Steam Train Dream Train 1 2 3

Steam Train  Dream Train 1 2 3
Author: Sherri Duskey Rinker
Publsiher: Chronicle Books
Total Pages: 20
Release: 2016-03-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 9781452154572

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Cuddle up with the beloved animal friends from the bestselling Steam Train, Dream Train and count on lots of fun! Little train enthusiasts will love counting from one to ten along with the dreamy train cars!

Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics STEAM Education in the Early Years

Science  Technology  Engineering  Arts  and Mathematics  STEAM  Education in the Early Years
Author: Weipeng Yang,Sarika Kewalramani,Jyoti Senthil
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 291
Release: 2023-12-05
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781003824404

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This book provides a fresh perspective on recent debates around integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education in early childhood. The book offers inspiration and practical advice for educators and researchers. It suggests concrete ways to engage young children in STEAM learning activities and promote their development. With contributions from international experts, the book discusses how to develop age-appropriate STEAM learning activities for young children. Divided into four parts, the book covers a wide range of topics, including the perceptions and practices of STEAM education among early childhood teachers in different countries, the use of new pedagogies and technologies to promote equitable and accessible STEAM education, the role of teacher education and policy in reducing inequality in STEAM education, and how early STEAM education can promote social change and achieve sustainable development goals. The book highlights the importance of STEAM education in providing young children with the necessary skills to create a more sustainable and equitable world. Overall, this book provides an important contribution to help critique and improve how early childhood educators view and practice STEAM education across cultures. It proposes ideas for achieving sustainable development goals through high-quality early STEAM education. The book appeals to early childhood educators and researchers, as it draws on cross-cultural viewpoints to critically examine how teachers understand and implement STEAM education across different cultures along with exploring how cultural values and goals shape early STEAM education.

HCI International 2023 Posters

HCI International 2023 Posters
Author: Constantine Stephanidis,Margherita Antona,Stavroula Ntoa,Gavriel Salvendy
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 575
Release: 2023-07-08
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783031359927

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The five-volume set CCIS 1832-1836 contains the extended abstracts of the posters presented during the 25th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2023, which was held as a hybrid event in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2023. The total of 1578 papers and 396 posters included in the 47 HCII 2023 proceedings volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from the 7472 contributions.The posters presented in these five volumes are organized in topical sections as follows: Part I: ​HCI Design: Theoretical Approaches, Methods and Case Studies; Multimodality and Novel Interaction Techniques and Devices; Perception and Cognition in Interaction; Ethics, Transparency and Trust in HCI; User Experience and Technology Acceptance Studies.Part II: Supporting Health, Psychological Wellbeing, and Fitness; Design for All, Accessibility and Rehabilitation Technologies; Interactive Technologies for the Aging Population.Part III: ​Interacting with Data, Information and Knowledge; Learning and Training Technologies; Interacting with Cultural Heritage and Art.Part IV: ​Social Media: Design, User Experiences and Content Analysis; Advances in eGovernment Services; eCommerce, Mobile Commerce and Digital Marketing: Design and Customer Behavior; Designing and Developing Intelligent Green Environments; (Smart) Product Design.Part V: ​Driving Support and Experiences in Automated Vehicles; eXtended Reality: Design, Interaction Techniques, User Experience and Novel Applications; Applications of AI Technologies in HCI.

Technology Design and the Arts Opportunities and Challenges

Technology  Design and the Arts   Opportunities and Challenges
Author: Rae Earnshaw,Susan Liggett,Peter Excell,Daniel Thalmann
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 392
Release: 2020-06-22
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783030420970

