First Time for Everything

First Time for Everything
Author: Henry Fry
Publsiher: Doubleday Canada
Total Pages: 357
Release: 2022-05-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780385697606

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An honest and heartfelt debut about a down-on-his-luck gay man working out how he fits into the world, making up for lost time and opening himself up to life's possibilities. Danny Scudd is absolutely fine. He always dreamed of escaping smalltown life and becoming a journalist. And, after five years in London, his career isn’t exactly awful, and his relationship with pretentious Tobbs isn’t exactly unfulfilling. But his world is flipped upside down when a visit to the local clinic reveals that Tobbs might not have been exactly faithful. In fact, Tobbs claims they were never operating under the "heteronormative paradigm" of monogamy to begin with. Oh, and Danny’s flatmates are unceremoniously evicting him because they want to start a family. It’s all going quite well. Newly single and with nowhere to live, Danny is forced to move in with his best friend, Jacob, a flamboyant nonbinary artist whom he’s known since childhood, and their eccentric group of friends living in a "commune." What follows is a colorful voyage of discovery through modern queer life, dating, work and lots of therapy—all places Danny has always been too afraid to fully explore. Upon realizing just how little he knows about himself and his sexuality, he careens from one questionable decision (and man) to another, relying on his inscrutable new therapist and housemates to help him face the demons he’s spent his entire life trying to repress. Is he really fine, after all?

Very Last First Time

Very Last First Time
Author: Jan Andrews
Publsiher: New York : Aladdin Paperbacks
Total Pages: 0
Release: 1998
Genre: Canada, Northern
ISBN: 0689819609

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Eva, an Inuit girl, gathers mussels from underneath the ice for the very first time.

First Time s a Yarn

First Time s a Yarn
Author: Becky Klauer
Publsiher: Becky Klauer
Total Pages: 418
Release: 2023-03-31
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Breezy Marston is almost 30 and doing her best to re-rail her derailed life plan. After losing the job she thought she would hold until she was old and decrepit, her best friend, Ammyleigh, throws out an idea for them to start their own business making homemade crochet items. As they are working on getting that off the ground, Breezy gets a phone call that she has to go pick up her youngest sibling, Oona, who is 15 and getting released early from juvie. Now, she is expected to be responsible for Oona in all areas of work, school, and home life. Then she also ends up with Juniper, Oona’s friend from juvie. More expectations. After they find Juniper’s ex-boyfriend and his older brother dead, Russian bad guys start chasing them, Breezy finds out she is some kind of “sleeper agent” for a government experiment, and, oh, she can talk with ghosts. Can she and her group figure out who killed the two boys before an angry Russian or ghost gets to her first?

100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask Fourth Edition

100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask  Fourth Edition
Author: Ilyce R. Glink
Publsiher: Crown
Total Pages: 482
Release: 2018-02-13
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781524763435

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From the most trusted name in real estate, a new and fully updated edition of the indispensable guide that helps first-time buyers land the home of their dreams What does "location, location, location" really mean? How do I decide what to offer on a house? What exactly is the closing? Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in any person's life. It will be the place where you plant your roots, come home after a long day, raise a family, or make a successful investment. But how, with everything from student loans and an uncertain marketplace stacked against you, do you get to that idyllic future? In 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask, Ilyce Glink, one of the most trusted names in real estate, answers all of your questions about home buying--and some you didn't know you had--and takes you on a personal journey from open houses to moving day. Weaving together advice from top brokers around the country with illustrative stories and her own unparalleled expertise, 100 Questions is a one-stop shop to getting the home of your dreams.

Reading Mark for the First Time

Reading Mark for the First Time
Author: Wilfrid J. Harrington, OP
Publsiher: Paulist Press
Total Pages: 172
Release: 2013
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781587682803

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Explores the Gospel of Mark with emphasis on why Mark tells the story the way he does. The author backs up his appreciation of the literary sophistication of Mark by outlining his technique and discusses the centrality of the cross to Mark’s account of Jesus.

Motorhomes A first time buyer s guide

Motorhomes   A first time buyer   s guide
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Veloce Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 80
Release: 2012
Genre: Motor homes
ISBN: 9781845845407

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Introducing the wide range of motorhomes and campervans available, this book helps you to make a choice that suits both your budget and your needs. Covering new and used markets, written in plain English, and with full colour photographs throughout, the book explains all you need to know for safe, happy motorcaravanning.

The Rough Guide to First Time Around The World

The Rough Guide to First Time Around The World
Author: Doug Lansky
Publsiher: Rough Guides UK
Total Pages: 218
Release: 2013-10-10
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 9781409324287

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Planning a trip around the world? The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World is loaded with the very latest travel information, from visas and insurance to vaccinations and round-the-world tickets. This book will help you design the best possible trip, with tips on using your phone abroad and guidance on which websites, apps and travel agencies to use to get the best deals and advice. You'll find insightful information on what to pack and which festivals not to miss, how to stay safe and - perhaps most importantly - how to get under the skin of a place and meet the locals in a natural way. As well as an inspirational full-colour 'things not to miss' section, the guide includes regional profiles and maps to help you plan your route and plenty of practical advice to help you save money. The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World has everything you need to make your trip as enriching and memorable as it should be. Make the most of your time with The Rough Guide to First-Time Around the World. Now available in ePub format.

The Smart First Time Home Buyer s Guide How to Avoid Making First Time Home Buyer Mistakes

The Smart First Time Home Buyer s Guide  How to Avoid Making First Time Home Buyer Mistakes
Author: Thomas.K.Lutz
Publsiher: Thomas.K.Lutz
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2023
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Do you want to avoid those first-time home buyer mistakes? Buying a home can be both exciting and overwhelming for all first-time home-buyers. If you have already started the search process, make sure you're not making some common first-time homebuyer mistakes. Most first-time home-buyers have never gone through the stressful experience of buying a home, and they often have to learn the hard way when buying their first home, but by making only a tiny mistake during the home buying process, it can be extremely costly and frustrating. In this Informative guide, you will discover all common mistakes most first-time buyers make and some of the most important features to look for when buying your first dream home. Here is What You Are About to Discover.. • Your core priorities when searching a home • Why location is everything for real estate • Things your broker won't tell you • Tips from some of the top realtors • Buying or renting out your home Would You Like To Know More? Download now and avoid those common first-time home buyer mistakes! Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Now button.