How to Drive Safely

How to Drive Safely
Author: Damian Brindle
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 82
Release: 2018-03-27
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1980674949

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Did You Know That Texting While Driving Increases Your Risk of a Car Accident by 23 Times? Or that the average duration of distraction was a staggering 135 seconds? Sadly, new, teenage drivers are most at risk for fatal car accidents for two main reasons: Their inexperience driving (which leads to hasty, poor decisions), and Peer pressure from friends (which causes them to make dumb, reckless decisions) They need to understand how to drive safely right from the start, and this book will help you do just that. In fact, we'll detail 49 expert tips, tricks, and advice that any driver--new or old--should be aware of before hitting the road. But, first... Who I Am, Why Listen To Me... My name is Damian Brindle. I'm a longtime survival blogger with many thousands of readers. I've spent the past decade studying and discovering nearly everything I can about survival, especially at home preparedness, to ensure my own family's survival. Over the last several years I've dedicated my life and my time to helping others just like you better survive disasters of all kinds. Like I said, it's my life. I'm also husband to a wonderful wife and father to two growing boys (one of whom is about to become a new driver)... as well as a devoted Christian and fellow Patriot. I've spent years ensuring my family will be 100% safe, secure, and ready for disasters of all kinds and now I'm offering you the chance to take an important--even crucial--action for yourself by ensuring your new, teenage driver is ready for the road as well. Here's What's Covered Inside... The Most Dangerous Driving Times, Days, and Situations (some of these might surprise you) 5 Actions You Should Always Do Before Driving Off (how spending 15 seconds now can save your life) Why Not Speeding is Much More Than Avoiding Speeding Tickets (and why it doesn't actually save time) What NOT to Do While Driving (you'd be surprised at how much safer you'll be) 11 More Common-Sense Safety Tips to Know (these could keep you the safest of all) Why Semi-Trucks and Other Large Vehicles Deserve Special Attention (hint: they always win car accidents) How to Really Get Your Car Ready for the Road (most people ignore these to their detriment) Why You Must Start Educating Them Now... Young adults think they know everything, they think they're invincible, and they think that nothing bad will ever happen to them. You and I both know that's not true. You simply MUST prepare your new, teen driver to be as safe as possible while you still have the opportunity to do so... here's how to educate your teen to drive safely on the road right from the start. Get the Book Now So You Stay Safe It's simple to do, just scroll up and click the "Buy Now" button and you'll get this knowledge instantly delivered to your fingertips only moments from now. Don't wait. Discover how to stay safe on the road and to give your teen the best chance of surviving the road. Scroll Up And Click The "Buy Now" Button

A Parent s Guide to Teaching Your Teenager How to Drive Safely While Maintaining Your Sanity

A Parent s Guide to Teaching Your Teenager  How to Drive Safely  While Maintaining Your Sanity
Author: William Howard Kennedy
Publsiher: Bill Kennedy Driving School
Total Pages: 69
Release: 2001-03
Genre: Automobile driver education
ISBN: 9780971651302

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Learn to Drive Smart

Learn to Drive Smart
Author: ICBC
Publsiher: ICBC
Total Pages: 177
Release: 2023
Genre: Study Aids
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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Whether you are new to British Columbia, taking a re-examination, or brushing up on your driving skills, the Learn to Drive Smart guide gives you the basic information to help you drive safely. The guide will also help you prepare for the knowledge test, and Class 7 and Class 5 road tests. * Google Play may require a credit card to activate your account. ICBC does not collect your credit card information and the driving guides are free. Please see Google Play Terms of Service for more information.

The Book on Safe Driving

The Book on Safe Driving
Author: Joe Darden
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2008-10-06
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 0615247377

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50 Quick Tips to Keep Yourself, Your Family and Your Employees Safer on the Road. Every year in the US, more than 42,500 people lose their lives and over 2,375,000 are injured as a result of more than 5.9 million reported automobile crashes. Additionally, the annual economic cost of these, as well as unreported crashes, is estimated to exceed $230 billion. The Book on Safe Driving and the SMART Driving System(TM) were created to help reduce these numbers by providing the "typical" driver with the same level of information that is provided to professional drivers in major transportation industries. The 50, no-nonsense, easy to apply tips described in this book will enable drivers to make safer, more informed decisions every time they get behind the wheel.

Living Safely Aging Well

Living Safely  Aging Well
Author: Dorothy A. Drago
Publsiher: JHU Press
Total Pages: 214
Release: 2014-01-15
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 9781421411514

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Older adults can stay healthy longer by avoiding injury at home. As we age, our sense of balance and our vision, hearing, and cognition become less sharp. Aging-related changes greatly increase our risk of injury. In Living Safely, Aging Well, nationally recognized safety expert Dorothy A. Drago spells out how to prevent injury while cooking, gardening, sleeping, driving—and just walking around the house. In the first part of the book, Drago describes the causes of injuries by type—falls, burns, poisoning, and asphyxia—and explains how to decrease the risk of each. She then explores the home environment room by room, pointing out potential hazards and explaining how to avoid them, for example, by installing night lights, eliminating glass coffee tables, and using baby monitors. Lively line drawings make it easy for readers to visualize risks and implement prevention techniques. Living Safely, Aging Well pays special attention to hazards encountered by people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. A chapter devoted to health literacy helps people and caregivers make the best use of the medical care system and a chapter on driving helps evaluate when it is no longer safe to be behind the wheel.

Preventing Teen Motor Crashes

Preventing Teen Motor Crashes
Author: National Research Council,Transportation Research Board,Institute of Medicine,Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,Board on Children, Youth, and Families,Program Committee for a Workshop on Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Reducing and Preventing Teen Motor Crashes
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 76
Release: 2007-01-23
Genre: Transportation
ISBN: 0309179939

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From a public health perspective, motor vehicle crashes are among the most serious problems facing teenagers. Even after more than six months of being licensed to drive alone, teens are two to three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than are the more experienced drivers. Crash rates are significantly higher for male drivers, and young people in the United States are at greater risk of dying or being injured in an automobile than their peers around the world. In fact, in 2003 motor vehicle crashes was the leading cause of death for youth ages 16-20 in the United States. Understanding how and why teen motor vehicle crashes happen is key to developing countermeasures to reduce their number. Applying this understanding to the development of prevention strategies holds significant promise for improving safety but many of these efforts are thwarted by a lack of evidence as to which prevention strategies are most effective. Preventing Teen Motor Crashes presents data from a multidisciplinary group that shared information on emerging technology for studying, monitoring, and controlling driving behavior. The book provides an overview of the factual information that was presented, as well as the insights that emerged about the role researchers can play in reducing and preventing teen motor crashes.

Integrated Safe Driving Information System Development System Plan

Integrated Safe Driving Information System Development  System Plan
Author: A. James McKnight
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 316
Release: 1976
Genre: Motor vehicle driving
ISBN: RUTGERS:39030009632128

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Integrated Safe Driving Information System Development Catalog of available materials

Integrated Safe Driving Information System Development  Catalog of available materials
Author: A. James McKnight
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1979
Genre: Motor vehicle driving
ISBN: NWU:35556029179991

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