Ratgeber Angsterkrankungen

Ratgeber Angsterkrankungen
Author: Daniel Illy
Publsiher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"
Total Pages: 152
Release: 2015-10-22
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783437171413

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Hilfe bei Angststörungen Die 30 kurzen Kapitel helfen Ihnen, ein umfassendes Verständnis von der Erkrankung „Angst“ zu bekommen. Der Autor, ein erfahrener Arzt, gibt Ihnen wichtige Anregungen, was Sie selbst tun können, wenn die Angst zu mächtig wird und wann es ratsam ist, sich in professionelle Hände zu begeben. Der Ratgeber klärt auf und gibt Tipps, wie Sie anders mit Ihrer Angst umgehen können. Am Ende jedes Kapitels finden Sie Zusammenfassungen und hilfreiche Fragen, die Sie individuell für sich beantworten können. So lernen Sie, ungünstige Verhaltensweisen zu ändern und sich Ihrer Angst zu stellen.


Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 338
Release: 1984
Genre: Psychiatry
ISBN: UCLA:L0098892078

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Emotions Across Languages and Cultures

Emotions Across Languages and Cultures
Author: Anna Wierzbicka
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 366
Release: 1999-11-18
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 0521599717

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This fascinating book explores the bodily expression of emotion in worldwide and culture-specific contexts.

Guide to Assessment Scales in Bipolar Disorder

Guide to Assessment Scales in Bipolar Disorder
Author: Eduard Vieta
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2011-11-10
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781907673269

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A guide to the recent developments in the assessment of bipolar disorder written by respected authors in the field of psychiatry Written for psychiatrists, clinical researchers, mental health nurses and other healthcare professionals who use rating scales in clinical practice Provides rating scales that can be used for the systematic evaluation of patients in standard clinical practice The evidence base in each chapter has been expanded and brought fully up-to-date Schizophrenia is a chronic disease encompassing a range of symptoms including hallucinations, delusions and social withdrawal. Different measurement tools are utilized to assess the symptoms of schizophrenia. The previous two editions of the Guide to Assessment Scales in Schizophrenia are now outdated and no longer clinically correct so this completely new edition written by a new team of leading clinicians and researchers brings you fully up to date with recent developments.

Bras lia Travel Guide Guia de Viagem GuiaDeBrasilia com

Bras  lia  Travel Guide   Guia de Viagem   GuiaDeBrasilia com
Author: Gabriel Freitas Angst,Kamila Venuto de Souza
Publsiher: Gabriel Freitas Angst
Total Pages: 152
Release: 2023-01-01
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 9786553928992

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Brasília's Travel Guide. Brazil. Guia de viagens da cidade de Brasília/DF - Brasil. PDF Download: www.guiadebrasilia.com

The Definitive Guide to Customer Relationship Management Collection

The Definitive Guide to Customer Relationship Management  Collection
Author: V. Kumar,Richard Hammond,Herb Sorensen,Michael R. Solomon
Publsiher: FT Press
Total Pages: 1528
Release: 2012-09-05
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780133346107

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A brand new collection of powerful insights into building outstanding customer relationships… 4 pioneering books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 4 remarkable eBooks help you develop rock-solid, high-value long-term customer relationships: levels of loyalty you thought were impossible Today, rock-solid long-term customer relationships are the holy grail of every business -- and they seem just as elusive. But such relationships are possible: great businesses are proving it every day, and reaping the rewards. In this extraordinary 4 eBook set, you'll learn how they do it -- and how you can, too, no matter what you sell or who your customers are. First, in Managing Customers for Profit: Strategies to Increase Profits and Build Loyalty, internationally respected marketing expert V. Kumar presents a complete framework for linking your investments to business value - and maximizing the lifetime value of every customer. Learn how to use Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to target customers with higher profit potential…manage and reward existing customers based on their profitability…and invest in high-profit customers to prevent attrition and ensure future profitability. Kumar introduces customer-centric approaches to allocating marketing resources…pitching the right products to the right customers at the right time…determining when a customer is likely to leave, and whether to intervene…managing multichannel shopping… even calculating referral value. Next, in Smart Retail: Practical Winning Ideas and Strategies from the Most Successful Retailers in the World, Richard Hammond presents remarkable new case studies, ideas, strategies, and tactics from great retailers worldwide. Discover new ways to use data to drive profit and growth… do more with less… leverage technology to develop highly productive and innovative remote teams… create your ultimate retail experience! In Inside the Mind of the Shopper: The Science of Retailing, the legendary Herb Sorensen reveals what customers really do when they shop, ripping away myths and mistakes that lead retailers to miss huge opportunities. Sorensen identifies simple interventions that can have dramatic sales effects, shows why many common strategies don't work, and offers specific solutions for serving quick-trip shoppers, optimizing in-store migration patterns, improving manufacturer-retailer collaboration, even retailing to multicultural communities. Finally, in The Truth About What Customers Want, Michael R. Solomon demystifies today's consumers, revealing what they want, think, and feel. Then, based on his deep truths about consumer behavior, he presents 50 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for finding and keeping highly profitable customers! From world-renowned experts in customer behavior and retail performance V. Kumar, Richard Hammond, Herb Sorensen, and Michael R. Solomon

Clinical Guide to Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Clinical Guide to Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Author: Martin B. Keller,William H. Coryell, M.D.,Jean Endicott,Jack D Maser
Publsiher: American Psychiatric Pub
Total Pages: 236
Release: 2013
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781585624331

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Conceived in the early 1970s to study the phenomenology, diagnosis, genetics, and clinical course of depression, the NIMH Collaborative Depression Study (CDS) has influenced research and practice since its inception. Findings From the Collaborative Depression Study summarizes key findings from the study and the related literature to provide comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge on the course and outcome of illness in mood disorders. Nowhere else can clinicians find such detailed longitudinal data, combined with astute clinical analysis of the current research. Each chapter is accompanied by a time-saving summary, as well as a section on clinical implications that translates the findings into practical points and key recommendations clinicians need to know to provide care.

Concise Guide to Mood Disorders

Concise Guide to Mood Disorders
Author: Steven L. Dubovsky,Amelia N. Dubovsky
Publsiher: American Psychiatric Pub
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2008-08-13
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9781585627653

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This pocket-sized, practical reference summarizes everything you need to know to diagnose and treat unipolar and bipolar mood disorders. Designed for daily use in the clinical setting, the Concise Guide to Mood Disorders is a fingertip library of the latest information; easy to understand and quick to access. Praised by practitioners, the Concise Guides Series from American Psychiatric Publishing Inc. was developed to disburse a great deal of practical information in a convenient format. Features of the Concise Guide to Mood Disorders include: One-stop, comprehensive guidance. Never again will you have to search several resources to find answers to your questions about mood disorders. The Concise Guide to Mood Disorders presents all the essential information you need on epidemiology, etiology, physical treatments, psychosocial treatments, outcomes, and comorbidity in a single source. Easy and quick reference. This handy resource is organized to give you fast, easy access to information -- a necessity in daily practice. The detailed table of contents and key word index enable you to pinpoint the facts you need in seconds. Charts, tables, and other graphic representations help you comprehend information quickly. The latest research findings presented for practical use. Here are the most current research results, distilled and presented in easy-to-understand language for practical application with patients. Some information appears in the Concise Guide to Mood Disorders for the first time anywhere. The Concise Guide to Mood Disorders is the best reference tool you'll find for making informed decisions that lead to better clinical outcomes. Psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians, and any other clinical professionals who diagnose and treat patients with mental health disorders should have this authoritative reference on hand.