Rap Artists I Want to Punch in the Face

Rap Artists I Want to Punch in the Face
Author: Dartan Creations,Dartan Creations Staff
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 110
Release: 2017-12-09
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1981529519

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Dude I Can Help You 18 Mistakes Artists Make And How To Fix Them

Dude  I Can Help You  18 Mistakes Artists Make And How To Fix Them
Author: Sahpreem A. King
Publsiher: WOT Digital Press | A Wealth of Thought Publishing Company
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2012-09-05
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780983757733

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After two decades of experience in the music industry, King realized that although music and business change, the one constant is the mistakes artists continue to make in their approach to success. In “Dude, I Can Help You! 18 Mistakes Artists Make And How To Fix Them”, King imparts knowledge to artists, musicians, and music business professionals on how to solve many of the problems that are stifling the growth of their music careers. The book discusses a multitude of topics ranging from accurately assessing your talent, to finding the right artist manager, to promoting yourself despite your location, and much more… Stop beating your head against a brick wall and start taking your music career seriously! If you don’t know the mistakes artists have made before you, then you are destined to repeat history. Music Business is a game that must be played correctly! This book will show you how to solve many of the problems that are stifling the growth and development of your music career

The Beat

The Beat
Author: Kip Lornell,Charles C. Stephenson Jr.
Publsiher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
Total Pages: 497
Release: 2010-01-06
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9781496800886

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The Beat! was the first book to explore the musical, social, and cultural phenomenon of go-go music. In this edition, updated by a substantial chapter on the current scene, authors Kip Lornell and Charles C. Stephenson, Jr., place go-go within black popular music made since the middle 1970s—a period during which hip-hop has predominated. This styling reflects the District's African American heritage. Its super-charged drumming and vocal combinations of hip-hop, funk, and soul evolved and still thrive on the streets of Washington, DC, and in neighboring Prince George's County, making it the most geographically compact form of popular music. Go-go—the only musical form indigenous to Washington, DC—features a highly syncopated, nonstop beat and vocals that are spoken as well as sung. The book chronicles its development and ongoing popularity, focusing on many of its key figures and institutions, including established acts such as Chuck Brown (the Godfather of Go-Go), Experience Unlimited, Rare Essence, and Trouble Funk; well-known DJs, managers, and promoters; and filmmakers who have incorporated it into their work. The Beat! provides longtime fans and those who study American musical forms a definitive look at the music and its makers.

Word Warriors

Word Warriors
Author: Alix Olson
Publsiher: Seal Press
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2007-10-05
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9780786750726

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Female spoken word artists have become the spokeswomen for a new generation. This demanding oral poetry of the early 21st century has defined a vanguard of lithely muscled voices; women who think and act decisively to create their distinctive and desperately earned realities. The combination of the eminent slam movement and the upsurge of bold underground feminism has created a unique pool of women who verbally challenge society on all fronts. Editor Alix Olson (internationally touring spoken word artist-activist) brought together a variety of astounding spoken word artists for Word Warriors. Included in this collection are Patricia Smith and Eileen Myles, two of our most formidable spoken-word foremothers, Tony-award winners Sarah Jones, Suheir Hammad and Staceyann Chin, recording artists Bitch and Lynn Breedlove from the dyke-punk band Tribe 8, award-winning writer Michelle Tea, and many more. These women join other amazing artists from many different backgrounds to create Word Warriors, a powerful and comprehensive collection of work from the best and brightest female spoken word artists today.

Trump This

Trump This
Author: Marc Shapiro
Publsiher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2016-02-26
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781626012639

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Who is Donald Trump? Even after a yearlong presidential campaign, and constant media coverage, many Americans don’t know if he’s for real or just a businessman turned showman turned politician who has become President of the United States. His path to the White House, from early childhood through the 2016 campaign and Election are laid bare in Trump This! The Life And Times of Donald Trump: An Unauthorized Biography written by New York Times Bestselling Author Marc Shapiro. Bringing insight into the psychology and motivation of Donald Trump was the equivalent of solving a mystery. What guides Trump to the decisions he makes? Is his personality real or just a caricature driven smokescreen? Is he the living embodiment of a brand or does a heart and soul lurk beneath his flamboyant and often-bullying exterior? In answering those questions many heretofore unknown facts came to life. Trump’s grandfather ran brothels during The Gold Rush years. His father allegedly ran with The Ku Klux Klan. Trump punched out a teacher in the second grade. Trump lived a wild, sexually charged life at Studio 54. The true story of how Trump avoided the draft. The affair that wrecked his first marriage. Why Trump sued a man because he had the same last name. His biggest business successes and failures. If you only discovered Donald Trump with the television show The Apprentice or with his race for President of the United States, the chances are you think you know quite a bit about Donald Trump. But the reality is that, like all larger than life personalities, Trump has cultivated his public image well. He’s been selective in what he’s let out and, when pressed, he’s been quick to deny. Trump This! The Life And Times of Donald Trump: An Unauthorized Biography has dug deep into the truth that is Donald Trump. And this is what we’ve found.

