The Mitochondriac Manifesto

The Mitochondriac Manifesto
Author: R. D. Lee
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2022-10-31
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9798218080587

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The information that modern humans need to know to get healthy and stay healthy in a wireless world, disconnected from Nature.

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine

Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine
Author: Lee Know
Publsiher: Chelsea Green Publishing
Total Pages: 274
Release: 2018
ISBN: 9781603587679

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With information for patients and practitioners on optimizing mitochondrial function for greater health and longevity Why do we age? Why does cancer develop? What's the connection between heart failure and Alzheimer's disease, or infertility and hearing loss? Can we extend lifespan, and if so, how? What is the Exercise Paradox? Why do antioxidant supplements sometimes do more harm than good? Many will be amazed to learn that all these questions, and many more, can be answered by a single point of discussion: mitochondria and bioenergetics. In Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine, Naturopathic Doctor Lee Know tells the epic story of mitochondria, the widely misunderstood and often-overlooked powerhouses of our cells. The legendary saga began over two billion years ago, when one bacterium entered another without being digested, which would evolve to create the first mitochondrion. Since then, for life to exist beyond single-celled bacteria, it's the mitochondria that have been responsible for this life-giving energy. By understanding how our mitochondria work, in fact, it is possible to add years to our lives, and life to our years. Current research, however, has revealed a dark side: many seemingly disconnected degenerative diseases have tangled roots in dysfunctional mitochondria. However, modern research has also endowed us with the knowledge on how to optimize its function, which is of critical importance to our health and longevity. Lee Know offers cutting-edge information on supplementation and lifestyle changes for mitochondrial optimization, such as CoQ10, D-Ribose, cannabinoids, and ketogenic dietary therapy, and how to implement their use successfully. Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine is an invaluable resource for practitioners interested in mitochondrial medicine and the true roots of chronic illness and disease, as well as anyone interested in optimizing their health.

Your Mitochondria

Your Mitochondria
Author: Warren L. Cargal, L. Ac.
Publsiher: Acupuncture Atlanta, Inc.
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2019-07-17
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781950282562

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"The book provides a well-researched and proven plan to increase your mitochondria's energy levels naturally to enjoy a healthy aging process." — Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM, Author, The Healthy Conscious Traveler and founder of The Self Care Revolution "This information will be invaluable for those who would like to use mitochondrial enhancement therapies to improve their general health and to extend their longevity." — Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried, Author, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer Want to live a longer, healthier life? Want to stave off age-related diseases? Want to look younger and maintain vitality? Then you must respect your mitochondria—your key to health and longevity. The powerhouses of the cell, mitochondria take in nutrients, break them down, and create energy-rich molecules that drive cellular processors in the body. Knowing how your mitochondria work is essential to your well-being. This book takes a deep dive into the relationship between mitochondrial health, overall health, and aging. Dr. Warren Cargal, a multi-book author, board-certified Acupuncturist, and an expert on Chinese medicine with over 20 years of experience will show you: - How unhealthy mitochondria can cause cardiovascular diseases, cardiometabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis, cancer, and aging effects on the skin, eyes, and muscles. - How to take control of and increase your energy reserves to make them efficient. - How to restore your mitochondria so you can combat increased body fat and reduced lean muscle mass, inefficient metabolism, increased low-grade inflammation, inadequate performance, accelerating aging, and, unfortunately for some, premature death. Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity is a must-read for anyone who wants to live an abundant and healthy life.


Author: Douglas C. Wallace,Richard Youle
Publsiher: Cold Spring Harbor Perspective
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2013
Genre: Science
ISBN: 193611335X

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Mitochondria are intracellular organelles that power the cell by metabolizing glucose and other energy sources to generate ATP. They are also critical in programmed cell death, and dysfunction of mitochondrial components is implicated in numerous muscle and neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson's disease. This volume contains contributions examining the evolution and normal function of mitochondria in cells, as well as their roles in various pathologies.

Mitochondria Diet

Mitochondria Diet
Author: Jeffrey Winzant
Publsiher: Independently Published
Total Pages: 56
Release: 2021-07-30
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9798546349189

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Did you know that mitochondrial health is an essential key to longevity and overall well-being? Mitochondria are often overlooked in the body's complex cellular structure. They may not get as much attention as the brain or heart, but they are integral to overall health just like any other organ, and your health can be affected by the inner workings of these tiny organelles. For example, when your cells don't use energy properly from food because they cannot metabolize glucose (a type of sugar), your mitochondria cellular structures stop functioning efficiently, resulting in insulin resistance as well-both upstream triggers for health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and much more. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take to manage these mitochondrial dysfunctions through nutrition. That's why we have outlined a 3-weeks meal plan designed with your mitochondria in mind. First things first, it's a good idea to understand what mitochondria are and why they are vital for optimal health. Stay tuned for a deep dive into what they do, why you should care about them, and how you can take better care of them through nutrition. In this guide, you'll discover: What are mitochondria Diet tips to help improve your mitochondria function Symptoms you can tell your cellular structures are not working properly A seven-day weekly plan Sample recipes to follow Imagine what changes you can see in your life if you take action today. Scroll up and click buy now to get started.

