The Worm Farming Revolution

The Worm Farming Revolution
Author: Pauly Piccirillo
Publsiher: Outskirts Press
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2016-03-23
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 1478714182

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The Worm Farming Revolution Book teaches you everything you need to know about raising worms in order to grow amazing plants, recycle kitchen scraps, or grow your own fishing worms. It's a Return to the Founding Principles of Successful Gardening and an almost lost art our forefathers past down to us. Just because our technology changes and our knowledge increases doesn't mean that we have to invent something that's completely opposite of what the Creator showed us. A new way of feeding millions of people doesn't have to oppose nature, but should work with nature. I show you how to harness and multiply the power of a tiny organism that corporations and many people have become disconnected with. We have gone down a dark agricultural road with too few exits to get us back in the right direction. The technology of today combined with the proven methods of the past is where science should have lead us. But where "scientists" have failed, there has been a revolt. Not in a new way, but the reviving of a forgotten way. If you've never heard of the term "Worm Farming" then it may seem like a silly, eccentric hobby created to study the natural habits of worms. Well that may be true to some degree, but the truth, meaning, and reason behind this quirky little phrase may be one of the greatest yet simplest technological awakenings to hit the agricultural industry since the invention of, what I call, the world's most "successful failures..".synthetic fertilizers. No matter what gardening method you use, the fact is, you WILL need worm castings (worm poop) in order to give plants the proper food they were created to feed on. Worm castings are as natural to plants as breast milk to a new born baby. This is one of the reasons why worms are found moving in and out of the root systems of plants. They deposit the rich, microbial fertilizer that plants depend on for optimal health. This book teaches you how to grow your plants by, FIRST, growing your soil. You'll learn everything you

The Worm Farmer s Handbook

The Worm Farmer   s Handbook
Author: Rhonda Sherman
Publsiher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-11-08
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781603587808

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Choice Reviews, Outstanding Academic Title Techniques and systems for processing food scraps, manure, yard debris, paper, and more Turning waste into wealth sounds too good to be true, but many worm farmers are finding that vermicomposting is a reliable way to do just that. Vermicast—a biologically active, nutrient-rich mix of earthworm castings and decomposed organic matter—sells for $400 or more per cubic yard. Compare that to regular compost, sold at about $30 a cubic yard, and you’ll see why vermicomposting has taken root in most countries and on every continent but Antarctica. Vermicomposting is also one of the best sustainable solutions for organic waste management. Vermicomposting manure and crop wastes on farms improves crop yields while reducing demand for off-farm inputs. Vermicast has higher nutrient levels and lower soluble salt content than regular compost, and it improves soil aeration, porosity, and water retention. Plus, vermicast suppresses plant diseases and insect attacks. Municipalities, businesses, community gardens, schools, and universities can set up vermicomposting operations to process food residuals and other waste materials. The Worm Farmer’s Handbook details the ins and outs of vermicomposting for mid- to large-scale operations, including how to recycle organic materials ranging from food wastes and yard trimmings to manure and shredded office paper. Vermicomposting expert Rhonda Sherman shares what she has learned over twenty-five years working with commercial worm growers and researchers around the world. Her profiles of successful worm growers across the United States and from New Zealand to the Middle East and Europe describe their proven methods and systems. This book digs into all the details, including: Choosing the right production system Regulatory issues and developing a business and marketing plan Finding and managing feedstocks Pre-composting: why and how to do it Monitoring an active worm bed Harvesting, screening, testing, packaging, and storing vermicast Markets for earthworms and vermicast Food security: how vermicast benefits soils and plants Keys to success: avoiding common pitfalls From livestock farms and restaurants to colleges, military bases, and prisons, Sherman details why and how commercial-scale vermicomposting is a fast-growing, sustainable solution for organic waste management. The Worm Farmer’s Handbook is the first and only authoritative how-to guide that goes beyond small-scale operations and demystifies the science and logistics of the fascinating process that is vermicomposting.