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This open access book details the relationship between the artist and their created works, using tools such as information technology, computer environments, and interactive devices, for a range of information sources and application domains. This has produced new kinds of created works which can be viewed, explored, and interacted with, either as an installation or via a virtual environment such as the Internet. These processes generate new dimensions of understanding and experience for both the artist and the public’s relationships with the works that are produced. This has raised a variety of interdisciplinary opportunities and issues, and these are examined. The symbiotic relationship between artistic works and the cultural context in which they are produced is reviewed. Technology can provide continuity by making traditional methods and techniques more efficient and effective. It can also provide discontinuity by opening up new perspectives and paradigms. This can generate new ideas, and produce a greater understanding of artistic processes and how they are implemented in practice. Tools have been used from the earliest times to create and modify artistic works. For example, naturally occurring pigments have been used for cave paintings. What has been created provides insight into the cultural context and social environment at the time of creation. There is an interplay between the goal of the creator, the selection and use of appropriate tools, and the materials and representations chosen. Technology, Design and the Arts - Opportunities and Challenges is relevant for artists and technologists and those engaged in interdisciplinary research and development at the boundaries between these disciplines.

Step Into STEAM Grades K 5

Step Into STEAM  Grades K 5
Author: Sarah B. Bush,Kristin L. Cook
Publsiher: Corwin Press
Total Pages: 233
Release: 2019-03-14
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781544337210

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Create meaningful and transformative K-5 STEAM learning experiences for each and every student Make the most of your limited instructional time and become part of the Step into STEAM movement! Seamlessly design and implement K-5 STEAM inquiries that align carefully to key mathematics and science content and practices and prepare elementary students for their bright futures. Taking an opposite approach to existing resources that provide collections of disjointed STEAM activities, this book empowers teachers and schools to build cohesive and sustainable STEAM infrastructures—grounded in grade-level standards and purposeful assessment—to deepen the mathematics and science learning of each and every student.

The STEAM Revolution

The STEAM Revolution
Author: Armida de la Garza,Charles Travis
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 266
Release: 2018-10-24
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9783319898186

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This volume is dedicated to collaborative research across STEM disciplines, the arts and humanities. It includes six sections, framed from a global perspective and exhibits contributions from key experts in the field, emerging scholarly voices, and STEAM practitioners. The added value of STEAM projects in research is highlighted in the first section of this book. Ranging from the spatial, medical and environmental humanities to heritage science, this section discusses the course and paths STEAM projects may evolve to in the near future. The second section features reflective essays by scientists and artists on the development of their research, their professional growth and personal learning experiences that the art/science collaborations have afforded their work and careers. Sections III and IV provides practical guidance and advice on facilitating STEAM teams and describe successful collaborative projects. By presenting the objectives and outcomes of relevant research, the chapters in these sections discuss the various steps taken by different teams to achieve project fruition. Paying particular attention to barriers inhibiting STEAM collaboration, these sections also explore the ways in which research teams were able to work effectively. The fifth section presents a review of policy issues and the potential impacts of STEAM research for administrators, funders and policy makers. In its pursuit for balance and inclusion, the volume concludes with a critical reflection on STEAM that argues a different perspective and will prove food for thought to readers.

Learning and Collaboration Technologies Designing Developing and Deploying Learning Experiences

Learning and Collaboration Technologies  Designing  Developing and Deploying Learning Experiences
Author: Panayiotis Zaphiris,Andri Ioannou
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 602
Release: 2020-07-10
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9783030505134

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This two-volume set LNCS 12205 and LNCS 12206 constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Learning and Collaboration Technologies, LCT 2020, held as part of the 22nd International Conference, HCI International 2020, which took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2020. The total of 1439 papers and 238 posters included in the 37 HCII 2020 proceedings volumes was carefully reviewed and selected from 6326 submissions. The papers in this volume are organized in the following topical sections: designing and evaluating learning experiences; learning analytics, dashboards and learners models; language learning and teaching; and technology in education: policies and practice. As a result of the Danish Government's announcement, dated April 21, 2020, to ban all large events (above 500 participants) until September 1, 2020, the HCII 2020 conference was held virtually.

Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World

Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World
Author: Taşkın Dirsehan
Publsiher: Emerald Group Publishing
Total Pages: 382
Release: 2020-11-26
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781800433908

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Managing Customer Experiences in an Omnichannel World explores how organizations integrating both the physical and virtual environments for consumers will enable them to effectively manage the customer experience.