My Secrets of Survivorship

My Secrets of Survivorship
Author: Melissa Mae Palmer
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 140
Release: 2017-02-03
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 0998641022

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This is a compelling story about tenacity, strength and endurance, Melissa Palmer is a mother of five. She dedicates her life to her husband, kids, and philanthropy. A compelling story about love, happiness, illness and survivorship.

Wilderness Secrets Revealed

Wilderness Secrets Revealed
Author: André-François Bourbeau
Publsiher: Dundurn
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2013-05-11
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 9781459706972

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André-François Bourbeau turned his passion for the outdoors into a celebrated career as a ground-breaking researcher and teacher of primitive wilderness survival. These are his first-hand stories, always informative, gritty, and sometimes hilarious. What emerges is one man's everlasting love of the wilderness.

The Survivor

The Survivor
Author: John Zodrow
Publsiher: Black Rose Writing
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2021-01-21
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781684336548

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An ancient document discovered in the Vatican that could destroy the Church and faith of Christians everywhere. A desperate race across the world to find the truth. A shocking secret concealed for centuries, revealed at last. "See if you can guess who this is," Father Urrutia sipped his martini. "He was born of a virgin on December 25. Three Magi following a star, brought him gifts. He was called the 'good shepherd,' 'the way, the truth and the light,' 'redeemer,' 'savior', 'Messiah' 'son of God.' He was human, yet divine. Had 12 disciples and performed many miracles. He told his disciples that the soul is immortal and that at the end of time, there would be a resurrection of the dead and in a last judgment, he would reward and punish every soul. He was crucified to atone for the sins of mankind, died and was buried in a tomb. On the third day, he rose again from the dead and returned to heaven. His principal festival was Easter, celebrating the time of his Resurrection. His faithful followers used the cross as their holy symbol. His church had seven sacraments, including Baptism and the Eucharist, a sacred meal of bread, water and consecrated wine. And it was all run by celibate priests and a Pope who wore a sacred miter on his head." Burt shrugged. "That's Jesus Christ and his religion." "Is it?" Urrutia smiled. "You see, I was describing the ancient pagan religion of Mithra."

Beyond Survivor Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Beyond Survivor     Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Author: Jan L Frayne
Publsiher: Author House
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2012-03-27
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781467894494

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Patricia A. McKnight: Author "My Justice" In this amazing new book Beyond Survivor, the very talented author, Jan Frayne, takes his readers into the arena of childhood sexual abuse recovery, battles and conquests. As one of the rare published novels from a Male Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor, Mr. Frayne allows his readers to feel the depth of shattered mind, body and soul. Beyond Survivor will take you into the hurricane of emotion and strength as this boy conquers the demons and nightmares of his past. Readers will ride the rollercoaster of success as they travel through the many nightmares. This expertly written novel shows the path of standing strong and achieving what all mankind desires; retrieving the happiness once destroyed by the wicked. This collection of outstanding poetry and prose is a must read for all as inspiration to prevail against the challenges put forth in the battle to obtain our own freedom.

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit

The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit
Author: Azim Khamisa,Jillian Quinn
Publsiher: Ballantine Books
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2009-02-24
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9780345512772

