Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Reading Comprehension Success in 20 Minutes a Day
Author: Learning Express Llc
Publsiher: Learning Express Llc
Total Pages: 214
Release: 2012
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 1576858995

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Reading Comprehension in 20 Minutes a Day enhances your critical reading skills in just 20 short lessons. Learn to dissect a story, find the main idea, and draw conclusions through study of practical exercises. With passages from literature, essays, technical writing, and articles, this handy guide includes lessons with hundreds of exercises in test format to help you acquire or refresh essential reading comprehension skills.

Improve Your Reading

Improve Your Reading
Author: Ron Fry
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 132
Release: 2000
Genre: Reading
ISBN: 1564144585

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No gimmicky speed-reading method, this book presents a practical way to increase what you learn from texts, notes, and resources. Fry maintains it's not how fast you read but how much you understand and comprehend that is important.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension
Author: Ryan Cooper
Publsiher: CreateSpace
Total Pages: 40
Release: 2015-08-16
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1516889452

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READING COMPREHENSION TECHNIQUES TO QUICKLY IMPROVE READING SKILLS AND SPEED! This "Reading Comprehension" book contains proven steps and strategies on how to improve your level of reading comprehension and master the skills that should go with it. You will be brushed up with the basics and as you go along with your reading, you will realize that things get a bit more complicated. Once you are ready, you can truly tackle items involving critical thinking. Each of the chapters in this book give sufficient explanation. Of course, you need to read in order to learn how to read, so it is essential to read this book from cover to cover. The skills presented in this compendium are actually very practical; therefore, you can readily apply them in any reading situation. There are very useful and very pragmatic suggestions. In the end, the goal here is to create an active reader in you. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Understanding The Basics Of Reading Daily Routine Tips For Improving Reading Skills How To Determine What is Important How Speed Reading Is Related To Comprehension Tips For Analyzing Paragraphs The Importance Of Increasing Your Vocabulary Proper Vision Techniques And Eye Movement Strategies For Improving Your Reading Comprehension Speed Reading Tricks And Tips Much, Much More! Get your copy today!

The Great Mental Models General Thinking Concepts

The Great Mental Models  General Thinking Concepts
Author: Farnam Street
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 190
Release: 2019-12-16
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1999449002

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The old saying goes, ''To the man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.'' But anyone who has done any kind of project knows a hammer often isn't enough. The more tools you have at your disposal, the more likely you'll use the right tool for the job - and get it done right. The same is true when it comes to your thinking. The quality of your outcomes depends on the mental models in your head. And most people are going through life with little more than a hammer. Until now. The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts is the first book in The Great Mental Models series designed to upgrade your thinking with the best, most useful and powerful tools so you always have the right one on hand. This volume details nine of the most versatile, all-purpose mental models you can use right away to improve your decision making, productivity, and how clearly you see the world. You will discover what forces govern the universe and how to focus your efforts so you can harness them to your advantage, rather than fight with them or worse yet- ignore them. Upgrade your mental toolbox and get the first volume today. AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Farnam Street (FS) is one of the world's fastest growing websites, dedicated to helping our readers master the best of what other people have already figured out. We curate, examine and explore the timeless ideas and mental models that history's brightest minds have used to live lives of purpose. Our readers include students, teachers, CEOs, coaches, athletes, artists, leaders, followers, politicians and more. They're not defined by gender, age, income, or politics but rather by a shared passion for avoiding problems, making better decisions, and lifelong learning. AUTHOR HOME Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Improve Your IELTS Reading Skills

Improve Your IELTS  Reading Skills
Author: Sam McCarter,Norman Whitby
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2007
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 3191628959

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Improve Reading Comprehension

Improve Reading Comprehension
Author: Andrew Williams
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 58
Release: 2015-06-27
Genre: Reading
ISBN: 1514795035

