Lust for Love

Lust for Love
Author: Pamela Anderson,Shmuley Boteach
Publsiher: Center Street
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2018-04-24
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781478992776

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An unlikely pair of voices-the world's most recognizable beauty icon and "America's rabbi"-comes together to diagnose how meaningful, passionate sex is on the decline in Western culture, and what is necessary to save it. Sex is dying in America. Inundated with sex and starved for it, obsessed with it yet clueless about it, we are slowly forgetting how to make love. The crisis of modern sexuality is seen in high divorce rates, in the degradation of sexuality through pornography, and tasteless displays of empty, counterfeit erotica. Most of all, it's seen in sexless marriages and platonic relationships where cybersex has become more addictive than the real thing. Sex has become so trivialized, coarsened, and vulgarized that couples no longer feel its pull. The once powerful and irresistible magnetism of sex is being diluted and drained. The authors propose replacing the 1960s' sexual revolution with a new sensual revolution, a rediscovery of intimacy that encourages and ennobles human relationships, elevates healthy lust, and gets us from looking up from the glowing screens of our smartphones to the people around us, most especially the people we love the most. Lust for Love embraces the idea that what our most important relationships need most is lust. It is necessary to rediscover what's sexy again, how to bring back romance, and to understand that in addition to love, we need lust to repair our unfulfilling sex lives and broken relationships. Lust for Love proposes a return to what lovemaking was always meant to be: a desire to know and experience another person in the deepest possible way.


Author: Pamela Anderson,Emma Dunlavey,Raphael Mazzucco
Publsiher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Total Pages: 128
Release: 2015-09-01
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9781942952084

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Sensuality uninhibited. Behind the scenes look at one of Rock ‘n' Roll's favorite women. Captured by Emma Dunlavey. Over a decade's worth of fly-on-the-wall style reportage. Fun, sexy handwritten prose by Pamela expressing herself freely within the images. Sexy and funny, Raw reveals Pamela Anderson at her most intimate. Featuring over a decade of Emma Dunlavey's behind-the-scenes photography, Raw shows Pamela at her wildest, her silliest, and her sexiest. Raw lets the reader be a fly on the wall, witnessing Pamela's adventures around the world. Combined with Pamela's prose and poetry, hand-written and hand-arranged by Pamela, Raw is a beautiful entrée into the life one the world's most exciting and sensual women. A journey worth taking. Proceeds from every print-edition purchase go to the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which supports organizations and individuals that stand on the front lines in the protection of human, animal, and environmental rights.

Ruthless Pamela Jean

Ruthless Pamela Jean
Author: Carol Denise Mitchell
Publsiher: CDMBOOKS
Total Pages: 142
Release: 2021-07-18
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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This gripping story about an abused girl, who uses the unlikely prototype of a pimp as a guide to a better life, acts as a sort of metaphor of social realism regarding the rise of African Americans to greater prominence and wealth in modern society as a whole. The narrative, which is closely written, and uses a realistic version of African American speech soon draws us into the central dilemma of a child, who due to her light skin, is rejected by the other children in her school, this then leads to her being ostracized, bullied and at one point even her life is threatened. When she retaliates, in order to save herself, the system unfairly punishes her. Female sexual frustration is not something that often appears in the media which tends to center upon ladies complaining about the unwelcome attentions of men, but this book tends to show that many older women are deprived of fulfilment of their intimate needs by social niceties and prudery. Pamela is acutely aware of this problem and does something to provide relief for these women – at a price, via a very successful escort service.


