The Antipodes

The Antipodes
Author: Annie Baker
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 88
Release: 2019-10-24
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1848428790

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A group of people sit around a table theorising, categorising and telling stories. Their real purpose is never quite clear, but they continue on, searching for the monstrous. Part satire, part sacred rite, Annie Baker's play The Antipodes asks what value stories have for a world in crisis. First seen at Signature Theatre, New York, in 2017, the play had its UK premiere at the National Theatre, London, in 2019. 'The most original and significant American dramatist since August Wilson' Mark Lawson, The Guardian

Imagining the Antipodes

Imagining the Antipodes
Author: Peter Beilharz
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 238
Release: 2002-08-22
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0521524342

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Bernard Smith is widely recognised as one of Australia's leading intellectuals. Yet the recognition of his work has been partial, focused on art history and anthropology. Peter Beilharz argues that Smith's work also contains a social theory, or a way of thinking about Australian culture and identity in the world system. Smith enables us to think matters of place and cultural imperialism through the image of being not Australian so much as antipodean. Australian identities are constructed by the relationship between core and periphery, making them both European and Other at the same time. This 1997 work is a book-length analysis of Bernard Smith's work and is the result of careful and systematic research into Smith's published works and his private papers. It is both an introduction to Smith's thinking and an important interpretive argument about imperialism and the antipodes.

The Idea of the Antipodes

The Idea of the Antipodes
Author: Matthew Boyd Goldie
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 243
Release: 2010-01-31
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781135272180

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A study that uses critical theory to investigate the history of how people have thought about the antipodes - the places and people on the other side of the world - from ancient Greece to present-day literature and digital media.

The Atlantic World in the Antipodes

The Atlantic World in the Antipodes
Author: Kate Fullagar
Publsiher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Total Pages: 350
Release: 2012-03-15
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781443838061

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This collection of essays stems from a John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures. Held over two years, the seminar investigated the effects and transformations of ideas, peoples, and institutions from the Atlantic World when carried into the Antipodes. The papers presented in this volume distil some of the key themes to emerge from discussion, each demonstrating the complexity with which discourses and practices operated in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. Some had unexpected effects, others underwent profound transformation. Always they were changed by the ideas, peoples, and institutions of the Antipodes. Combined, the chapters underscore the ways in which both oceanic worlds were co-produced through a variety of intellectual and practical interactions over the modern period. Essays by leading Pacific scholars such as Margaret Jolly, Anita Herle, and Katerina Teaiwa are joined by essays from key scholars of various regions in the Atlantic World such as Simon Schaffer, Iain McCalman, Sheila Fitzpatrick, and Michael McDonnell, as well as interventions by the new transnationalist breed of Australian historians, led by Alison Bashford and Ann Curthoys.

Rhymes of the Antipodes

Rhymes of the Antipodes
Author: Peter P. Lord
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2009-09-16
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1465332952

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These poems are inspired by the natural beauty and wildlife of three areas where the author has grown up and lived in retirement: rural Massachusetts, the coast of Maine, "wild and wonderful" West Virginia, and the South Island of New Zealand. He refers to these spots as the antipodes two places on opposite sides of the earth. Although they are ten thousand miles apart and in different hemispheres, he finds similarities, as noted in the final section, particularly between places in New England and New Zealand. He also points out that by living this antipodean lifestyle one avoids winter and enjoys eternal summer.

Images of the Antipodes in the Eighteenth Century

Images of the Antipodes in the Eighteenth Century
Author: David Fausett
Publsiher: BRILL
Total Pages: 239
Release: 2022-03-07
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9789004484719

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How did Europeans view the unknown region at their antipodes in early times, before the explorations of Captain Cook and others made it well known? Throughout the ages it has evoked fantastic images which affected the arts and sciences, and the evolution of the novel in the century prior to the major discoveries was influenced in the same way. The eighteenth century was also a critical phase in European social history, a time when many modern patterns of economic life and international relations were formed. Distant explorations and discoveries bore implications for that process, which tended to be worked out in fictional voyages mingling fact with fiction. Images of the Antipodes asks what these can tell us about Europe's expansion to the limits of the New World - about the first contacts between cultures with very different worldviews, about the colonial relations that followed, and about the geopolitics of the region since then. They offer a perspective on cross- cultural relationships generally - nowhere more apparent than in their use of ancient images of the antipodes. This is the third part of a study on the intellectual history of travel fiction, and deals with the period from the 1720s to the 1790s, focusing on an issue that is as vital now as it was then: cultural or racial stereotyping, and the link between this and the differing politico-economic aspirations of peoples. It is a dual problem of exploitation, which has been associated with the antipodes since the beginnings of Western literature. The book discusses teratological fantasies, the literary background in utopias and Robinsonades, Gulliver's Travels and other travel fiction from mid-century onwards, the parallels between real and imaginary voyages, and the way the latter often prefigured the rise of modern anthropology and of colonial relationships in the austral regions. Particularly relevant was the odd blend of arcadianism and horror inspired by, or projected onto, these places in the later eighteenth century - as it had long been in the past. The works discussed are chiefly English and French, but include other European examples of the type.

Literary History and Avant Garde Poetics in the Antipodes

Literary History and Avant Garde Poetics in the Antipodes
Author: A. J. Carruthers
Publsiher: Edinburgh University Press
Total Pages: 370
Release: 2024-03-05
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781399526845

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Avant-garde poetry in the Antipodes causes all sorts of trouble for literary history. It is an avant-garde that seems to arrive too late and yet right on time. In 1897, Christopher Brennan made his own version of Un Coup de Des, the same year Mallarme published it in Cosmopolis. In the 1940s, the same period avant-gardism was declared dead or fatally injured due to the Ern Malley affair, Harry Hooton began writing a significant body of experimental poetry. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Australian Dada emerged 'belatedly' through figures like Jas H. Duke (Tristan Tzara had previously sung Aboriginal songs at the Cabaret Voltaire in 1916). First Nations and Migrant poets then began reinventing avant-garde poetry in the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. This book maintains that such a confounding literary history poses a distinct challenge to the theories of the avant-gardes we have become accustomed to and changes our perspective of avant-garde time.

The Victorian Colonial Romance with the Antipodes

The Victorian Colonial Romance with the Antipodes
Author: H. Blythe
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 392
Release: 2014-05-21
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781137397836

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This study treats the Victorian Antipodes as a compelling site of romance and satire for middle-class writers who went to New Zealand between 1840 and 1872. Blythe's research fits with the rising study of settler colonialism and highlights the intersection of late-Victorian ideas and post-colonial theories.