The Big Book Of Worm Farming

The Big Book Of Worm Farming
Author: Gus Thronson
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 88
Release: 2021-03-04
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798716592933

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In a nutshell, if you let worms eat organic waste, they can transform it into the most nutrient rich-fertilizer. Do you want to make a quick buck or two selling worms to fishermen? How about selling those valuable worm castings to thousands of marijuana growers all across the country? In this guide you will learn all the proven methods to successfully start your own worm farm. Create residual income from your own food waste in your own backyard. The worm farming industry is constantly growing Food wastage is a huge concern, and worm composting, or vermicomposting, offers a convenient solution. Raising worms and watching them grow is so easy anyone can do it. No special skills needed and minimal effort is required. And best of all this can be done in the smallest urban backyards. If you follow the guidelines of this book, with minimal investment you are going to be able to produce the highest quality worms and worm castings. There are several worm "end" products which can be sold and to multiple industries. In this Natural Composting Book, you will discover: - The many hidden benefits of starting a worm farm. (These savings will surprise you...) - What worms are the best choice for your farm. - How to design a successful farm that allows you to regulate important things like temperature and moisture levels. - What you can safely feed your hungry worms. - The 12 things you can definitely NOT put in your worm farm. - Worm populations explode quickly, this is how the situation is controlled. - How to create highly valuable "worm tea". - The basics to starting a profitable business through worm farming. - Trouble shooting guide... If anything goes wrong, this is how to fix it. ... and much, much more. Download your copy today!

Worm Farming Business Handbook

Worm Farming Business Handbook
Author: Zera Brooks
Publsiher: Zera Brooks
Total Pages: 97
Release: 2022-08-25
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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A Guide To Starting A Profitable Worm Farming Business The demand for worm compost is rapidly increasing as part of driving environmental sustainability and as fertilizers for the plants and soil. In light of this among many other reasons, venturing into a business like worm farming is the ideal thing to do. This book is for you if: - You are completely new to worm farming and want to know everything about it. - You already have an idea of what worm farming is about and want to increase your knowledge of the business. - You are looking for a new profitable agricultural business to venture into. - You are looking for productive ways to recycle your kitchen waste materials and food scraps. - You want to know how worm farming is profitable and more ways to make money as a worm farmer. In this book, I carefully explain worm farming and the business aspect in the simplest terms possible with the necessary tips and secrets to help your worm farm to thrive as a worm farmer. The Worm Farming Business Handbook gives a detailed and informative guide on: • The importance of worm farming • Types of worms for worm farming, their attributes, and which is most widely used • Planning your worm farm vis-à-vis getting your worm, setting up your worm bin, feeding your worms, troubleshooting worm bin issues, maintaining your worm bin, etc. • Methods of harvesting worm compost • Worm farming FAQs • Transforming your worm farming hobby into a profit-making venture And so much more! So, what more are you waiting for? Ready to get started? Get a copy of this book RIGHT NOW

Worms at Work

Worms at Work
Author: Crystal Stevens
Publsiher: New Society Publishers
Total Pages: 120
Release: 2017-06-23
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 9781550926354

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Fertilize your garden naturally--a guide to growing your plants in healthy, happy soil People want to know where their food comes from, who grows it and how it is grown. Interest in permaculture, backyard composting, and gardening in general, is growing. So how does the budding gardener ensure that his soil is healthy and nutrient-rich enough to support all the produce he intends to grow? Here's a hint--think worms! Vermiculture is the healthiest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your soil receives the nourishment that it needs. A simple vermicompost bin can produce the completely natural , nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be used to boost soil health and, in turn, increase your crop yield. In true Crystal Stevens' fashion, Worms at Work is a practical, easy-to-implement guide to fertilizing your garden naturally. It discusses the vital role worms play in boosting soil health, and the reasons why every gardener should use vermicompost in order to decrease reliance on toxic synthetic fertilizers. Coverage includes: Simple designs to build your own vermicompost bin Caring for your worms Garden applications for your worm castings Lesson plans to incorporate vermicomposting into the school science curriculum Whether you're tending to a small backyard garden or managing a large farm, Worms at Work can show you how to start vermicomposting today in order to grow healthy plants in healthy, happy soil. Crystal Stevens is the author of Grow Create Inspire and has been co-manager of La Vista CSA Farm for the past 7 years. She teaches regular Vermiculture 101 workshops.

Yucky Worms

Yucky Worms
Author: Vivian French
Publsiher: Candlewick Press
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2021-05-04
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 9781536221121

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“Vivian French tells a gardening adventure and offers underground facts, including helpful hints on how to become a ‘wormologist.’ “ — USA Today Who would want to be friends with a wiggly, slimy worm? You can’t even tell which end is which! But there’s more to these lowly creatures than meets the eye. Kids are invited to find out where worms live, see how they move, and understand why gardeners consider them friends with the help of this humorous and informative look at an unappreciated — and fascinating — creature. Back matter includes further information about worms and an index.

