Spikenard A Woman Anoints Jesus s Feet Did She Use the Spikenard of Aromatherapy

Spikenard  A Woman Anoints Jesus s Feet   Did She Use the Spikenard of Aromatherapy
Author: Elizabeth Ashley
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 402
Release: 2016-03-14
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1523469978

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Spikenard is probably best known for being the oil which Mary of Bethany used to anoint Jesus's feet before he was crucified, but question is...was it really the same plant? In these days of immediate internet answers we take information as gospel, but often the research lacks depth and understanding. A cursory research for a blog post, at Christmas, uncovered possible problems with the identification of the plant, and the book opens up hundreds of years of scholars ideas about what this "Nard of the Ancients" might have been. Investigating Greco-Roman medicine with Tantric and Ayurvedic medicine the book weighs the argument for Nardostachys jatamansi being the sacred plant of the Hebrews. What is in no doubt though, is Nardostachys has been used for thousands of years in the East with the most extraordinary results. Not least, is the phenomenal story of the healing in the nineteenth century cholera epidemics, where the plant saved tens of thousands of lives in Russia but was unbelievably ignored in Britain, despite medical advice, as equal numbers were murdered by the disease.Today, as aromatherapists, we acknowledge it as being the most potent sedative in our tool box. We recognise its digestive qualities and astounding effects in reducing fevers. Here, we examine its medicine over the last seven thousand years, right up to the samples zipping around centrifuges today, and we ask how different will spikenard's medicine of the future look from that of the Ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Understand the uses of the oil we use for: * Anxiety* Insomnia* Digestive Problems* Fever* EpilepsyWe begin to understand how the plant may have given Christ the resources he needed to face the cross. Soar with the phoenix of antiquity (whose nest was also said to be made of spikenard) and learn how it is that someone is able to face the unthinkable and to remain steadfast in spite of their of deepest fears.Click "Buy" to learn about one of the most precious plants on the planet and how you can use its essence to transform yours and your family's lives.

The True Christian Gospel

The True Christian Gospel
Author: Orlando A. Robertson
Publsiher: Orlando Inc
Total Pages: 231
Release: 2012-09-07
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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HCSB Harmony of the Gospels

HCSB Harmony of the Gospels
Author: Kendell H. Easley,Steven L. Cox
Publsiher: B&H Publishing Group
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2006-10
Genre: Bible
ISBN: 0805494448

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Gospel harmonies were inevitable. One of the first impulses of someone studying a teaching or an event in Jesus' life is to seek as many perspectives on that event as possible. Around AD 160 Tatian compiled a single narrative of the four Gospels, reducing the number of verses from 3,780 (four separate Gospels) to 2,769 verses without excluding any event or teaching from the life of Jesus. This Holman Christian Standard Harmony of the Gospels builds on a tradition of harmonization begun in the 19TH century by John A. Broadus and continued by his protege, A.T. Robertson. The HCSB Harmony contains the full text of the each of the four Gospels in the Holman Christian Standard Bible. The Harmony contains interpretive and clarifying notes by a number of scholars, some with differing views on the relationship between various Gospel accounts. Beyond the Harmony, this volume includes articles designed to address issues that arise when one compares the four Gospels and seeks to give an integrated account of the life and teachings of Jesus. The HCSB Harmony is unique in that it contains eight four-color maps that illuminate the life and ministry of Jesus. This resource will be valuable to pastors, lay Bible teachers, and will serve well as a primary textbook in college and seminary courses on the Gospels and on the Life and Teachings of Jesus. Book jacket.

Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World

Exploring Gender Diversity in the Ancient World
Author: Allison Surtees
Publsiher: Edinburgh University Press
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2020-02-03
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781474447065

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Explores how binary gender and behaviours of gender were actively challenged in classical antiquityProvides a focus on gender on its own terms and outside the context of sex and sexuality Offers an interdisciplinary approach, appealing to Classicists, Ancient Historians, and Archaeologists, as well as audiences working outside the ancient world, in Gender Studies, Transgender Studies, LGBTQ+ Studies, Anthropology, and Women's StudiesCovers a broad time period (6th c. BCE - 3rd c. CE) and addresses both textual evidence and material culture (vases, sculpture, wall painting)Provides history of gender identities and behaviours previously ignored or suppressed by disciplinary practicesGender identity and expression in ancient cultures are questioned in these 15 essays in light of our new understandings of sex and gender. Using contemporary theory and methodologies this book opens up a new history of gender diversity from the ancient world to our own, encouraging us to reconsider those very understandings of sex and gender identity. New analyses of ancient Greek and Roman culture that reveal a history of gender diverse individuals that has not been recognised until recently.Taking an interdisciplinary approach these essays will appeal to classicists, ancient historians, archaeologists as well as those working in gender studies, transgender studies, LGBTQ+ studies, anthropology and women's studies.

In Heaven as It Is on Earth

In Heaven as It Is on Earth
Author: Samuel Morris Brown
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 408
Release: 2012-01-02
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780199912926

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A compelling new interpretation of early Mormonism, Samuel Brown's In Heaven as It Is On Earth views this religion through the lens of founder Joseph Smith's profound preoccupation with the specter of death. Revisiting historical documents and scripture from this novel perspective, Brown offers new insight into the origin and meaning of some of Mormonism's earliest beliefs and practices. The world of early Mormonism was besieged by death--infant mortality, violence, and disease were rampant. A prolonged battle with typhoid fever, punctuated by painful surgeries including a threatened leg amputation, and the sudden loss of his beloved brother Alvin cast a long shadow over Smith's own life. Smith embraced and was deeply influenced by the culture of "holy dying"--with its emphasis on deathbed salvation, melodramatic bereavement, and belief in the Providential nature of untimely death--that sought to cope with the widespread mortality of the period. Seen in this light, Smith's treasure quest, search for Native origins, distinctive approach to scripture, and belief in a post-mortal community all acquire new meaning, as do early Mormonism's Masonic-sounding temple rites and novel family system. Taken together, the varied themes of early Mormonism can be interpreted as a campaign to extinguish death forever. By focusing on Mormon conceptions of death, Brown recasts the story of first-generation Mormonism, showing a religious movement and its founder at once vibrant and fragile, intrepid and unsettled, human and otherworldly. A lively narrative history, In Heaven as It Is on Earth illuminates not only the foundational beliefs of early Mormonism but also the larger issues of family and death in American religious history.

Select Notes

Select Notes
Author: Francis Nathan Peloubet
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 1904
Genre: Bible
ISBN: CHI:11071417

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The treasury harmony of the four Evangelists according to Grewell s Harmonia evangelica having Scripture illustr notes etc compiled by R Mimpriss

The treasury harmony of the four Evangelists  according to Grewell s  Harmonia evangelica   having Scripture illustr   notes etc   compiled by R  Mimpriss
Author: Robert Mimpriss
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 562
Release: 1849
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: OXFORD:590428823

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Whisper of Stone

Whisper of Stone
Author: Tess Dawson
Publsiher: John Hunt Publishing
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2009
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9781846941900

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