The Honeymoon Heist

The Honeymoon Heist
Author: Brad Taylor
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 97
Release: 2023-10-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780063355651

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New York Times bestselling author and former Special Forces officer Brad Taylor’s thrilling new short story sets Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill on Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast for their long-delayed honeymoon with their daughter, Amena—where they encounter art thieves with ties to the underworld . . . Between the delectable meals, the gorgeous Mediterranean seaside, and historical sites, Pike and Jennifer are enjoying their time with Amena in the Italian village of Positano, grateful for the reprieve from their day jobs—protecting U.S. interests from terrorist threats. But their relaxing vacation runs into trouble when Amena and Pike uncover what appears to be a priceless Renaissance painting hidden in a grotto and soon find themselves in the center of a black market art scheme. A powerful Italian businessman and suspected crime lord had arranged to take possession of the rare, deeply significant Caravaggio artwork in the cave through less-than-legal means, and hadn’t counted on the trio of Americans interrupting his plot. He is determined to leave no witnesses . . . but when he dares to threaten Pike and his family, he learns how dangerous they truly are . . .

Honeymoon Heist

Honeymoon Heist
Author: Anna Jones Buttimore
Publsiher: Bonneville
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2011-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 159955478X

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A young LDS newlywed couple spend their honeymoon off the coast of Spain and become involved in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Stranded and pursued, they are forced to stay one step ahead of thugs, law enforcement impersonators, and hired assassins.

Honeymoon Heist

Honeymoon Heist
Author: Ross Van Dusen
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2018-08
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1722293861

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Geoff and Tina wanted a wedding they would never forget. What they got was not at all what they expected. A crime, a chase, and chaos.

Heist Society

Heist Society
Author: Ally Carter
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 270
Release: 2010-02-09
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9781423139386

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Kat Bishop can steal anything-including your heart. Intrigue, adventure, romance, and charm abound in this New York Times bestselling series. For as long as she can remember, Katarina has been a part of the family business-thieving. When Kat tries to leave "the life" for a normal life, her old friend Hale conspires to bring her back into the fold. Why? A mobster's art collection has been stolen and Kat's father is the only suspect. Caught between Interpol and a far more deadly enemy, Kat's dad needs her help. The only solution is to find the paintings and steal them back. Kat's got two weeks, a teenage crew, and hopefully enough talent to pull off the biggest heist in her family's history-and, with any luck, steal her life back along the way. With its glamorous international settings, intriguing suspense, complicated cons and even more complicated romance, Heist Society is stealing the hearts of Ally Carter fans everywhere.

Heist During the Rio Games

Heist During the Rio Games
Author: Dexter James
Publsiher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2016-04-30
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781491796689

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From a desolate cell located at a remote, state-of-the-art prison facility in Northern Ontario, inmate Brian Beasley plans his escape. Convicted of embezzlement when he masterfully infiltrated a banks computer system, Beasley and a would-be journalist assigned to write about his story secretly plan to break him free and make their way to Brazil a place with lax extradition laws where he can stay below the radar and just enjoy life. But once Brian and his accomplice Gracie Brown get to Brazil, all plans are off as a notorious gang lord compels them into his service to steal millions of dollars during the Games in Rio. In Heist during the Rio Games, follow the twists and turns as Brian Beasley and Gracie Brown try to navigate the drama, danger, and suspense of orchestrating one of the biggest heists in history, all set against the colorful, vibrant backdrop of Rio de Janeiro and the Summer Games. But as Beasleys skills are put to the test in the service of Brazils most infamous gangster, everything may not be as it seems especially when Brazils leading police investigator starts looking into his longtime archenemys plans. Whether friends or foes, accomplices or authorities, a mystery unfolds between a group of high-risk players that could reveal an exciting, lucrative next chapter in their lives or else land them behind bars.

The Great Bank Heist Mystery

The Great Bank Heist Mystery
Publsiher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 78
Release: 2015-08-12
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781504988315

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This is a story inspired by personal experience with a bank. After being made redundant, the bank refused to make payments covered by personal protection insurance. Hounded for payments, they added charges and interest, causing the debts to spiral. Under extra pressure, the main cause of the eventual total breakdown of my marriage. Unable to continue loan and mortgage payments, was forced to sell my house well below market price. With no money and no government support, I found myself living on the streets. With no money for food, I dropped from over fifteen stone to less than eleven stone in four months. Twelve years later, I find that the banks had deliberately conned people out of their money, with no intention of making payments on the payment protection plans. Because of their greed, now aged seventy, I live alone in a very small rented flat; I paid off my loans but lost my family and my house. As a disabled diabetic, lack of proper food resulted in stomach complications, including a laparotomy and years learning to eat properly again, the poor food also resulting in me losing my eyesight. The power of the banks meant they did not lose. The banks got their money, they also earned a fortune on the money paid to them for protection; twelve years later, they eventually paid a refund and interest at the lowest rate possible. The ordinary man in the street? They stamp on him. This is the imaginary story of someone facing the same situation but younger, stronger, fitter, and more capable of effecting his revenge on the bank directors that robbed him.

Holy Heist

Holy Heist
Author: Peter Andriet
Publsiher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Total Pages: 121
Release: 2022-04-14
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781685176471

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Derek Revson is back in town after leaving several years ago. He misses his long-lost friends who, at this point in time, are all maturing in life's important categories. Derek still revels in old habits, living life faithless and lonely, a choice he feels a nudge to somehow change. In a divinely appointed moment, his group of friends reunite on a yachting venture out to an island to celebrate an engagement and he joins in. Derek smiles for the first time in a long time while enjoying the lavish weekend getaway. But in all its fun and camaraderie, a plan is devised and lives will change.

Existentialism and Social Engagement in the Films of Michael Mann

Existentialism and Social Engagement in the Films of Michael Mann
Author: Vincent M. Gaine
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 251
Release: 2011-10-27
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780230348448

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Michael Mann's films receive a detailed analysis as existential dramas, including Heat, Collateral , The Last of the Mohicans and Public Enemies. The book demonstrates that Mann's films perform critical engagement with existentialism, illustrating the problems and opportunities of living according to this philosophy.