Worm Farming for Freshers and Seniors

Worm Farming for Freshers and Seniors
Author: Calvin Graham
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 38
Release: 2021-05
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798747096240

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Are you curious to know what worm farming is all about? What it takes to get started? Do you want to learn to turn food scraps into valuable compost? Do you believe in taking responsibility for the waste we create? How you can make it Fun and Profitable? This is just a few of the questions that are answered within "Worm Farming" Everything you need to know to setting up a successful worm farm! In this ultimate guide to worm farming, you will discover the many benefits of what is also known as, vermicomposting. People all over the world are turning their food scraps into nutrient-rich worm compost through starting their own worm bin. If you want to learn more about the unique form of composting (worm farming), then keep reading... According to research, do you know that more than 1/3rd of our food ends up wasted in the trash? This puts tremendous pressures on landfills and our ecosystem. It may sound crazy, but the solution comes from slimy, wiggly little creature... "Worms"! Through worm farming you are able to create valuable assets out of waste. Grow beautiful and healthy plants and vegetables. Naturally create highly valuable fertilizer and save on gardening and fishing materials. So how does this work, and how do I get started? This guide book can help answer all of your questions for both Amateurs and professionals. You will effectively be "handheld" through successfully starting your own worm farm. You will learn how easy it is to get started and how success can be found with not much effort. Here's just a little of what you will find in this book... - The many hidden benefits of starting a worm farm. - What worms are the best choices for your farm. - How to design a successful farm that allows you to regulate important things like temperature and moisture levels. - How to manage insects on the worm farm - What you can safely feed your hungry worms. - The things you shouldn't put in your worm farm. - Trouble shooting guide... If anything goes wrong, this is how to fix it AND MUCH MORE... This is a great book for beginners, but even for specialists there will be tips and tricks that will make your farm more successful. Ready to get started building your own worm farm? It's as easy as scrolling up and tapping "Buy Now".

The Complete Technology Book on Vermiculture and Vermicompost

The Complete Technology Book on Vermiculture and Vermicompost
Author: NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2004-01-01
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9788178331362

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The production of degradable organic waste and its safe disposal have become the current global problem. The rejuvenation of degraded soils by protecting topsoil and sustainability of productive soils is a major concern at the international level. Vermicomposting is compatible process with sound environmental principles that value conservation of resources and sustainable practices. Vermicompost is known to be the world best organic fertilizer. Vermiculture is for vermicompost. Vermiculture means artificial rearing or cultivation of worms (Earthworms) and the technology is the scientific process of using them for the betterment of human beings. Vermiculture technology has improved the crop productivity by increasing soil fertility through ecological methods of farming. Vermiculture has been embraced throughout the world right from the developed countries to the developing countries. Vermicomposting is a panacea for solid waste management. It is a simple kindred process of composting, in which certain species of microorganism such as earthworms are used to enhance the process of waste conversion and produce a better end product. Earthworms serve as nature plowman to facilitate these functions. They form gift of nature to produce good humus, which is the most precious material to fulfill the nutritional needs of crops. The utilization of vermicompost results in several benefits to farmers, industries, environment and overall national economy. This contains experiments from the field, vermicomposting materials, earthworm life cycle, ecological types earthworms, role of earthworms, vermicomposting, advantages of vermiculture, vermitechnology. This book majorly deals with advantages of vermicomposting, vermicomposting in daily life vermiculture v/s vermicomposting, earthworms: ecological types, physical and chemical effects of earthworms on soils, fertilizers use and deterioration of soil environment, vermicomposting materials, feeding vermicomposting materials, ideal conditions for life of earthworms, earthworms : their application in organic agriculture, maintenance of vermicomposting beds, vermicomposting : general procedures at agricultural farms vermicomposting : kiss plan, vermicomposting: a world scenario, soil fertility and texture, advantages of vermiculture, small scale or indoor vermicomposting, large scale or outdoor vermicomposting ect. This book is an invaluable resource for readers, entrepreneurs, scientists, farmers, existing industries, technical institution, etc.