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When life deals you a particularly difficult blow or a staggering loss, how do you handle it? If you’re like most, you might think Why me?, struggle to find your way, or lash out at those around you. But there are a select few who seem emotionally hardier, who are able to face life’s physical, emotional, and financial hits undeterred and perhaps even forge ahead, empowered in the face of adversity. These people aren’t more deserving or luckier than the rest of us; they simply think differently–they are connected with their steady inner self and find strength where others might see meaninglessness; they make life-affirming choices instead of defeatist ones. In short, they are spiritually bulletproof. They face as many of life’s slings and arrows as the rest of us, but they don’t succumb to hardship or misfortune. And you can be one of them. In The Secrets of the Bulletproof Spirit, renowned peace activist Azim Khamisa and inspirational speaker Jillian Quinn reveal the thirty essential keys to emotional and spiritual resiliency. Based upon their own experiences with heart-wrenching loss, the strategies they present may seem simple, but their advice can open up a whole new way of thinking. Khamisa and Quinn will help you discover • that your thoughts help to create your reality, and that you can use them to take control of your life • the potentially damaging mental routines you’re running on autopilot • the vital connections between your upbringing and your “resiliency quotient” • spiritually affirming thoughts that may help you make more spiritually empowering choices “What lies within you really is more powerful than any hit you may take physically, emotionally, or materially,” the authors write. With their help, readers will find themselves more confident and secure in a volatile and uncertain world. When you learn to identify most strongly with that invincible core–your bulletproof spirit–you tap into the truest source of security available to you. And while there’s no foolproof way to stay out of the proverbial line of fire, the information, inspiration, and tools in this book will provide you with an emotional bulletproof vest, a way to take hits and come out on top. From the Hardcover edition.

The Spoiler

The Spoiler
Author: ChillOne
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2003-09-01
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780595291786

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Could someone have actually spoiled an entire season of Survivor? That was the question everyone was asking back in January, 2003, an entire month before the season premier of Survivor: The Amazon. On January 9th, I started an Internet message board thread under the assumed alias of "ChillOne," and debriefed my intelligence, "would-be" confidential information that I uncovered while vacationing in the Brazilian Amazon, including contestant names, game dynamics, location details, and Tribal Council "boot order." In that report, I named Matt Von Ertfelda and Jenna Morasca as the two finalists and pointed to Jenna as the player who was better liked of the two, providing a tantalizing hint of a possible final outcome! Over the next four months, my information would be under the microscope; picked apart and analyzed piece-by-piece by thousands, while at the same time gaining national attention. In the end, ChillOne became one of the most talked about, if not the most talked about, informants in Survivor spoiling history.

Tormented Souls Within The Inside World of a Christian Survivor With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Tormented Souls Within  The Inside World of a Christian Survivor With Dissociative Identity Disorder
Author: Candace Little
Total Pages: 298
Release: 2013-06-18
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781304172747

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This is the true story of a Christian Survivor of childhood abuse and trauma who suffered with severe physical pains throughout her body and emotional stress, mental anguish and memory loss her entire life due to the stress, depression, PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders as she suffered with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Confusion consumed her every waking moment while she constantly prayed for death on a daily basis and got her courage and strength through God's good grace and Christians all around her. God did answer her prayers when he gave her the energy to run and and he was right there with her as she struggled through the turmoil and fear but he had a plan for her and blessed her with the sanity that he had buried deep inside for her to recover in a later time in her life.


Author: Christina Crawford
Publsiher: Open Road Media
Total Pages: 249
Release: 2017-11-21
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781504049078

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Beyond Mommie Dearest—the inspiring and shattering sequel to the groundbreaking #1 New York Times bestseller. At publication the world as I knew it blew up in my face. Christina Crawford’s Mommie Dearest cast a spotlight on the unspoken horrors of family violence and exorcised the demons of her childhood. But in the years following the controversial bestseller’s publication, the author’s resilience was tested in ways she never expected. Crawford was forced to brave a stunning backlash intended to shame her, a film adaptation that bastardized her story and compounded the trauma, a descent into alcoholism, a divorce that ruined her financially, and a massive stroke that left her paralyzed. Staying true to her fighting spirit, she made a remarkable comeback. More than a personal memoir of triumph over tragedy, Survivor—now with a new preface for its 30th anniversary—is an enlightening spiritual roadmap to recovery for anyone who has suffered the ordeals of physical and emotional abuse, devastating illness, or seemingly insurmountable despair. Crawford’s story is not just about the will to survive; it is about the unparalleled joy of coming out on the other side, finding calm, and celebrating a fulfilling life. “The author of Mommie Dearest . . . hits her stride with this strong account of her simultaneous tragedies. . . . One closes this fine, moving read with great respect for Christina Crawford.” —Kirkus Reviews