Other Worlds

Other Worlds
Author: Christopher G. White
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 385
Release: 2018-03-16
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780674984295

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Christopher White points to ways that both spiritual practices and scientific speculation about multiverses and invisible dimensions are efforts to peer into the hidden elements and even existential meaning of the universe. Creatively appropriated, these ideas can restore a spiritual sense that the world is greater than anything our eyes can see.

Other Worlds

Other Worlds
Author: Teffi
Publsiher: New York Review of Books
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2021-04-20
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781681375403

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Stories about the occult, folk religions, superstition, and spiritual customs in Russia by one of the most essential twentieth-century writers of short fiction and essays. Though best known for her comic and satirical sketches of pre-Revolutionary Russia, Teffi was a writer of great range and human sympathy. The stories on otherworldly themes in this collection are some of her finest and most profound, displaying the acute psychological sensitivity beneath her characteristic wit and surface brilliance. Other Worlds presents stories from across the whole of Teffi’s long career, from her early days as a literary celebrity in Moscow to her post-Revolutionary years as an émigré in Paris. In the early story “A Quiet Backwater,” a laundress gives a long disquisition on the name days of the flora and fauna and on the Feast of the Holy Ghost, a day on which “no one dairnst disturb the earth.” The story “Wild Evening” is about the fear of the unknown; “The Kind That Walk,” a penetrating study of antisemitism and of xenophobia; and “Baba Yaga,” about the archetypal Russian witch and her longing for wildness and freedom. Teffi traces the persistent influence of the ancient Slavic gods in superstitions and customs, and the deep connection of the supernatural to everyday life in the provinces. In “Volya,” the autobiographical final story, the power and pain of Baba Yaga is Teffi’s own.

Other Worlds

Other Worlds
Author: Charlotte Hardman
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 300
Release: 2020-09-02
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9781000323870

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This important ethnographic study explores the world-view of the Lohorung Rai, a hill tribe of about 3,000 members living in Eastern Nepal. These rice farmers have a tradition of migration combined with hunting and gathering. By examining Lohorung concepts and their discourse on self and emotion, this book explores the way in which ancestral influence dominates the daily lives and rituals of the Lohorung. It explores the ‘other world' of the Lohorung within which their concepts about the nature of the person and the natural world can be understood.This study will be relevant not only to Himalayan experts but to all anthropologists interested in culture, self and emotion.

In Other Worlds

In Other Worlds
Author: Margaret Atwood
Publsiher: Anchor
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2011-10-11
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780385533973

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Handmaid's Tale At a time when speculative fiction seems less and less far-fetched, Margaret Atwood lends her distinctive voice and singular point of view to the genre in a series of essays that brilliantly illuminates the essential truths about the modern world. This is an exploration of her relationship with the literary form we have come to know as "science fiction,” a relationship that has been lifelong, stretching from her days as a child reader in the 1940s, through her time as a graduate student at Harvard, where she worked on the Victorian ancestor of the form, and continuing as a writer and reviewer. This book brings together her three heretofore unpublished Ellmann Lectures from 2010: "Flying Rabbits," which begins with Atwood's early rabbit superhero creations, and goes on to speculate about masks, capes, weakling alter egos, and Things with Wings; "Burning Bushes," which follows her into Victorian otherlands and beyond; and "Dire Cartographies," which investigates Utopias and Dystopias. In Other Worlds also includes some of Atwood's key reviews and thoughts about the form. Among those writers discussed are Marge Piercy, Rider Haggard, Ursula Le Guin, Ishiguro, Bryher, Huxley, and Jonathan Swift. She elucidates the differences (as she sees them) between "science fiction" proper, and "speculative fiction," as well as between "sword and sorcery/fantasy" and "slipstream fiction." For all readers who have loved The Handmaid's Tale, Oryx and Crake, and The Year of the Flood, In Other Worlds is a must. Note: The electronic version of this title contains over thirty additional, illuminating eBook-exclusive illustrations by the author.

