Non Invasive Neuromodulation of the Central Nervous System

Non Invasive Neuromodulation of the Central Nervous System
Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Institute of Medicine,Board on Health Sciences Policy,Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2015-11-02
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780309376211

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Based on advances in biotechnology and neuroscience, non-invasive neuromodulation devices are poised to gain clinical importance in the coming years and to be of increasing interest to patients, clinicians,health systems, payers, and industry. Evidence suggests that both therapeutic and non-therapeutic applications of non-invasive neuromodulation will continue to expand in coming years, particularly for indications where treatments are currently insufficient, such as drug-resistant depression. Given the growing interest in non-invasive neuromodulation technologies, the Institute of Medicine's Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders convened a workshop, inviting a range of stakeholders - including developers of devices and new technologies, researchers, clinicians, ethicists, regulators, and payers - to explore the opportunities, challenges, and ethical questions surrounding the development, regulation, and reimbursement of these devices for the treatment of nervous system disorders as well as for non-therapeutic uses, including cognitive and functional enhancement. This report highlights the presentation and discussion of the workshop.


Author: Elliot Krames,P. Hunter Peckham,Ali R. Rezai
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 1828
Release: 2018-01-05
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780128093023

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Neuromodulation: Comprehensive Textbook of Principles, Technologies, and Therapies, Second Edition, serves as a comprehensive and in-depth reference textbook covering all aspects of the rapidly growing field of neuromodulation. Since the publication of the first edition seven years ago, there has been an explosion of knowledge in neuromodulation, optogenetics, bioelectronics medicine and brain computer interfacing. Users will find unique discussions of the fundamental principles of neuromodulation and therapies, and how they are applied to the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, autonomic nerves and various organs. The book focuses on comprehensive coverage of spinal cord stimulation, non-interventional and interventional brain stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, and the emerging fields of neuromodulation, including optogenetics and bioelectronics medicine. Provides a comprehensive reference that covers all aspects of the growing field of neuromodulation Written by international, leading authorities in their respective fields of neuromodulation, pain management, functional neurosurgery and biomedical engineering Includes new chapters on optogenetics, bioelectronics medicine and brain computer interfacing


Author: BCC Research
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2014-03
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1569657505

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Neurostimulation for Epilepsy

Neurostimulation for Epilepsy
Author: Vikram R. Rao
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 270
Release: 2023-04-28
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780323985642

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Neurostimulation for Epilepsy: Advances, Applications, and Opportunities comprehensively reviews the diverse array of neurostimulation technologies currently in use and in development for the treatment of epilepsy. The book covers basic mechanisms of neurostimulation, technical characteristics of approved and investigational neurostimulation devices, clinical applications and programming considerations of these devices, and progress toward next-generation device technology. Leading experts in the field provide a contemporary appraisal of neurostimulation in epilepsy, one that highlights recent advances, outlines unanswered questions, and proposes future directions. Neurostimulation for Epilepsy: Advances, Applications, and Opportunities will be of high interest to clinical, basic, and translational researchers seeking to understand leading-edge applications of neurostimulation in epilepsy and to clinicians managing patients with epilepsy who are treated with implanted and external neurostimulation devices. This book will also be of interest to trainees, to physicians in other areas of neurology where neurostimulation is employed, such as Pain and Movement Disorders, and to general medical practitioners, neurobiologists, and engineers. Explains fundamental principles of neurostimulation in accessible terms Details technical characteristics and engineering considerations of neurostimulation devices Describes strengths and limitations of approved and investigational neurostimulation devices Overviews clinical applications of neurostimulation, including device selection and programming Highlights the patient experience with neurostimulation, with an emphasis on quality of life Provides a roadmap for the development of next-generation devices

Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry

Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry
Author: Niruj Agrawal,Rafey Faruqui,Mayur Bodani
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 601
Release: 2020-08-25
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780192605153

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A survey of over 900 trainees at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) in the United Kingdom showed that over three-quarters of psychiatry trainees desired some knowledge and training in the field of neuropsychiatry. Recent years have given rise to a substantial global focus on integrating neurosciences and neuropsychiatry in psychiatric training. Neuropsychiatry forms an important part of the psychiatric curriculum and is examined in theory and in clinical exams. Similarly, neuropsychiatry is also of interest to neurology trainees, and it is increasingly recognised that all neurology trainees should have some knowledge and experience in neuropsychiatry. Despite this growing interest, there is a dearth of neuropsychiatry textbooks specifically geared towards trainees and other clinicians who are not specialist in the field. Part of the Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry series, the Oxford Textbook of Neuropsychiatry helps to bridge the gap between general psychiatric textbooks and reference texts in neuropsychiatry. Organised into four sections, the book covers the basic knowledge and skills relevant to neuropsychiatry, the various neuropsychiatric conditions, the principles of treatment, and perspectives for neuropsychiatry worldwide. Chapters have been written by international experts who are leaders in their own fields with the view to taking an evidence-based, up-to-date, global perspective on neuropsychiatric problems and treatment. The book is relevant to trainees in psychiatry, neurology, neurorehabilitation and also to various allied professionals in neuroscience and mental health. It covers core knowledge and skills for practice in all psychiatric disciplines including core knowledge for training in neuropsychiatry. The book meets curriculum requirements for various international training programmes and examinations, and serves as an essential training text book for all psychiatric and neurology trainees worldwide.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS and Pain Management

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation  TENS  and Pain Management
Author: Reeve, Janis,Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment,Paula Corabian
Publsiher: Canadian Coordinationg Office for Health Technology Assessment = Office canadien de coordination de l'évaluation des technologies de la santé
Total Pages: 33
Release: 1995
Genre: Analgesia
ISBN: 1895561264

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Rethinking the Clinical Gaze

Rethinking the Clinical Gaze
Author: John Gardner
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2017-05-31
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9783319532707

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This book draws on medical sociology and science and technology studies to develop a novel conceptual framework for understanding innovation processes, using the case study of deep brain stimulation in paediatric neurology. It addresses key questions, including: How are promising and potentially disruptive new health technologies integrated into busy resource-constrained clinical contexts? What activities are involved in establishing a new clinical service? How do social and cultural forces shape these services, and importantly, how are understandings of ‘health’ and ‘illness’ reconfigured in the process? The book explores how the ideals of patient-centred medicine influence innovation in the clinic, and it introduces the concept of patient-centred proto-platforms. It argues that patient-centred innovation can constitute an expansion of medical power, as the clinical gaze is directed not only towards the body but also towards the patient as a social being. This will be an innovative and insightful read for academics and advanced students, as well as health service researchers with an interest in technology adoption processes.


Author: Sam Eljamel,Konstantin Slavin
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2013-05-29
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781118346365

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Could neurostimulation be a management option for yourpatients? Neurostimulation techniques present real management options forpatients with a range of neurologic and psychiatric disorders, suchas movement disorders, pain and depression. They should be activelyconsidered when conventional medical approaches have failed or areinappropriate. But for many clinicians, these new methods pose manyquestions. What are the available modalities? How do they work?Which patients might benefit from them? How do I explain theprocesses to patients? How do I monitor my patient’s progressafter implantation? Neurostimulation provides a concise, easy-to-read fusion ofthe clinical applications of implanted neurostimulators. Itdemystifies selection and referral criteria, maximizing therapy,programming the implanted neuromodulators, monitoring progress andtroubleshooting problems associated with neurostimulation. Written by an international cast of experts,Neurostimulation, sets the stage for you to provide realclinical benefit to your patients who might receive, or are alreadyusing, neurostimulators.