The Birds of Costa Rica

The Birds of Costa Rica
Author: Richard Garrigues
Publsiher: Comstock Publishing Associates
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2014
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 0801479886

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A new, updated edition of the only compact, portable, and user-friendly field guide the novice or experienced birder needs to identify birds in the field in the diverse habitats found in Costa Rica. -- "Biology Digest"

Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica

Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica
Author: Richard Garrigues
Publsiher: Cornell University Press
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2016-01-15
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9781501704727

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Few ecosystem destinations are as abundant in their biodiversity as Costa Rica. Having the right field guides in hand can make all the difference when you're enjoying the country’s birdlife. Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica, which features 549 excellent photographs, is designed to be equally useful for two distinct sets of readers. First are birders new to birding—or new to birding in Costa Rica—who want a guide to the birds that one is most likely to see, as well as to a few of the rarer species that one would hope to encounter. It treats more than 40 percent (365) of the species known from Costa Rica but is a guide to at least 75 percent of the birds commonly seen in a week or so of birding. The book will also be welcomed by experienced birders in search of a companion volume to The Birds of Costa Rica, second edition, an illustrated guide to all the birds of Costa Rica. The photographs in the species accounts in Photo Guide to Birds of Costa Rica are accompanied by names, measurements, field marks, habitat and behavior, voice, status and distribution, and range maps.

Birds of Costa Rica

Birds of Costa Rica
Author: Carrol L. Henderson,Steve Adams
Publsiher: University of Texas Press
Total Pages: 405
Release: 2010-02-15
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9780292719651

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A must-have guide to more than 300 birds that visitors are most likely to see in Costa Rica, includes 464 color photos, including many taken in the wild, and 308 range maps. Original.

A Naturalist s Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica 2nd Edition

A Naturalist s Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica  2nd Edition
Author: Steve Bird
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2019
Genre: Bird watching
ISBN: 1912081024

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High quality photographs from one of the country's top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits, and habitat. The user-friendly introduction covers geography, climate, habitat types, bird species and taxonomy, bird migration, and the key sites for viewing the listed species. Also included is an all-important checklist of all of the birds of Costa Rica encompassing, for each species, its common and scientific name, and IUCN status.

Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

Hummingbirds of Costa Rica
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2006
Genre: Colibris
ISBN: 1554071631

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Vibrant photos and fascinating text bring Costa Rica's hummingbirds to life. Hummingbirds of Costa Rica features 44 of the 45 species of hummers that inhabit Costa Rica. (The Plain-capped starthroat, the missing species, lives only in the highest treetops. The authors have never encountered one at a height low enough to photograph.) Each bird is depicted in its natural habitat and with the flower with which it naturally associates. Hundreds of detailed close-ups show each bird's unique features and allow the reader to fully appreciate these stunning marvels of nature. Featuring the work of internationally acclaimed nature photographers Michael and Patricia Fogden, this richly illustrated guide covers: Biology Predators The relationship between hummingbirds and flowers Feeding strategies A year in a hummingbird's life Hummingbird site guide. More than 90 plant species -- belonging to 34 families and over 60 genera -- are featured along with the hummers, so Hummingbirds of Costa Rica is also a useful guide to an astonishing diversity of Costa Rican flora. Beautifully detailed photographs bring the exquisite creatures to life, and scientifically accurate and accessible text provides a comprehensive reference to Costa Rica, its hummingbirds and their ecosystem.

Birds of Central America

Birds of Central America
Author: Andrew C. Vallely,Dale Dyer
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 584
Release: 2018-10-16
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9780691184159

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The first comprehensive field guide to the birds of Central America Birds of Central America is the first comprehensive field guide to the avifauna of the entire region, including Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Handy and compact, the book presents text and illustrations for nearly 1,200 resident and migrant species, and information on all rare vagrants. Two hundred sixty detailed plates on convenient facing-page spreads depict differing ages and sexes for each species, with a special focus on geographic variation. The guide also contains up-to-date range maps and concise notes on distribution, habitat, behavior, and voice. An introduction provides a brief overview of the region’s landscape, climate, and biogeography. The culmination of more than a decade of research and field experience, Birds of Central America is an indispensable resource for all those interested in the bird life of this part of the world. Detailed information on the entire avifauna of Central America 260 beautiful color plates Range maps, text, and illustrations presented on convenient facing-page spreads Up-to-date notes on distribution supported by an extensive bibliography Special focus on geographic variation of bird species

Birds of British Columbia

Birds of British Columbia
Author: Glenn Bartley
Publsiher: Heritage House Publishing Co
Total Pages: 158
Release: 2013
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9781927051696

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More species of birds breed in British Columbia annually than anywhere else in Canada. Additionally, hundreds of migratory birds spend a portion of the year here, making BC a birdwatcher's paradise. It doesn't matter if you're a gung-ho, out-in-the-field birdwatcher or if you enjoy winged friends from the serenity of your back porch, Birds of British Columbia is an easy way to get the best views of more than 100 of the different birds in this province. From the rare Marbled Murrelet to the common Steller's Jay, ferocious falcons to timid towhees, Glenn Bartley has captured the beauty of BC's feathered fliers in this stunning collection of photographs. Whether you're looking for an elusive Boreal Owl or simply want to revel in the magnificence of a swooping Peregrine Falcon, Bartley's incredible photographs of birds in their natural habitats will make even the ubiquitous gull look extraordinary.

The Handbook of Bird Photography

The Handbook of Bird Photography
Author: Markus Varesvuo,Jari Peltomaki,Bence Mate
Publsiher: Rocky Nook, Inc.
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2013-04-16
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9781457179600

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The Handbook of Bird Photography distills the knowledge, talent, and experience of three well-known professional wildlife photographers into one beautifully illustrated volume. Written in a manner that is easy to understand, this book offers fresh insight and practical tips that will broaden horizons for nature and bird photographers. The authors share their stories showcasing photographs for which they have received awards in major international wildlife photo competitions. In this book, you'll learn about all of the elements that lead to a great bird photograph, including: The bird photographer's equipment Shooting techniques: exposure, focus, how to show movement and freeze action, etc. In the field: bird behavior, hides, and how to attract birds How to use light and compose and crop images The best sites for finding and photographing birds You'll also learn how to show, share, promote, and sell your photographs. Bird photography is a brilliant way to spend your free time, and for some it's a career. This book helps beginners get the hang of things quickly and accurately, and offers field-specific expertise for more experienced photographers.