Please Kill Me

Please Kill Me
Author: Legs McNeil,Gillian McCain
Publsiher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
Total Pages: 488
Release: 2014-01-28
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780802192769

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“Ranks up there with the great rock & roll books of all time.”—Time Out New York “Lurid, insolent, disorderly, funny, sometimes gross, sometimes mean and occasionally touching . . . Resounds with authenticity.”—The New York Times “No volume serves juicier dish on punk’s New York birth . . . Tales of sex, drugs and music that will make you wish you’d been there.”—Rolling Stone A contemporary classic, Please Kill Me is the definitive oral history of the most nihilistic of all pop movements. Iggy Pop, Richard Hell, the Ramones, and scores of other punk figures lend their voices to this decisive account of that explosive era. This 20th anniversary edition features new photos and an afterword by the authors. “Utterly and shamelessly sensational.”—Newsday

Please Kill Me

Please Kill Me
Author: André Malraux,Legs McNeil,Gillian McCain
Publsiher: Grove Press
Total Pages: 496
Release: 2006
Genre: Music
ISBN: 0802142648

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Artists, reporters, musicians, and groupies chronicle the emergence of punk music in New York's underground and give backstage accounts of drugs, sex, power struggles, and other manifestations of the movement. Reprint.

Please Kill Me

Please Kill Me
Author: Legs McNeil,Gillian McCain
Publsiher: Grove/Atlantic
Total Pages: 424
Release: 1996
Genre: Music
ISBN: 0802115888

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Artists, reporters, and groupies chronicle the emergence of punk music in New York's underground and give backstage accounts of the drugs, sex, and power struggles that permeated the punk community

You Can t Kill Me Twice

You Can t Kill Me Twice
Author: Charlyne Yi
Publsiher: Andrews Mcmeel+ORM
Total Pages: 130
Release: 2019-11-19
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9781524858551

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A deeply personal collection of poetry and art by the award-winning actor, comedian, and composer. With a poetic voice that is by turns lyrical and plainspoken, Charlyne Yi writes about the uncertainty of relationships, the absurdity of societal expectations, family trauma, and identity. In this intimate collection, you’ll find poems and accompanying line illustrations that are playful and profound, sometimes darkly funny, and often acutely moving. “Direct, personal and attention holding. It’s Yi as you may not have seen or heard her before . . . In short bursts that barely fill a page, often accompanied by line illustrations to underscore them, the poetic voice in Yi’s first book of poetry can be alternately angry, playful, blunt, and lyrical.” —The MetroWest Daily News “It’s clear that the reader is about to embark on a literary journey marked by an acceptance—and worship—of all things tender, open, sensitive, authentic, and human. It also offers ideas on kindness, race, culture . . . a testimony to being alive—it’s powerful in its quietness, its exactness. It’s soft, real, and to the point.” —Little Infinite

Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody
Author: Gillian McCain,Legs McNeil
Publsiher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2014-04-01
Genre: Young Adult Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781402287596

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A real teen's diary so raw and edgy it will not be forgotten. They say that high school is supposed to be the best time of your life. But what if that's just not true? More than anything, Mary Rose wants to fit in. To be loved. And she'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it costs her her life. Told through the raw and unflinching diary entries of a real teen, Mary Rose struggles with addiction, bullying, and a deadly secret. Her compelling story will inspire you—and remind you that you're not alone. "Mary Rose's diary is a heart-wrenching tale of a young girl trying to figure everything out."—VOYA "The writing style has a beautiful lyricism... Readers will appreciate this unflinchingly honest work."—School Library Journal

Please Don t Kill Me

 Please     Don t Kill Me
Author: William C. Dear,Carlton Stowers
Publsiher: Crossroad Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-02-09
Genre: True Crime
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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"I don't care who you hire, or what the company has to pay him … so long as he's the best there is." This anguished cry from the wife of murder victim Dean Milo would draw private investigator Bill Dear into one of the most frustrating and ultimately triumphant cases of his career. Dean Milo was a phenomenally successful businessman who had built a tiny family business into a $50 million-a-year corporation. Along the way he had established a lengthy list of enemies that began with his immediate family and stretched throughout the social and business community. His fast-track ride to the top came to a violent halt on August 11, 1980, when Milo was found dead in his luxurious Ohio home, shot twice in the head. A blank telegram form lay nearby. Four months after his death, the investigation remained a confusing collection of non sequiturs. Clues pointed toward Milo's involvement with the Mafia, the drug world, and the gay community. His own family refused to cooperate with the author¬ities. And time was ticking by … In desperation, Maggie Milo turned to Texas private eye Bill Dear. This is the gripping story of the remarkable collaboration between Dear and the police detectives of Akron, Ohio, that led to eleven convictions, an Ohio record. It is also a tale of the human weakness, desperation, and overwhelming greed that led to a sudden death.

Kill Me

Kill Me
Author: Stephen White
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 512
Release: 2006-03-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781101210925

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“Kill Me is that rarest of creations—a thinking-person’s thriller. In this age of the same-old same-old-fiction, White’s novel stands dizzyingly above the pack. The concept is unique (and brilliant), the writing is sharp, observant, and wry (White’s trademark), and every page is filled with perfectly realized human emotion—about life, death, and family. Superb.”—New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver He’s fabulously wealthy and lives life to the fullest—enjoying fast, expensive cars, the love of his beautiful wife, and adventures in every corner of the globe. When a friend is stricken down by a terrible illness, he realizes his only fear is to be diminished by disease. That’s when he meets the Death Angels, who promise to end his life should he ever face such a fate. The only hitch is that the contract is irrevocable. And once he signs it, he discovers he has one more all-important task to carry out before it’s executed...

Kill Me If You Can

Kill Me If You Can
Author: James Patterson,Marshall Karp
Publsiher: Little, Brown
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2011-08-29
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780316097550

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A poor art student living in New York stumbles on a bag of diamonds . . . but they come at a price in this unforgettable novel from "America's #1 storyteller" (Forbes). Matthew Bannon, a poor art student living in New York City, finds a duffel bag filled with diamonds during a chaotic attack at Grand Central Station. Plans for a worry-free life with his stunning girlfriend Katherine fill his thoughts-until he realizes that he is being hunted, and that whoever is after him won't stop until they have reclaimed the diamonds and exacted their revenge. Trailing him is the Ghost, the world's greatest assassin, who has just pulled off his most high-profile hit: killing Walter Zelvas, a top member of the international Diamond Syndicate. There's only one small problem: the diamonds he was supposed to retrieve from Zelvas are missing. Now, the Ghost is on Bannon's trail-but so is a rival assassin who would like nothing more than to make the Ghost disappear forever. From the world's #1 writer comes a high-speed thrill ride of adrenaline-fueled suspense you'll never forget.