Make It Happen

Make It Happen
Author: Kevin Liles
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 257
Release: 2005-09-27
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781416510482

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Kevin Liles rose from intern to president of Def Jam Records in only nine years. Today, at age thirty-seven, he is executive vice president of the Warner Music Group and has helped discover and direct the careers of stars such as Jay-Z and Ludacris. Liles' meteoric climb from urban street kid with hip-hop aspirations to one of the most successful and influential executives in the music industry is far more than a rags-to-riches story. It is a tribute to Liles' incredible work ethic, wisdom and confidence in doing his thing his way -- the hip-hop way. "Every real success story in hip hop comes down to the same thing: someone who finds the will, focus and drive to achieve," Liles writes in Make It Happen: The Hip-Hop Generation Guide to Success. "It doesn't matter if you are male or female. It doesn't matter what race or religion you are. It doesn't matter what hustle you choose." What does matter, Liles says, is that you fight against the odds to realize a dream and be the best that you can be. You empower yourself and make it happen. Kevin Liles presents ten rules of business success, which range from "Find Your Will" and "The Blueprint" to "Don't Let Cash Rule" and "Play Your Position." As he outlines his philosophy, Liles shares how he put his principles to work, chronicling his journey to the top and the stories of others -- executives, artists, mentors and friends -- he has worked with along the way. Make It Happen is both an American success story and a guidebook for the road to having a career and a life you love.

How to Rap

How to Rap
Author: Paul Edwards
Publsiher: Chicago Review Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2009-12
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9781569763773

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"A complete guide to the art and craft of the MC, anyone who's serious about becoming a rapper should read this first." -Hip Hop Connection magazine "A clever breakdown of the art form of hip-hop rhymes... It's about time someone actually recognized this powerful music for its artistic integrity." -Speech, Arrested Development Examining the dynamics of hip-hop from every region and in every form-mainstream and underground, current and classic-this compelling how-to discusses everything from content and flow to rhythm and delivery. Compiled from the most extensive research on rapping to date, this first-of-its-kind guide delivers countless candid and exclusive insights from more than 100 of the most critically acclaimed artists in hip-hop-including Clipse, Cypress Hill, Nelly, Public Enemy, Remy Ma, Schoolly D, A Tribe Called Quest, and will.i.am-revealing the stories behind their art and preserving the genre's history through the words of the legends themselves. Beginners and pros alike will benefit from the wealth of rapping lore and insight in this remarkable collection."--


Author: Ellis Cashmore
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2013-04-26
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9780745657332

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Beast. Monster. Savage. Psycho. The glowering menace of Mike Tyson has spooked us for almost two decades. And still we remain fascinated. Why? Ellis Cashmore's answer is disturbing: white society has created Tyson as vengeance for the loss of privilege produced by civil rights. Cashmore's eviscerating analysis of Tyson's life and the culture in which he grew up, rose to prominence and descended into disgrace provokes the reader into re-thinking the role of one of the most controversial and infamous figures of recent history. Told as an odyssey-style homeward journey to Tyson's multi-pathological origins in the racially-explosive ghettos of the 1960s, Tyson's story is part biography, part tragedy and part exposition. His associations with people like Al Sharpton, Don King and Tupac Shakur shaped his life; and events, such as the O J Simpson trial and the Rodney King riots, formed a turbulent background for the Tyson psychodrama. Over the course of an epic boxing career, Tyson was transformed from the most celebrated athlete on earth to a primal, malevolent hate-figure. Yet, even after being condemned as a brute, Tyson retained a power - a power to captivate. Cashmore reveals that the sources of that power lie as much in us as in Tyson himself.