Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book

Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From a Little Golden Book
Author: Diane Muldrow
Publsiher: National Geographic Books
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2014-12-23
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9780553508758

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The perfect gift for adults who aren't ready to grow up. Next in the EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW... series comes a book perfect for your valentine, your family, or YOU. Charming and witty as ever, this new treasury of insights reveals that, for all the love-related mystery and confusion we face as adults, those Little Golden Books may have had the answers all along.

Scuffy the Tugboat

Scuffy the Tugboat
Author: Gertrude Crampton
Publsiher: Golden Books
Total Pages: 24
Release: 2010-05-25
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780307759474

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Meant for “bigger things,” Scuffy the Tugboat sets off to explore the world. But on his daring adventure Scuffy realizes that home is where he’d rather be, sailing in his bathtub. For over 50 years, parents and children have cherished this classic Little Golden Book.

The Golden Book of Fortune Telling

The Golden Book of Fortune Telling
Author: K.C. Jones
Publsiher: Chronicle Books
Total Pages: 370
Release: 2017-03-14
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781452158198

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A compendium of fun and entertaining ways to understand your future, taken from entries in the bestselling Fortune-Telling series. In this book lie the answers to your future. Reveal the meanings of your name, birthday, zodiac sign, and dreams. Unveil the significance of your color choices, friendships, and love interests. Discover what is foretold, learn to read auspicious omens, and divine the gift of attracting good fortune. Consult The Golden Book of Fortune-Telling and uncover the wisdom of the ages—and the power to shape your destiny.

Daniel in the Lions Den

Daniel in the Lions  Den
Author: Christin Ditchfield
Publsiher: Golden Books
Total Pages: 25
Release: 2022-01-11
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781984895172

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A Little Golden Book retelling of the classic Bible story, with fresh artwork for today's preschoolers. The classic Bible story of Daniel, a kind and wise man who loved God above all, is retold with bright, contemporary-style illustrations. Preschoolers will love the look of this new Little Golden Book as well as the timeless tale of devotion. Look for these other Little Golden Books: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors The Story of Jesus Bible Stories of Boys and Girls David and Goliath Bible Heroes

Thomas and the Robot Thomas Friends

Thomas and the Robot  Thomas   Friends
Author: Golden Books
Publsiher: Golden Books
Total Pages: 25
Release: 2021-07-13
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780593373484

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Thomas the Tank Engine meets a robot in this exciting new Thomas & Friends(TM) Little Golden Book! When a technology fair comes to the Island of Sodor, Thomas the Tank Engine is worried that robots and faster trains will replace him. But when thieves try to steal plans for a flying car, Thomas saves the day and proves that steam engines are really useful! Train-loving boys and girls ages 2-5--and Little Golden Book collectors of all ages--will love this exciting new Thomas & Friends(TM) Little Golden Book. In the early 1940s, a loving father crafted a small blue wooden train engine for his son, Christopher. The stories that this father, the Reverend W Awdry, made up to accompany the wonderful toy were first published in 1945 and became the basis for the Railway Series, a collection of books about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends--and the rest is history. Thomas & Friends(TM) are now a big extended family of engines and others on the Island of Sodor. They appear not only in books but also in television shows and movies, and as a wide variety of beautifully made toys. The adventures of Thomas and his friends, which are always, ultimately, about friendship, have delighted generations of train-loving boys and girls for more than 70 years and will continue to do so for generations to come.

The Golden Spruce

The Golden Spruce
Author: John Vaillant
Publsiher: Vintage Canada
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2009-03-18
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780307371324

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NATIONAL BESTSELLER • WINNER OF THE GOVERNOR GENERAL'S LITERARY AWARD FOR NON-FICTION • WINNER OF THE WRITERS’ TRUST NON-FICTION PRIZE “Absolutely spellbinding.” —The New York Times The environmental true-crime story of a glorious natural wonder, the man who destroyed it, and the fascinating, troubling context in which this act took place. FEATURING A NEW AFTERWORD BY THE AUTHOR On a winter night in 1997, a British Columbia timber scout named Grant Hadwin committed an act of shocking violence in the mythic Queen Charlotte Islands. His victim was legendary: a unique 300-year-old Sitka spruce tree, fifty metres tall and covered with luminous golden needles. In a bizarre environmental protest, Hadwin attacked the tree with a chainsaw. Two days later, it fell, horrifying an entire community. Not only was the golden spruce a scientific marvel and a tourist attraction, it was sacred to the Haida people and beloved by local loggers. Shortly after confessing to the crime, Hadwin disappeared under suspicious circumstances and is missing to this day. As John Vaillant deftly braids together the strands of this thrilling mystery, he brings to life the ancient beauty of the coastal wilderness, the historical collision of Europeans and the Haida, and the harrowing world of logging—the most dangerous land-based job in North America.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Disney Classic

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow  Disney Classic
Author: Cara Stevens
Publsiher: Golden/Disney
Total Pages: 24
Release: 2022-07-05
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9780736443012

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The exciting tale of Disney’s Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman­ is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format! Perfect for Halloween or anytime, this spooky story will thrill young readers ages 2 to 5 as well as Disney and Little Golden Book fans of all ages. Experience the story of the Headless Horseman from Disney’s classic film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad again and again with this Little Golden Book! After moving to the small village of Sleepy Hollow, superstitious schoolmaster Ichabod Crane hears the tall tale of The Headless Horseman, a ghost haunting the nearby woods. But is this just a story?

Disney Classic Stories Coco

Disney Classic Stories  Coco
Author: Disney Books
Publsiher: Disney Electronic Content
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017-10-10
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781368001533

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Read along with Disney! Despite his family's baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector. Follow along with word-for-word narration as, together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel's family history.