Gods at War

Gods at War
Author: Kyle Idleman
Publsiher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-11-27
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780310353386

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Join pastor and bestselling author Kyle Idleman as he illustrates a clear path away from the heartache of our twenty-first-century idolatry and back to the heart of God--enabling us to be completely committed followers of Jesus. What do Netflix, our desire for the corner office, and that perfect picture we just posted on Instagram have to do with each other? None of these things are wrong in and of themselves. But when we begin to allow entertainment, success, or social media to control us, we miss out on the joy of God's rule in our hearts. In Gods at War, Idleman helps every believer recognize that there are false gods at war within each of us, and they battle for the place of glory and control in our lives. According to Idleman, idolatry isn't an issue; it is the issue. And he reveals which false gods we are allowing on the throne of our lives by asking insightful questions, including: What do you sacrifice for? What makes you mad? What do you worry about? Whose applause do you long for? We're all wired for worship, but we often end up valuing and honoring the idols of money, sex, food, romance, success, and many others that keep us from the intimate relationship with God that we desire. In this updated and expanded edition of Gods at War, Idleman adds a new introduction as well as new content about the battle many of us face with technology, whether we are tempted to send just one more text, stay online when our bodies need rest, or put email before in-person relationships, teaching us how to seek God with our whole heart instead. Praise for Gods at War: "Today's false gods are more tempting than ever as they promise comfort, wealth, and happiness. Kyle Idleman equips us to kill the deceitful pests that harass our hearts. Get ready for battle." --Mark Batterson, pastor, National Community Church, and bestselling author of The Circle Maker "Don't just read this book--read it now! Kyle's words will dig deep to expose the false gods that drive us away from the real One. In these pages, liberation awaits." --Lee Strobel, bestselling author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith

Gods at War Student Edition

Gods at War Student Edition
Author: Kyle Idleman
Publsiher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2014-01-28
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9780310742548

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The next step in becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus False gods war within each and every one of us, fighting for a place of glory and control in our lives. In this student edition of gods at war, Kyle Idleman, bestselling author of not a fan, demonstrates how the desire for things like popularity, acceptance, and success can become modern-day idols that keep us from truly following Jesus Christ. Behind the everyday pressures, fears, and lack of purpose is a false god who too often is winning the war in our hearts. By asking insightful questions and looking at the issues from a teen’s point of view, Idleman reveals which false gods most often take the place of the one true God. Then, using powerful and honest testimonies of people like you who have struggled in each area, gods at war student edition illustrates a clear path away from the heartache of 21st-century idolatry back to the heart of God.

God at War

God at War
Author: Gregory A. Boyd
Publsiher: InterVarsity Press
Total Pages: 414
Release: 1997-09-12
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0830818855

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Modern Christians are often baffled by the problem of evil, frequently attributing pain and suffering to some mysterious "good" purposes of God. Gregory Boyd instead declares that biblical writers did not try to intellectually understand evil but rather grappled to overcome it.

Gods at War Participant Journal

Gods at War  Participant Journal
Author: Kyle Idleman
Publsiher: City on the Hill Productions
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017-07-27
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1939622050

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Kyle Idleman, bestselling author of Not A Fan, shares the powerful next step in becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus: recognizing and letting God defeat the gods at war within us---the false gods battling to rule our hearts. This journal is a follower's resource to use with the Gods at War book

God s War

God s War
Author: Christopher Tyerman
Publsiher: Penguin UK
Total Pages: 1040
Release: 2007-10-04
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780141904313

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'Wonderfully written and characteristically brilliant' Peter Frankopan, author of The Silk Roads 'Elegant, readable ... an impressive synthesis ... Not many historians could have done it' - Jonathan Sumption, Spectator 'Tyerman's book is fascinating not just for what it has to tell us about the Crusades, but for the mirror it holds up to today's religious extremism' - Tom Holland, Spectator Thousands left their homelands in the Middle Ages to fight wars abroad. But how did the Crusades actually happen? From recruitment propaganda to raising money, ships to siege engines, medicine to the power of prayer, this vivid, surprising history shows holy war - and medieval society - in a new light.

War of the Gods

War of the Gods
Author: Poul Anderson
Publsiher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Total Pages: 304
Release: 1999-02-15
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0312870671

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The story of the great King Hadding is one of the darkest and most violent to come down to us from the old North. Hadding was raised by giants far from his rightful throng, as his father, a Danish King, was slain shortly after Hadding's birth. But the times comes when Hadding feels he must reclaim his legitimate place in the land of the old North. He must endure ferocious battles, the charms of voluptuous Valkyries, and a War of the Gods to rival Armageddon.

War God

War God
Author: Graham Hancock
Publsiher: Coronet
Total Pages: 528
Release: 2013-05-30
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781444734393

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A young girl called Tozi stands at the bottom of a pyramid, waiting to be led to the top where her heart will be cut out... Pepillo, a Spanish orphan who serves a sadistic Dominican friar, is aboard the Spanish fleet as it sails towards Mexico... This is the epic story of the clash of two empires, two armies and two gods of war. Five hundred desperate adventurers are about to pit themselves against the most brutal armies of the ancient Americas, armies hundreds of thousands strong. This is a war of gods and men. Dark powers that work behind the scenes of history show their hand as the prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl is fulfilled with the arrival of Cortes. The Aztec ruler Moctezuma fights to maintain the demands of the war god Huitzilopochtli for human sacrifice. The Spanish Inquisition is planning an even greater blood-letting. Caught up in the headlong collision between two gods of war are Tozi, Pepillo and the beautiful sex slave Malinal whose hatred of Moctezuma runs so deep she will sell out her own land and people to destroy him.

Gods of War

Gods of War
Author: James Lacey,Williamson Murray
Publsiher: Bantam
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2021-05-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9780345547576

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Hannibal vs. Scipio. Grant vs. Lee. Rommel vs. Patton. The greatest battles, commanders, and rivalries of all time come to life in this engrossing guide to the geniuses of military history. "A compelling study of military leadership."--James M. McPherson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom Any meeting of genius may create sparks, but when military geniuses meet, their confrontations play out upon a vast panorama of states or civilizations at war, wielding the full destructive power of a mighty nation's armies. Gods of War is the first single-volume, in-depth examination of the most celebrated military rivalries of all time, and of the rare, world-changing battles in which these great commanders in history matched themselves against true equals. From Caesar and Pompey deciding the fate of the Roman Republic, to Grant and Lee battling for a year during the American Civil War, to Rommel and Montgomery and Patton meeting in battle after battle as Hitler strove for European domination, these match-ups and their corresponding strategies are among the most memorable in history. A thrilling look into both the generals' lives and their hardest-fought battles, Gods of War is also a thought-provoking analysis of the qualities that make a strong commander and a deep exploration of the historical context in which the contestants were required to wage war, all told with rousing narrative flair. And in a time when technology has made the potential costs of war even greater, it is a masterful look at how military strategy has evolved and what it will take for leaders to guide their nations to peace in the future.