Life in Monochrome

Life in Monochrome
Author: Stephen Robert Kuta
Publsiher: Re-invention UK
Total Pages: 74
Release: 2019-05-22
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780954989934

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With this new collection of poems, Life in Monochrome, Stephen Robert Kuta secures his place as Instagram’s master wordsmith. With his unrivalled lyricism and musicality, Kuta harnesses the short form poem in a way few other writers have, transforming and elevating the everyday into something truly beautiful. Life in Monochrome delves deep into every emotion, proving the universality of human feeling and connecting with readers in an incredibly meaningful way. With poems which share heartbreak, rage, joy and love, Kuta lays himself bare and shares the depths of his feeling with his audience, encouraging them to explore their own emotions on a similarly profound level. With Instagram a very visual and seemingly transient medium, the beauty of these short poems lies in their ability to condense complex ideas and thoughts into only a handful of words. In just a few sparse lines, Kuta vividly captures the human experience and distils it into stunning poetry which appeals to both the eye and ear. This truly is verbal craftsmanship on a level which is extremely rare, with poems reflecting a myriad of feelings which will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds. Some are achingly poignant, others express the depth and complexity of love, but all are graced with Kuta’s unique way with words. In an era when we’re warned of shorter attention spans, these neat and concise lyrics sing from both the page and screen and cannot help but capture their readers’ hearts and imaginations.

The Artist

The Artist
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 424
Release: 1886
Genre: Art
ISBN: UIUC:30112117953973

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Gaming and the Heroic Life

Gaming and the Heroic Life
Author: Bobby Angel
Publsiher: Ave Maria Press
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2023-11-03
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781646802500

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Video games fuel a fundamental human drive for adventure—like the epic quest to slay zombies, a solo voyage to rescue the princess, or setting off with a clan to defeat the final boss. The desire to be a hero in your journey is something Bobby Angel can relate to. A lifelong gamer, he was the cohost of the God and Gaming series on YouTube and often appears as a guest on Bearded Blevins’s Around the Halo on Twitch. In Gaming and the Heroic Life, Bobby explains that you don’t have to just play the role of hero in a game—you can actually pursue a heroic life by the way you engage the virtual world. Gaming and the Heroic Life is a map to becoming not only a better gamer but also a better person—one who has a purpose and knows where they fit into the world. The book contains three levels: Level One explores why people love games and what games have to do with God. Level Two examines how the Easter eggs of truth, beauty, and goodness in games impact players in much the same way that they impact your relationship with God. Level Three demonstrates how gaming can propel players AFK (away from keyboard) to find purpose and meaning in service to others. Bobby shows where video games intersect with a life of faith in God—how games echo with our call to holiness and how we can respond to that call in both the virtual and real worlds.


Author: New Zealand. Department of Education
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 530
Release: 1898
Genre: Education
ISBN: STANFORD:36105005063321

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Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand
Author: New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1062
Release: 1897
Genre: New Zealand
ISBN: UCAL:C2686072

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Monochrome Home

Monochrome Home
Author: Hilary Robertson
Publsiher: Ryland Peters & Small
Total Pages: 281
Release: 2014-04-09
Genre: House & Home
ISBN: 9781788793919

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Decorating in black and white is perennially popular and eternally chic. Hilary Robertson demonstrates how, whether used alone or together, these contrasting shades can create dramatic effects at home, from the classic to the eclectic.

Way Beyond Monochrome

Way Beyond Monochrome
Author: Ralph W. Lambrecht,Chris Woodhouse
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 562
Release: 2011
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9780240816258

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An inspirational bible for monochrome photography - this second edition almost doubles the content of its predecessor showing you the path from visualization to print

Rock Stars Stole my Life

Rock Stars Stole my Life
Author: Mark Ellen
Publsiher: Coronet
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2014-05-08
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781444775525

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'The book is f***ing BRILLIANT! Just arrived NYC and wanked myself laughing. Literally tears. Irritated looks all around. What a great writer you are. It's a classic. You absolutely got the whole shite early 70s thing down precisely as it was. Names, smells, sounds, looks, the food, drink, girls, boys! Mega! Well done.' - Bob Geldof In a sodden tent at a '70s festival, the teenage Mark Ellen had a dream. He dreamt that music was a rich meadow of possibility, a liberating leap to a sparkling future, an industry of human happiness - and he wanted to be part of it. Thus began his 50-year love affair with rock and roll. From his time at the NME, Radio One, The Old Grey Whistle Test and Live aid, he has been at the molten core of pop's evolution, and watched its key figures from a unique perspective. This funny and touching personal memoir maps out his eventful journey in rock and roll. It tells stories and settles scores. It charts the peaks and disappointments. It flags up surprising heroes and barbecues the dull and self-deluded. It puts a chaotic world to rights and pours petrol on the embers of a glorious industry now in spiraling decline. For more exclusive pictures visit