Making Other Worlds Possible

Making Other Worlds Possible
Author: Gerda Roelvink,Kevin St. Martin,J. K. Gibson-Graham
Publsiher: U of Minnesota Press
Total Pages: 419
Release: 2015-04-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781452944197

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There is no doubt that “economy” is a keyword in contemporary life, yet what constitutes economy is increasingly contested terrain. Interested in building “other worlds,” J. K. Gibson-Graham have argued that the economy is not only diverse but also open to experimentations that foreground the well-being of humans and nonhumans alike. Making Other Worlds Possible brings together in one volume a compelling range of projects inspired by the diverse economies research agenda pioneered by Gibson-Graham. This collection offers perspectives from a wide variety of prominent scholars that put diverse economies into conversation with other contemporary projects that reconfigure the economy as performative. Here, Robert Snyder and Kevin St. Martin explore the emergence of community-supported fisheries; Elizabeth S. Barron documents how active engagements between people, plants, and fungi in the United States and Scotland are examples of highly productive diverse economic practices; and Michel Callon investigates how alternative forms of market organization and practices can be designed and implemented. Firmly establishing diverse economies as a field of research, Making Other Worlds Possible outlines an array of ways scholars are enacting economies differently that privilege ethical negotiation and a politics of possibility. Ultimately, this book contributes to the making of economies that put people and the environment at the forefront of economic decision making. Contributors: Elizabeth S. Barron, U of Wisconsin–Oshkosh; Amanda Cahill; Michel Callon, École des mines de Paris; Jenny Cameron, U of Newcastle, Australia; Stephen Healy, Worcester State U; Yahya M. Madra, Bogazici U; Deirdre McKay, Keele U; Sarah A. Moore, U of Wisconsin–Madison; Ceren Ŏzselçuk, Bogazici U; Marianna Pavlovskaya, Hunter College, CUNY; Paul Robbins, U of Wisconsin–Madison; Maliha Safri, Drew U; Robert Snyder, Island Institute; Karen Werner, Goddard College.

On this and other worlds

On this and other worlds
Author: Kristine Stenzel,Bruna Franchetto
Publsiher: Language Science Press
Total Pages: 492
Release: 2024
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9783961100194

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This edited volume offers a collection of twelve interlinear texts reflecting the vast linguistic diversity of Amazonia as well as the rich verbal arts and oral literature traditions of Amazonian peoples. Contributions to the volume come from a variety of geographic regions and represent the Carib, Jê, Tupi, East Tukano, Nadahup, and Pano language families, as well as three linguistic isolates. The selected texts exemplify a variety of narrative styles recounting the origins of constellations, crops, and sacred cemeteries, and of travel to worlds beyond death. We hear tales of tricksters and of encounters between humans and other beings, learn of battles between enemies, and gain insight into history and the indigenous perspective of creation, cordiality and confrontation. The contributions to this volume are the result of research efforts conducted since 2000, and as such, exemplify rapidly expanding investment and interest in documenting native Amazonian voices. They moreover demonstrate the collaborative efforts of linguists, anthropologists, and indigenous leaders, storytellers, and researchers to study and preserve Amazonian languages and cultures. Each chapter offers complete interlinear analysis as well as ample commentary on both linguistic and cultural aspects, appealing to a wide audience, including linguists, historians, anthropologists, and other social scientists. This collection is the first of its type, constituting a significant contribution to focused study of Amazonian linguistic diversity and a relevant addition to our broader knowledge of Amerindian languages and cosmologies.


Author: Tom Kidd
Publsiher: IMPACT
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2010-11-08
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1600618669

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Go where no artist has ever gone before. Bizarre terrains, enchanted forests, futuristic metropolises, ornate palaces—these are the places where adventure dwells. In this fun and fiercely original book from celebrated fantasy artist Tom Kidd, you'll learn how to set the scene for epic tales of adventure. Discover where Kidd finds his best ideas, the methods behind his glorious color sense, and how he turns it all into exquisite skies, glittering cities, spectacular rock formations, stormy seas, magnificent forests and other bold, breathtaking vistas. Learn to draw and paint fantastic settings in a way that makes them utterly believable Get imagination-sparking approaches for dreaming up these strange new realms, seeing the world around you with fresh eyes and finding ready inspiration in the most ordinary of places 13 step-by-step demonstrations show how ideas are developed into dynamic color oil and watercolor renderings, with some discussion of digital techniques This book is your ticket to destinations of absolute wonder and bizarre beauty. Thrill your viewers by transporting them to locales so vast and unreal, it will take their breath away.

Other Worlds

Other Worlds
Author: P. C. W. Davies,Paul Davies
Publsiher: Penguin Group
Total Pages: 0
Release: 1990
Genre: Physics
ISBN: 0140138773

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Paul Davies explains the significance of the amazing quantum universe, where fact is stranger than any science fiction. He takes us into a world where commonsense notions of space, time, and causality must be left behind as the realm of solid matter dissolves into vibrating patterns of ghostly energy, and where mind and matter are interwoven in a subtle and holistic manner. An Australian physicist and author of GOD AND THE NEW PHYSICS, Davies writes for the lay reader in simple language.