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Improve reading comprehension Most individuals can benefit from learning to read effectively because most individuals still read the same way they were taught to read in kindergarten. If you are one of those individuals, this is the right book for you. In this book you will learn a step by-step method that helps:... Understanding the reading process because it's easy to get lost in a sea of words. Setting your inner and outer environment Improving your reading comprehension Becoming a speed reader. Also, there are several useful tips & tricks in this book such as: Sub-vocalizing can lead you to 'mouthing' the words you read, as though reading a story to a child. So much text to get through - is skimming an option? Expanding your peripheral vision instead of reading words one at a time. Miscellaneous speed reading tricks & tips. There are many people who truly love to read and this book is perfect for them: Students often have tight study schedules. Most usually find that they have a mountain of material to cover every day, ranging from textbooks to comprehension-expanding novels as well as notes they themselves have written, and other materials they have accumulated in classes. Researchers cover copious amounts of reading material in a single day. Reading is what they do. Leisure readers who enjoy curling up on the sofa in front of the fire with a good book, or spending their summer relaxing on a blanket under a tree in the sunshine catching up with the latest novel, may often wonder how to improve their reading skills in order to be able to read any new book that catches their attention. Book reviewers/critics help avid readers to determine which books are a 'good read'. These book reviewers offer their opinions on new books on a regular basis, printing their reviews in newspapers, magazines, in blogs, and on websites for stores that sell books. Script readers who are serious about finding the next great movie to produce have to spend a lot of time reading scripts as well as books that might be suitable for adaptation into screenplays. Frequent Internet/email users are constantly reading. The Internet enables people to communicate as quickly as electrical signals can travel from one computer to the next, which often results in a flood of information that many individuals struggle to keep up with. The above groups are merely examples of individuals that may ask the question; 'why would you want to read effectively'? Take action download this now!

The Reading Mind

The Reading Mind
Author: Daniel T. Willingham
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 269
Release: 2017-05-01
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781119301370

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A Map to the Magic of Reading Stop for a moment and wonder: what's happening in your brain right now—as you read this paragraph? How much do you know about the innumerable and amazing connections that your mind is making as you, in a flash, make sense of this request? Why does it matter? The Reading Mind is a brilliant, beautifully crafted, and accessible exploration of arguably life's most important skill: reading. Daniel T. Willingham, the bestselling author of Why Don't Students Like School?, offers a perspective that is rooted in contemporary cognitive research. He deftly describes the incredibly complex and nearly instantaneous series of events that occur from the moment a child sees a single letter to the time they finish reading. The Reading Mind explains the fascinating journey from seeing letters, then words, sentences, and so on, with the author highlighting each step along the way. This resource covers every aspect of reading, starting with two fundamental processes: reading by sight and reading by sound. It also addresses reading comprehension at all levels, from reading for understanding at early levels to inferring deeper meaning from texts and novels in high school. The author also considers the undeniable connection between reading and writing, as well as the important role of motivation as it relates to reading. Finally, as a cutting-edge researcher, Willingham tackles the intersection of our rapidly changing technology and its effects on learning to read and reading. Every teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, and school administrator will find this book invaluable. Understanding the fascinating science behind the magic of reading is essential for every educator. Indeed, every "reader" will be captivated by the dynamic but invisible workings of their own minds.

Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Reading Skills

Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Reading Skills
Author: Keith Topping,David Duran,Hilde Van Keer
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 204
Release: 2015-10-08
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781317550761

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Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Reading Skills is a very practical guide, offering a straightforward framework and easy-to-implement strategies to help teachers help pupils progress in reading. A succinct introduction, it shows how schools can make positive use of differences between pupils and turn them into effective learning opportunities. Outlining the evidence base supporting peer tutoring approaches, it explores the components of the reading process and explains how peer tutoring in reading can be used with any method of teaching reading. Core topics covered include: Planning and implementing peer tutoring Getting your school on board How to structure effective interaction Training peer tutors and tutees Paired Reading - cross-ability approaces One Book for Two - fostering fluency, reading comprehension, and motivation Reading in Pairs - cross and same-year tutoring Supporting struggling readers Involving families in peer tutoring Evaluation and feedback. Illustrated throughout with practical examples from diverse schools across Europe, Using Peer Tutoring to Improve Reading Skills is an essential introduction offering easy-to-use guidelines that will support teachers in primary and secondary schools as they enhance pupil motivation and improve reading standards.