Author: John Higgs
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2013-09-26
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781780226569

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'By far the best book this year, brilliant, discursive and wise' BEN GOLDACRE. The strange tale of the death, life and legacy of the hugely successful band. They were the bestselling singles band in the world. They had awards, credibility, commercial success and creative freedom. Then they deleted their records, erased themselves from musical history and burnt their last million pounds in a boathouse on the Isle of Jura. And they couldn't say why. This is not just the story of The KLF. It is a book about Carl Jung, Alan Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Ken Campbell, Dada, Situationism, Discordianism, magic, chaos, punk, rave, the alchemical symbolism of Doctor Who and the special power of the number 23. Wildly unauthorised and unlike any other music biography, THE KLF is a trawl through chaos on the trail of a beautiful, accidental mythology. Read by John Higgs (p) Orion Publishing Group 2018

The Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way

The Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
Author: Andreas Eckart,Rainer Schödel,Christian Straubmeier
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2005-09-14
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781783260256

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Reviewing the fundamental instrumental techniques and current observational results, this book unveils the mysteries of the physical processes in the central parsec of our Milky Way: the super-massive black hole embedded in a central stellar cluster as well as the gas and dust in the circumnuclear region. The observations described cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum from decimeter radio-waves to high energy X-ray and γ-rays, and a comprehensive summary of up-to-date astrophysical interpretations is given. The emphasis is put on observational techniques, image processing aspects, and a detailed presentation of the most cutting-edge work carried out in the near-infrared wavelength regime. These recent results include both the first orbits of stars around the central black hole and the multiwavelength variability of the central source. Contents:Observational Techniques:The GC Across the Electromagnetic SpectrumNIR Imaging Through the AtmosphereSpeckle ImagingSingle Telescope Adaptive OpticsCleaning and DeconvolutionFuture IR InterferometryObservational Results:The Discovery of Sagittarius A∗Large-Scale Structures at the Galactic CenterThe Circum Nuclear DiskThe Mini-SpiralRadio FilamentsNear-Infrared Images of the Central Stellar ClusterThe Radio and Infrared Positional Reference FramesNumber Density CountsPolarization of Filaments and StarsStellar Velocities and Orbital AccelerationsSpectroscopyStar Formation at the Galactic Center?Sgr A∗ Across the Electromagnetic SpectrumAstrophysical Results:The Stellar Velocity FieldScenarios for Star Formation at the Galactic CenterThe Central Dark MassStability of the Enclosed Dark MassAgglomerations of Exotic Particles?The Central Stellar CuspAnalysis of Stellar Orbits Near the Central Black HoleThe Central Black HoleComparison to Nuclei of Other GalaxiesMassive Black Holes at High Redshifts Readership: Graduate and post-graduate students, researchers, astronomers, and astrophysicists. Key Features:Suitable basis for a single semester course at the advanced undergraduate or graduate levelCompact summary of observational results and astrophysical interpretationA bibliography comprising over 400 publications up to the editorial deadline in July 2004Keywords:Galactic Center;Imaging;Wavelengths;Stellar;Astrophysics

The Biology of Kr ppel like Factors

The Biology of Kr  ppel like Factors
Author: Ryozo Nagai,Scott L. Friedman,Masato Kasuga
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 258
Release: 2009-08-31
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9784431877752

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Kruppel-like factors (KLFs) are attracting great attention across a wide spectrum of biological sciences and medicine because of their remarkable biological potency and the diversity of roles they play in the physiological and pathological changes of cells and tissues. This book is a comprehensive compendium of the latest research on the molecular mechanisms of KLFs, describing their roles in transcriptional regulation, cellular differentiation and development, the pathogenesis of the liver and cardiovascular systems and cancer, and generation of ES cells and iPS cells. As the only concise treatise written to date by leading experts in the field, it serves as an authoritative review of this family of molecules and is an essential reference for all who are interested in KLFs. The book also explores the potential of KLFs as targets for novel therapeutics and diagnostics, and will be invaluable in those fields.

Generation Ecstasy

Generation Ecstasy
Author: Simon Reynolds
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 482
Release: 2013-06-19
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781136783173

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Traces the continuum of hardcore that runs from the most machinized forms of house music through British and European rave styles like bleep-and-bass, breakbeat house, Belgian hardcore, jungle, gabba, speed garage, and big beat.

The Rough Guide to Rock

The Rough Guide to Rock
Author: Peter Buckley
Publsiher: Rough Guides
Total Pages: 1234
Release: 2003
Genre: Dictionaries
ISBN: 9781858284576

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Compiles career biographies of over 1,200 artists and rock music reviews written by fans covering every phase of rock from R & B through punk and rap.

Field Artillery

Field Artillery
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 584
Release: 1998
Genre: Artillery, Field and mountain
ISBN: OSU:32435060044534

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The Origin of Stars and Planetary Systems

The Origin of Stars and Planetary Systems
Author: Charles J. Lada,N.D. Kylafis
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 718
Release: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9789401145091

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A few years after the publication of The Physics of Star Formation and Early Stellar Evolution, we received a request from the publisher for an up dated second edition of this popular reference book. As originally intended, the volume had proved to be a useful "text" book for graduate astronomy courses and seminars which dealt with topics related to stellar origins. The book was based on a series of lectures delivered by a distinguished group of leading researchers at a NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) held in May 1990 on the island of Crete, Greece. The primary goal of the ASI was in fact to produce a book which "would simultaneously provide a broad and systematic overview of, as well as a rigorous introduction to, the fun damental physics and astronomy at the heart of modern research in star formation and early stellar evolution. " However, by 1995 concern had arisen among those who used the text as a reference for graduate seminars and courses that the book would need to be updated to stay abreast of the discoveries and progress in this rapidly evolving field. After some discussion we concluded that a new edition of the book was warranted and that the goal of producing a new edition would be best accomplished by organizing a second ASI in Crete to review the progress in star formation research.

Protective Relaying

Protective Relaying
Author: Walter A. Elmore
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 444
Release: 2003-09-09
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 0824709721

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Targeting the latest microprocessor technologies for more sophisticated applications in the field of power system short circuit detection, this revised and updated source imparts fundamental concepts and breakthrough science for the isolation of faulty equipment and minimization of damage in power system apparatus. The Second Edition clearly describes key procedures, devices, and elements crucial to the protection and control of power system function and stability. It includes chapters and expertise from the most knowledgeable experts in the field of protective relaying, and describes microprocessor techniques and troubleshooting strategies in clear and straightforward language.