Introduction to Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED Physics

Introduction to Organic Light Emitting Diode  OLED  Physics
Author: Taiju Tsuboi
Publsiher: Woodhead Publishing
Total Pages: 360
Release: 2021-08-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 0128213876

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Introduction to Organic Light Emitting Diode Physics explains the underlying material and device physics that impact the performance of organic materials for OLED applications. The author details the mechanisms involved in OLED operation and the importance of OLED physics. The author provides the logic of key formulas and concepts necessary to interpret and analyze experimental results in OLED research. There is also discussion of emerging opportunities and remaining challenges to the advancement of OLED research. Introduction to Organic Light Emitting Diode Physics provides the fundamental concepts of OLED physics and light emitting materials including carrier mobility (which is vital for enhancing the efficiency of OLED technologies). Remaining challenges to improving the performance of OLEDs, including attention to device fabrication, are investigated. The author systematically compares the most relevant materials utilized for OLED applications and provides details on their differences. The book is suitable for new entrants and experienced researchers in the disciplines of materials science and engineering and physics working in academia and industry. Explains underlying material and device physics that impact the performance of organic materials for OLED applications Reviews and compares Organic LEDs to inorganic LEDs, polymer LEDs, and metallic OLED and non-metallic LEDs Discusses emerging topics and remaining challenges for OLED research, particularly ones that impact OLED efficiency and performance

Organic Light Emitting Diodes OLEDs

Organic Light Emitting Diodes  OLEDs
Author: Alastair Buckley
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 666
Release: 2013-08-31
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780857098948

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Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are opening up exciting new applications in the area of lighting and displays. OLEDs are self emissive and by careful materials and device design can generate colours across the visible spectrum. Together with simple monolithic fabrication on a range of different substrates, these diverse material properties give OLEDs key advantages over existing display and lighting technology. This important book summarises key research on materials, engineering and the range of applications of these versatile materials. Part one covers materials for OLEDs. Chapters review conjugated polymers, transparent conducting thin films, iridium complexes and phosphorescent materials. Part two discusses the operation and engineering of OLED devices. Chapters discuss topics such as highly efficient pin-type OLEDs, amorphous organic semiconductors, nanostructuring techniques, light extraction, colour tuning, printing techniques, fluorenone defects and disruptive characteristics as well as durability issues. Part three explores the applications of OLEDs in displays and solid-state lighting. Applications discussed include displays, microdisplays and transparent OLEDs, sensors and large-area OLED lighting panels. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) is a standard reference for engineers working in lighting, display technology and the consumer electronics sectors, as well as those researching OLEDs. Summarises key research on the materials, engineering and applications of OLEDs Reviews conjugated polymers, transparent conducting thin films Considers nanostructuring OLEDS for increasing levels of efficiency

OLED Fundamentals

OLED Fundamentals
Author: Daniel J. Gaspar,Evgueni Polikarpov
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 494
Release: 2015-05-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781466515192

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A Comprehensive Source for Taking on the Next Stage of OLED R&D OLED Fundamentals: Materials, Devices, and Processing of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes brings together key topics across the field of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), from fundamental chemistry and physics to practical materials science and engineering aspects to design and manufacturing factors. Experts from top academic institutions, industry, and national laboratories provide thorough, up-to-date coverage on the most useful materials, devices, and design and fabrication methods for high-efficiency lighting. The first part of the book covers all the construction materials of OLED devices, from substrate to encapsulation. For the first time in book form, the second part addresses challenges in devices and processing, including architectures and methods for new OLED lighting and display technologies. The book is suitable for a broad audience, including materials scientists, device physicists, synthetic chemists, and electrical engineers. It can also serve as an introduction for graduate students interested in applied aspects of photophysics and electrochemistry in organic thin films.

Organic Light Emitting Devices

Organic Light Emitting Devices
Author: Joseph Shinar
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 309
Release: 2013-03-20
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780387217208

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Although it has long been possible to make organic materials emit light, it has only recently become possible to do so at the level and with the efficiency and control necessary to make the materials a useful basis for illumination in any but the most specialized uses. This book surveys the current status of the field.

Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices

Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices
Author: Zhigang Rick Li
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 813
Release: 2017-12-19
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781439882801

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Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices provides a single source of information covering all aspects of OLEDs, including the systematic investigation of organic light-emitting materials, device physics and engineering, and manufacturing and performance measurement techniques. This Second Edition is a compilation of the advances made in recent years and of the challenges facing the future development of OLED technology. Featuring chapters authored by internationally recognized academic and industrial experts, this authoritative text: Introduces the history, fundamental physics, and potential applications of OLEDs Reviews the synthesis, properties, and device performance of electroluminescent materials used in OLEDs Reflects the current state of molecular design, exemplifying more than 600 light-emitting polymers and highlighting the most efficient materials and devices Explores small molecules-based OLEDs, detailing hole- and electron-injection and electron-transport materials, electron- and hole-blocking materials, sensitizers, and fluorescent and phosphorescent light-emitting materials Describes solution-processable phosphorescent polymer LEDs, energy transfer processes, polarized OLEDs, anode materials, and vapor deposition manufacturing techniques employed in OLED fabrication Discusses flexible display, the backplane circuit technology for organic light-emitting displays, and the latest microstructural characterization and performance measurement techniques Contains abundant diagrams, device configurations, and molecular structures clearly illutrating the presented ideas Organic Light-Emitting Materials and Devices, Second Edition offers a comprehensive overview of the OLED field and can serve as a primary reference for those needing additional information in any particular subarea of organic electroluminescence. This book should attract the attention of materials scientists, synthetic chemists, solid-state physicists, and electronic device engineers, as well as industrial managers and patent lawyers engaged in OLED-related business areas.


Author: Sergei Pyshkin
Publsiher: BoD – Books on Demand
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2020-06-24
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781789841312

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Luminescence - OLED Technology and Applications is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters offering a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) materials and devices. The book comprises chapters authored by various researchers and is edited by an expert in the field. It provides a thorough overview of the latest technologies and applications in this field and opens new possible research paths for further novel developments.

Air Stable Inverted Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Air Stable Inverted Organic Light Emitting Diodes
Author: Katsuyuki Morii,Hirohiko Fukagawa
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 48
Release: 2020-04-03
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9783030185145

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This concise volume provides an introduction to the working principles, design, and construction of air-stable inverted organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), which lead to the realization of practical flexible electronics. The first part of the book reviews the history of the three generations of inverted OLEDs: hybrid organic inorganic light-emitting diodes (HOILEDs), metal oxides and organic electron injection layer, describing the materials, fabrication techniques, device structure, applications, and technological challenges involved in each case. The second part of the book focuses on the carrier injection mechanism in OLEDs. The book will be of interest to students and researchers working on organic optoelectronics.

Introduction to Light Emitting Diode Technology and Applications

Introduction to Light Emitting Diode Technology and Applications
Author: Gilbert Held
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2016-04-19
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1420076639

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Recent improvements in LED technology have made them as ubiquitous as cell phones. In fact, LEDs light up almost all cell phones screens. The technology’s myriad applications and low energy use have made it nearly impossible to get through daily chores without coming in contact with LEDs. Probable advances include increased ability of the technology to support more efficient lighting and enhanced communications. With balanced coverage of the basics and future developments, Introduction to Light Emitting Diode Technology and Applications takes you on a tour of the LED evolution. The book begins with a brief history of the effort to enable the device that generates light through modern organic LEDs and reviews the fundamentals and principles of light prior to a detailed explanation of how LEDs generate different colors. After forming this basic foundation, the book examines the key LEDs in lighting and communications. It then discusses the latest opportunities and advancements in high brightness (HB) LED technology, solid state lighting, and handheld electronic applications. As we approach a new decade the role of LEDs is literally set to explode, with organic light emitting diodes emerging as a leading next generation technology for electronic displays and lighting. Challenges still exist, including light extraction, luminosity, and white light generation, not to mention non-technical obstacles such as IP disputes and the lack of standards. This book provides a foundation for resolving these issues and developing new applications for LEDs in the promising general illumination market.