The Cushing s Syndrome Diet

The Cushing s Syndrome Diet
Author: Stan Underhill
Publsiher: CreateSpace
Total Pages: 126
Release: 2010-06-10
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 1453606645

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The Cushing's Syndrome Diet is filled with no nonsense recipes that will help control your Cushing's Syndrome symptoms. While there are many treatment options for Cushing's, only one is vital to insuring your overall health: a balanced, nutritional diet, low in salt and fat and high in protein and calcium. This type of diet can slow or prevent the loss of muscle and bone from Cushing's Syndrome. You'll find all of the recipes in this book provide you with maximum nutritional from plant sources-and they are quick and easy to prepare, so you can get back to living your life!

Living Rainbow H2O

Living Rainbow H2O
Author: Mae-Wan Ho
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2012-06-18
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9789814397582

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This book is a unique synthesis of the latest findings in the quantum physics and chemistry of water that will tell you why it is so remarkably fit for life. It offers a novel panoramic perspective of cell biology based on water as “means, medium, and message” of life. This book is a sequel to The Rainbow and The Worm, The Physics of Organisms, which has remained in a class of its own for nearly 20 years since the publication of the first edition. Living Rainbow H2O continues the fascinating journey in the author's quest for the meaning of life, in science and beyond. Like The Rainbow and The Worm, the present book will appeal to readers in the arts and humanities as well as scientists; not least because the author herself is an occasional artist and poet. Great care has been taken to explain terms and concepts for the benefit of the general reader. At the same time, sufficient scientific details are provided in text boxes for the advanced reader and researcher without interrupting the main story. Sample Chapter(s) Chapter 1: Rainbow Dancing in the Worm (299 KB) Contents:Rainbow Dancing in the WormWeird and Wonderful WaterCooperative Coherent WaterWater and Colloid Crystals: The New Age of AlchemyQuantum Coherent WaterQED Water IQED Water II: Non-thermal EMF EffectsQED Water III: HomeopathyDancing with IonsDancing with ProteinsDancing with DNAWater at Solid InterfacesWater ElectricWater + Air = LifeWater Meets AirWater Meets MembranesThe Rainbow EnsembleTrue Portrait of the CellWater in NanospaceProtein and Water in NanospaceFire and WaterWater Fuels the Dynamo of LifeElectronic Induction Animates Life Readership: General public and undergraduate students in cell biology, biophysics, biochemistry and quantum mechanics. Keywords:Liquid Crystalline Water;Quantum Coherence;Quantum Cell BiologyKey Features:There is no competing title, or even comparable book in existenceIt is fit for the general reader with no more background than school science as well as the advanced researcher in the fieldIt tells an exciting, and evocative story of water in living cells and organisms that is also completely newReviews: "This book is a delightful read for laypersons. It surveys some of the outstanding, sometimes considered anomalous properties of water and aqueous solutions. The style is consistently light, as it hops from one topic to another with a seemingly dance-like rhythm to it. Indeed, one finds many dances of water molecules among themselves, as well as with other molecules in living cells … I recommend this book to anyone who is curious about what goes on in each of our cells, and why water is so vital to our life." Arieh Ben-Naim Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Melanin the Master Molecule

Melanin  the Master Molecule
Author: Arturo Solís Herrera
Publsiher: Bentham Science Publishers
Total Pages: 314
Release: 2018-06-04
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781681086538

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Melanin is a biological molecule associated with pigmentation in humans and animals. However, melanin has been observed to have other functions such as neuroprotection and energy production. In Melanin, the Master Molecule, researchers summarize several decades worth of knowledge on melanin and its physicochemical properties. Nine chapters explain the intrinsic biochemistry of melanin, comparisons with conventional energy producing and respiratory biomolecules, the property of melanin to transform light energy into chemical energy through the dissociation of the water molecule, and the theories of melanin based energy production in the nervous system, the cell nucleus, muscles and the eye, and the role the role of melanin in the context of ageing. The authors also delve into the possibility of melanin being the key molecule needed to spark life since its water dissociating property through the absorption of light energy emulates the role of chlorophyll, but unlike the latter, it is not limited to the plant cell environment. Hence, melanin is referred to as the master molecule which can provide a missing link to the biochemical processes behind the origin of life. Melanin, the Master Molecule is an exciting reference for biochemists and laymen interested in the science of melanin and a new perspective on the origin of life as we know it.