages: 510
Release: 2023-05-16
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781423641353

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This new volume 2, like the first, is a user-friendly, pictorially based guide providing all you need to know to start genuinely enjoying wild foods. It helps readers successfully identify plants, develop gathering strategies, and learn preparation and cooking techniques. The unparalleled photographs and depth of understanding will knock your socks off. All books in this series are designed to teach you things you can actually apply, help you identify edible plants at any stage of growth, give you close up full color photographs of the edible parts at the optimal stages of growth, and show you fun and tasty things to do with them. It lays a foundation and covers plants you are likely to come across on a daily basis no matter where you are in North America or Europe. It covers those plants in the kind of detail that you need to genuinely know and understand them. It clarifies and explains concepts poorly understood and commonly mis-represented in the wild food literature. Once you receive it, compare its coverage of any plant side-by-side to that same plant in any other book ever written. That comparison will reveal the value of this book, and represents what I will continue to do in future books. Following volume 1’s success, volume 2 continues to help you understand the value and potential of wild foods. This book has 460 photographs and illustrations, fun and authoritative text, focused attention on plant details, nutrient tables, range maps, recipes, and a plethora of additional preparation and cooking tips. In this substantial 416 page book, author John Kallas gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to enjoy edible wild plants as a part of your regular diet. This second volume of Edible Wild Plants adds 18 additional plants, their relatives, and look-a-likes, in 15 plant chapters, to the overall collection of plants covered between the two volumes in The Wild Food Adventure Series. This book makes it delightfully exciting to learn about and experiment with known wild foods that will be useful to all, from beginners to advanced foragers. This book features plants in five flavor categories?foundation, tart, pungent or peppery, bitter, and distinctive & sweet. Organizing this way helps readers use the plants in pleasing and predictable ways. Imagine frequently including cattail, nettles, pokeweed, marsh mallow, daylily, wild radish, and everlasting pea in your meal planning knowing that you acquired these plants from your own foraging adventures. There is also a section devoted to identifying and knowing poison hemlock, often confused with wild carrot in certain stages of development. John Kallas and his Wild Food Adventure book series are here to help you learn quickly, process intelligently, and genuinely enjoy what you are eating.

Fermented Food Products

Fermented Food Products
Author: A. Sankaranarayanan,N. Amaresan,D. Dhanasekaran
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 472
Release: 2019-12-06
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781000761092

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Fermented food play an important proactive role in the human diet. In many developing and under developed countries, fermented food is a cheap source of nutrition. Currently, more than 3500 different fermented foods are consumed by humans throughout the world; many are indigenous and produced in small quantities, however, the consumption of many fermented foods has gradually increased. Fermented Food Products presents in-depth insights into various microbes involved in the production of fermented foods throughout the world. It also focuses on recent developments in the fermented food microbiology field along with biochemical changes that are happening during the fermentation process. • Describes various fermented food products, especially indigenous products • Presents health benefits of fermented food products • Explains mechans involved in the production of fermented foods • Discusses molecular tools and its applications and therapeutic uses of fermented foods The book provides a comprehensive account about diversified ethnic fermented food products. Readers will get updated information regarding various types of fermented food products and will learn the effect these fermented food products have on human health.

Novel Drug Targets With Traditional Herbal Medicines

Novel Drug Targets With Traditional Herbal Medicines
Author: Fatma Tuğçe Gürağaç Dereli,Mert Ilhan,Tarun Belwal
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 579
Release: 2022-09-29
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783031077531

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This book collects information about the most popular ethnomedicinal plants, which are common in Turkey and around the world. It presents the ethnopharmacological records, in vivo and in vitro studies, side effects, chemical compositions and clinical studies of these medicinal plants. Its special focus is on the novel drug targets for disease and their possible mechanisms of action. It covers botanical descriptions the status of the plants, and food or drug interactions including precautions and warnings about the plants and the available market products. It provides an explanation of recorded and known plant administration dosages. Also, the gap between the traditional practice and scientific/clinical evidences in the use of ethnomedicinal plant is acknowledged. It is well known that traditional knowledge of the use of the medicinal plants in therapy is an important resource for the discovery of novel treatment options and drug targets. The main purpose of this book is to draw attention to ethnomedicinal plant species. Data on the therapeutic potentials of these medicinal plants can now be accessed from a single source. It provides an important resource for future research opportunities for harnessing the full potential of these plants.

The Joy of Foraging

The Joy of Foraging
Author: Gary Lincoff
Publsiher: Quarto Publishing Group USA
Total Pages: 193
Release: 2012-07-01
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781610584166

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Discover the edible riches in your backyard, local parks, woods, and even roadside with tips from the author of The Complete Mushroom Hunter. In The Joy of Foraging, Gary Lincoff shows you how to find fiddlehead ferns, rose hips, beach plums, bee balm, and more, whether you are foraging in the urban jungle or the wild, wild woods. You will also learn about fellow foragers—experts, folk healers, hobbyists, or novices like you—who collect wild things and are learning new things to do with them every day. Along with a world of edible wild plants—wherever you live, any season, any climate—you’ll find essential tips on where to look for native plants, and how to know without a doubt the difference between edibles and toxic look-alikes. There are even ideas and recipes for preparing and preserving the wild harvest year-round—all with full-color photography. Let Gary take you on the ultimate tour of our edible wild kingdom! “Gary Lincoff’s book provides a good jumping-off place for those who would like to foster an appreciation for the mostly unlooked-for abundance that surrounds people wherever they are, and an ability to find hidden sustenance in everyday places.” —Englewood Review of Books

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants Mushrooms Fruits and Nuts

The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants  Mushrooms  Fruits  and Nuts
Author: Katie Letcher Lyle
Publsiher: Globe Pequot
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2004
Genre: Cookery (wild foods)
ISBN: CORNELL:31924094709270

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How to find, identify, and cook them.