Garudia Garifuna Trilingual Dictionary Garifuna English Spanish

Garudia  Garifuna Trilingual Dictionary  Garifuna English Spanish
Author: Ruben Reyes (linguist.)
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 430
Release: 2012-11-16
Genre: English language
ISBN: 1480267708

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A three segment Dictionary:Garifuna-English-SpanishEnglish-Garifuna-SpanishSpanish-Garifuna-English

The Things We Cannot Say

The Things We Cannot Say
Author: Kelly Rimmer
Publsiher: Harlequin
Total Pages: 476
Release: 2019-03-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781488096785

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Now a New York Times bestseller! From the author of Truths I Never Told You, Before I Let You Go, and the The Warsaw Orphan, Kelly Rimmer’s powerful WWII novel follows a woman’s urgent search for answers to a family mystery that uncovers truths about herself that she never expected. “Fans of The Nightingale and Lilac Girls will adore The Things We Cannot Say.” —Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author In 1942, Europe remains in the relentless grip of war. Just beyond the tents of the refugee camp she calls home, a young woman speaks her wedding vows. It’s a decision that will alter her destiny…and it’s a lie that will remain buried until the next century. Since she was nine years old, Alina Dziak knew she would marry her best friend, Tomasz. Now fifteen and engaged, Alina is unconcerned by reports of Nazi soldiers at the Polish border, believing her neighbors that they pose no real threat, and dreams instead of the day Tomasz returns from college in Warsaw so they can be married. But little by little, injustice by brutal injustice, the Nazi occupation takes hold, and Alina’s tiny rural village, its families, are divided by fear and hate. Then, as the fabric of their lives is slowly picked apart, Tomasz disappears. Where Alina used to measure time between visits from her beloved, now she measures the spaces between hope and despair, waiting for word from Tomasz and avoiding the attentions of the soldiers who patrol her parents’ farm. But for now, even deafening silence is preferable to grief. Slipping between Nazi-occupied Poland and the frenetic pace of modern life, Kelly Rimmer creates an emotional and finely wrought narrative. The Things We Cannot Say is an unshakable reminder of the devastation when truth is silenced…and how it can take a lifetime to find our voice before we learn to trust it. Don’t miss Kelly Rimmer’s next novel, The Paris Agent, where a family’s innocent search for answers brings a long-forgotten, twenty-five-year-old mystery to light—coming July 2023! For more by Kelly Rimmer, look for Before I Let You Go Truths I Never Told You The Warsaw Orphan The German Wife

Python Automation Cookbook

Python Automation Cookbook
Author: Jaime Buelta
Publsiher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 526
Release: 2020-05-29
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9781800202597

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Get a firm grip on the core processes including browser automation, web scraping, Word, Excel, and GUI automation with Python 3.8 and higher Key FeaturesAutomate integral business processes such as report generation, email marketing, and lead generationExplore automated code testing and Python’s growth in data science and AI automation in three new chaptersUnderstand techniques to extract information and generate appealing graphs, and reports with MatplotlibBook Description In this updated and extended version of Python Automation Cookbook, each chapter now comprises the newest recipes and is revised to align with Python 3.8 and higher. The book includes three new chapters that focus on using Python for test automation, machine learning projects, and for working with messy data. This edition will enable you to develop a sharp understanding of the fundamentals required to automate business processes through real-world tasks, such as developing your first web scraping application, analyzing information to generate spreadsheet reports with graphs, and communicating with automatically generated emails. Once you grasp the basics, you will acquire the practical knowledge to create stunning graphs and charts using Matplotlib, generate rich graphics with relevant information, automate marketing campaigns, build machine learning projects, and execute debugging techniques. By the end of this book, you will be proficient in identifying monotonous tasks and resolving process inefficiencies to produce superior and reliable systems. What you will learnLearn data wrangling with Python and Pandas for your data science and AI projectsAutomate tasks such as text classification, email filtering, and web scraping with PythonUse Matplotlib to generate a variety of stunning graphs, charts, and mapsAutomate a range of report generation tasks, from sending SMS and email campaigns to creating templates, adding images in Word, and even encrypting PDFsMaster web scraping and web crawling of popular file formats and directories with tools like Beautiful SoupBuild cool projects such as a Telegram bot for your marketing campaign, a reader from a news RSS feed, and a machine learning model to classify emails to the correct department based on their contentCreate fire-and-forget automation tasks by writing cron jobs, log files, and regexes with Python scriptingWho this book is for Python Automation Cookbook - Second Edition is for developers, data enthusiasts or anyone who wants to automate monotonous manual tasks related to business processes such as finance, sales, and HR, among others. Working knowledge of Python is all you need to get started with this book.