Author: Pamela Anderson
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2008-12-09
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781847397386

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Like many twenty-one year olds, Star Wood Leigh works two jobs to make ends meet: the day shift at Talon's Nail and Tan Spa, and the night shift at Mother Pearl's Steak & Oyster Emporium. The archetypal tomboy, at home in jeans and a T-shirt, Star is guileless and beguiling, a fresh-faced beauty who knows that too much of a good thing is wonderful. A loving daughter, a good friend and a faithful girlfriend, this Florida girl gets more than her fair share of sun and fun. And then an innocent evening at a football game sets off a chain of life-altering events. One minute Star is cleaning the tanning beds at Talon's, and the next she's being primped and prodded in preparation for the front cover of a national magazine... Playful, bawdy and curl-your-toes sexy, STAR is an insider's look at a world of inflated egos and inflated bodies. Going far beyond the cliched air-kisses and casting couches of Hollywood, STAR shows what really happens when A-list meets D-cup, when girl becomes goddess.

Pamela s conduct in high life Publish d from her original papers To which are prefix d several curious letters written to the Editor on the subject By John Kelly

Pamela s conduct in high life  Publish d from her original papers  To which are prefix d several curious letters written to the Editor on the subject   By John Kelly
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 354
Release: 1741
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: BL:A0017617860

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Love Overdue

Love Overdue
Author: Pamela Morsi
Publsiher: Oliver-Heber books
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2023
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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"Pamela Morsi is a perennial favorite for a good reason... she writes the perfect feel-good read." - Susan Wiggs Meet Dorothy Jarrow: devotedly unsexy librarian Buttoned-up book lover DJ is all sensible shoes, drab skirts, and studious glasses. After an ill-advised spring-break-fueled fling left her mortified, she’s committed to her prim and proper look. When she’s hired by a rural library in middle-of-nowhere Kansas, she finally has the lifestyle to match--and she can’t wait to get her admin on. But it’s clear from day one that the small-town library is more interested in circulating rumors than books. DJ has to organize her unloved library, win over oddball employees and avoid her flamboyant landlady’s attempts to set her up with the town pharmacist. Especially that last part--because it turns out handsome Scott Sanderson is her old vacation fling! She is not sure whether to be relieved or offended when he doesn’t seem to recognize her. But with every meeting, DJ finds herself secretly wondering what it would be like to take off her glasses, unpin her bun and reveal the inner vixen she’s been hiding from everyone--including herself.

Love and Vulnerability

Love and Vulnerability
Author: Pelagia Goulimari
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 316
Release: 2021-05-15
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9781000330816

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Love and Vulnerability: Thinking with Pamela Sue Anderson developed out of the desire for dialogue with the late feminist philosopher Pamela Sue Anderson’s extraordinary, previously unpublished, last work on love and vulnerability. The collection publishes this work for the first time, with a diverse, multidisciplinary, international range of contributors responding to it, to Anderson’s oeuvre as a whole and to her life and death. Anderson’s path-breaking work includes A Feminist Philosophy of Religion (1998) and Re-visioning Gender in Philosophy of Religion: Reason, Love and Epistemic Locatedness (2012). Her last work critiques, then attempts to rebuild, concepts of love and vulnerability. Reason, critical self-reflexivity, emotion, intuition and imagination, myth and narrative all have a role to play. Social justice, friendship, conversation, dialogue, collective work are central to her thinking. Contributors trace the emergence of Anderson’s late thinking, extend her conversations with the history of philosophy and contemporary voices such as hooks and Butler, and bring her work into contact with debates in theology; Continental and analytic philosophy; feminist, queer and transgender theory; postcolonial theory; African-American studies. Discussions engage with the Me Too movement and sexual violence, climate change, sweatshops, neoliberalism, death and dying, and the nature of the human. Originally published as a special issue of the journal, Angelaki, this large, wide-ranging collection, featuring a number of distinguished contributors, makes a significant contribution to the burgeoning interdisciplinary research on interpersonal relations, sympathy and empathy, affect and emotion.

The Heroines of English Pastoral Romance

The Heroines of English Pastoral Romance
Author: Sue P. Starke
Publsiher: Boydell & Brewer
Total Pages: 258
Release: 2007
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781843841241

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The figure of the woman as hero in pastoral romance is shown to grow in importance and complexity in this important new study.