Prairie Tale

Prairie Tale
Author: Melissa Gilbert
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 385
Release: 2009-06-09
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781439123607

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A fascinating, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting tale of self-discovery from the beloved actress who earned a permanent place in the hears of millions for her role in Little House on the Prarie when she was just a child. To fans of the hugely successful television series Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Gilbert grew up in a fantasy world with a larger-than-life father, friends and family she could count on, and plenty of animals to play with. Children across the country dreamed of the Ingalls’ idyllic life—and so did Melissa. With candor and humor, the cherished actress traces her complicated journey from buck-toothed Laura "Halfpint" Ingalls to Hollywood starlet, wife, and mother. She partied with the Brat Pack, dated heartthrobs like Rob Lowe and bad boys like Billy Idol, and began a self-destructive pattern of addiction and codependence. She eventually realized that her career on television had earned her popularity, admiration, and love from everyone but herself. Through hard work, tenacity, sobriety, and the blessings of a solid marriage, Melissa has accepted her many different identities and learned to laugh, cry, and forgive in new ways. Women everywhere may have idolized her charming life on Little House on the Prairie, but Melissa’s own unexpectedly honest, imperfect, and down-to-earth story is an inspiration.

Prairie Tales Volume One

Prairie Tales Volume One
Author: Marla Fair
Total Pages: 228
Release: 2023
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781365519666

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Prairie Tales and Others

Prairie Tales and Others
Author: Barbara Oaks
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 148
Release: 1993
Genre: Secretaries
ISBN: 0961858230

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The Leather stocking Tales The prairie

The Leather stocking Tales  The prairie
Author: James Fenimore Cooper
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 494
Release: 1851
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: UVA:X000542454

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The Forest the Jungle and the Prairie Or Tales of Adventure and Enterprise in Pursuit of Wild Animals

The Forest  the Jungle  and the Prairie   Or  Tales of Adventure and Enterprise in Pursuit of Wild Animals
Author: W. H. Davenport
Publsiher: Read Books Ltd
Total Pages: 292
Release: 2017-10-06
Genre: Sports & Recreation
ISBN: 9781473343443

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"The Forest, the Jungle and the Prairie" is a collection of anecdotes and essays relating to the author's extensive and varied hunting experiences. With chapters on everything from the habits and habitats of the bear to hunting tigers, this profusely-illustrated and highly-readable handbook is not to be missed by modern hunters and collectors of vintage hunting literature. Contents include: "How These Stories Came to be Told", "Black Monday", "Returning to School", "The Railway-train", "Involuntary Prisoners", "What is to be Done?", "The Virtue of Resignation", "How to Beguile the Time", "A Juvenile Poet", "Natural History", "The Lion: His History and Habits", "The Bear: His History and Habits", "The Felide: Their History and Habits", etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in a modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on the history of big game hunting.

Prairie tales

Prairie tales
Author: Meredith Black Banting
Publsiher: Regina : Banting Publishers [1971]
Total Pages: 166
Release: 1971
Genre: Anecdotes
ISBN: PSU:000024488365

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Blackfoot Lodge Tales The Story of a Prairie People

Blackfoot Lodge Tales  The Story of a Prairie People
Author: George Bird Grinnell
Publsiher: Library of Alexandria
Total Pages: 330
Release: 1908
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781613107591

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The most shameful chapter of American history is that in which is recorded the account of our dealings with the Indians. The story of our government's intercourse with this race is an unbroken narrative of injustice, fraud, and robbery. Our people have disregarded honesty and truth whenever they have come in contact with the Indian, and he has had no rights because he has never had the power to enforce any. Protests against governmental swindling of these savages have been made again and again, but such remonstrances attract no general attention. Almost every one is ready to acknowledge that in the past the Indians have been shamefully robbed, but it appears to be believed that this no longer takes place. This is a great mistake. We treat them now much as we have always treated them. Within two years, I have been present on a reservation where government commissioners, by means of threats, by bribes given to chiefs, and by casting fraudulently the votes of absentees, succeeded after months of effort in securing votes enough to warrant them in asserting that a tribe of Indians, entirely wild and totally ignorant of farming, had consented to sell their lands, and to settle down each upon 160 acres of the most utterly arid and barren land to be found on the North American continent. The fraud perpetrated on this tribe was as gross as could be practised by one set of men upon another. In a similar way the Southern Utes were recently induced to consent to give up their reservation for another. Americans are a conscientious people, yet they take no interest in these frauds. They have the Anglo-Saxon spirit of fair play, which sympathizes with weakness, yet no protest is made against the oppression which the Indian suffers. They are generous; a famine in Ireland, Japan, or Russia arouses the sympathy and calls forth the bounty of the nation, yet they give no heed to the distress of the Indians, who are in the very midst of them. They do not realize that Indians are human beings like themselves. For this state of things there must be a reason, and this reason is to be found, I believe, in the fact that practically no one has any personal knowledge of the Indian race. The few who are acquainted with them are neither writers nor public speakers, and for the most part would find it easier to break a horse than to write a letter. If the general public knows little of this race, those who legislate about them are equally ignorant. From the congressional page who distributes the copies of a pending bill, up through the representatives and senators who vote for it, to the president whose signature makes the measure a law, all are entirely unacquainted with this people or their needs.

Nancy MacIntyre A Tale of the Prairies

Nancy MacIntyre  A Tale of the Prairies
Author: Lester Shepard Parker
Publsiher: DigiCat
Total Pages: 71
Release: 2022-09-16
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: EAN:8596547332527

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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Nancy MacIntyre: A Tale of the Prairies" by Lester Shepard Parker. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.