Learning Theory and Online Technologies

Learning Theory and Online Technologies
Author: Linda Harasim
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2012-03-22
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781136937750

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Learning Theory and Online Technologies offers a powerful overview of the current state of elearning, a foundation of its historical roots and growth, and a framework for distinguishing among the major approaches to elearning. It effectively addresses pedagogy (how to design an effective online environment for learning), evaluation (how to know that students are learning), and history (how past research can guide successful online teaching and learning outcomes). An ideal textbook for undergraduate education and communication programs, and Educational Technology Masters, PhD, and Certificate programs, readers will find Learning Theory and Online Technologies provides a synthesis of the key advances in elearning theory, the key frameworks of research, and clearly links theory and research to successful learning practice.

Dictionary of Spoken Spanish

Dictionary of Spoken Spanish
Author: U. S. War Dept
Publsiher: Courier Corporation
Total Pages: 527
Release: 2013-03-27
Genre: Foreign Language Study
ISBN: 9780486119663

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This is a complete, unabridged republication of a Dictionary of Spoken Spanish, which was specially prepared by nationally known linguists for the U.S. War Department (TM#30-900). It is compiled from spoken Spanish and emphasizes idiom and colloquial usage in both Castilian and Latin American areas. More than 16,000 entries provide exact translations of both English and Spanish sentences and phrases; as many as 60 idioms are listed under each entry. This is easily the largest list of idiomatic constructions ever published. Travelers, business people, and students who are interested in Latin American studies have found this dictionary their best source for those expressions of daily life and social activity not usually found in books. More than 18,000 idioms are given, not as isolated words that you have to conjugate or alter, but as complete sentences that you can use without change. A 25-page introduction provides a rapid survey of Spanish sounds, grammar, and syntax, with full consideration of irregular verbs. It is especially apt in its modern treatment of phrase and clause structure. A 17-page appendix gives translations of geographical names, numbers, national holidays for Spanish countries, important street signs, useful expressions of high frequency, and a unique 7-page glossary of Spanish and Spanish-American foods and dishes.

The Junior School Libraries

The Junior School Libraries
Author: San Antonio (Tex.). Board of Education
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 40
Release: 1929
Genre: School libraries

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Tacky and the Winter Games

Tacky and the Winter Games
Author: Helen Lester
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2007-10-29
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780547346717

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"A-huff-and-a-puff-and-a-huff-and-a-puff-and-a-huff-and-a-puff" "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Tacky the penguin wants to know. The Winter Games, that's what's happening. And Tacky and his fellow penguins Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly, and Perfect have to work hard to get in shape so they can represent Team Nice Icy Land in the athletic competitions. After rigorous training, they're ready - but are the games ready for Tacky? Will his antics keep Team Nice Icy Land from winning a medal? From bobsledless racing and ski jumping to speed skating, Tacky lends his unique, exuberant style to each competition. In laugh-out-loud scenes of Tacky and his fellow penguins' athletic debacles, Tacky reminds readers of the underlying joy and enthusiasm that propells athletes to greatness. So get ready to cheer for Team Nice Icy Land and let the games begin!

Science ISEB Revision Guide

Science ISEB Revision Guide
Author: Richard Balding
Publsiher: Galore Park Publishing
Total Pages: 190
Release: 2011-09-14
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1907047697

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The Science ISEB Revision Guide is essential reading for pupils working towards Science Common Entrance or other entrance exams at 13+ as it consolidates all the material that pupils need to know at this level. The book includes advice for the exams as well as some sample Common Entrance style questions to help pupils identify areas that require further study. The material required for the 11+ exam is also covered in separate, clearly marked sections. - Endorsed by ISEB - In line with the 2011 syllabus - Ideal for pupils at independent schools preparing for Science Common Entrance and other entrance exams at 13+ - Topics are clearly presented in bullet-point format for ease of revision - 'Test Yourself' and sample Common Entrance style questions with answers are included to show pupils how to achieve top marks Also available from Galore Park - Science Pocket Notes - Science ISEB Revision Guide - Science Practice Exercises 13+ - So You Really Want To Learn Science Books 1 and 2