Warriors A Vision of Shadows 6 The Raging Storm

Warriors  A Vision of Shadows  6  The Raging Storm
Author: Erin Hunter
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2019-10-29
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 006238659X

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Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues with the thrilling conclusion to the Vision of Shadows story arc. ShadowClan has returned under the leadership of a new Tigerstar, but their renewed strength has brought the tensions around the lake to an explosive breaking point. SkyClan’s place among the Clans is about to be decided once and for all. Full of epic adventure and thrilling intrigue, this fifth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world—while for dedicated fans, it’s a long-awaited return to the era of Bramblestar’s ThunderClan, after the events of Omen of the Stars.

Raging Storm

Raging Storm
Author: Markus Heitz
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2019-08-06
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780316489386

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International bestselling fantasy author Markus Heitz returns with this thrilling sequel to The Triumph of the Dwarves. The Hidden Land lies broken. In the terrible battle to save the home of the dwarfs, elves and humans, many sacrifices were made by great heroes, and at the last the älfar were defeated. Aiphatòn, the son of the indelible and erstwhile Emperor of the Älfar, has sworn that his race will never again pose such a dire threat to the world; he is determined to seek out and destroy the last of his own people. But there may be a greater enemy to face: an enigmatic mage with powerful magic at her fingertips is threatening the entire country. Suddenly the Hidden Land's greatest enemy has become its only hope . . . The action never lets up in this next exciting story in the saga of the dwarves and the älfar! For more from Markus Heitz, check out:The DwarvesThe War of the DwarvesThe Revenge of the DwarvesThe Fate of the DwarvesThe Triumph of the Dwarves

Into the Raging Sea

Into the Raging Sea
Author: Rachel Slade
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2018-05-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9780062699718

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WINNER OF THE MAINE LITERARY AWARD FOR NON FICTION NATIONAL BESTSELLER A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK AN NPR BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR ONE OF JANET MASLIN’S MUST-READ BOOKS OF THE SUMMER A NEW YORK TIMES EDITOR'S CHOICE ONE OF OUTSIDE MAGAZINE’S BEST BOOKS OF THE SUMMER ONE OF AMAZON'S BEST NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE YEAR SO FAR “A powerful and affecting story, beautifully handled by Slade, a journalist who clearly knows ships and the sea.”—Douglas Preston, New York Times Book Review “A Perfect Storm for a new generation.” —Ben Mezrich, bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook On October 1, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin barreled into the Bermuda Triangle and swallowed the container ship El Faro whole, resulting in the worst American shipping disaster in thirty-five years. No one could fathom how a vessel equipped with satellite communications, a sophisticated navigation system, and cutting-edge weather forecasting could suddenly vanish—until now. Relying on hundreds of exclusive interviews with family members and maritime experts, as well as the words of the crew members themselves—whose conversations were captured by the ship’s data recorder—journalist Rachel Slade unravels the mystery of the sinking of El Faro. As she recounts the final twenty-four hours onboard, Slade vividly depicts the officers’ anguish and fear as they struggled to carry out Captain Michael Davidson’s increasingly bizarre commands, which, they knew, would steer them straight into the eye of the storm. Taking a hard look at America's aging merchant marine fleet, Slade also reveals the truth about modern shipping—a cut-throat industry plagued by razor-thin profits and ever more violent hurricanes fueled by global warming. A richly reported account of a singular tragedy, Into the Raging Sea takes us into the heart of an age-old American industry, casting new light on the hardworking men and women who paid the ultimate price in the name of profit.

Raging Storm

Raging Storm
Author: Vannetta Chapman
Publsiher: Harvest House Publishers
Total Pages: 354
Release: 2017-02-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780736966559

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In the Darkness, Anarchy Awakens When a massive solar flare wiped out all modern technology across the globe, the small town of Abney, Texas, was thrown into chaos. Shelby Sparks and her teenage son, Carter, have found refuge, but Shelby knows she can't simply remain hidden. Carter is a type 1 diabetic in need of insulin—and Shelby will risk her life traveling to Austin to make sure he gets it. Shelby's best friend and high school sweetheart, Max Berkman, won't even consider letting her make the perilous journey alone. Together, they manage to reach the capital—only to discover that while things are desperate in Abney, Austin has turned into an urban nightmare on the brink of anarchy. Shelby and Max's search for medical supplies will lead them into terrifying territory, where the only thing more uncertain than finding what they need is the hope of making it out of the city alive. * * * In this second book in an eerily plausible, action-packed dystopian series, survival will be threatened and faith will be put to the ultimate test as a raging storm engulfs America.

The Raging Storm

The Raging Storm
Author: Storm Thorgerson
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2011-11-10
Genre: Sound recordings
ISBN: 0957005407

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Into the Storm

Into the Storm
Author: Tristram Korten
Publsiher: Ballantine Books
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2018-04-24
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9781524797898

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“An intense, immersive deep dive into a wild, dangerous, and unknown world, written with the pace and appeal of a great thriller. This is nonfiction at its very best.”—Lee Child The true story of two doomed ships and a daring search-and-rescue operation that shines a light on the elite Coast Guard swimmers trained for the most dangerous ocean missions In late September 2015, Hurricane Joaquin swept past the Bahamas and swallowed a pair of cargo vessels in its destructive path: El Faro, a 790-foot American behemoth with a crew of thirty-three, and the Minouche, a 230-foot freighter with a dozen sailors aboard. From the parallel stories of these ships and their final journeys, Tristram Korten weaves a remarkable tale of two veteran sea captains from very different worlds, the harrowing ordeals of their desperate crews, and the Coast Guard’s extraordinary battle against a storm that defied prediction. When the Coast Guard received word from Captain Renelo Gelera that the Minouche was taking on water on the night of October 1, the servicemen on duty helicoptered through Joaquin to the sinking ship. Rescue swimmer Ben Cournia dropped into the sea—in the middle of a raging tropical cyclone, in the dark—and churned through the monstrous swells, loading survivors into a rescue basket dangling from the helicopter as its pilot struggled against the tempest. With pulsating narrative skill in the tradition of Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer, Korten recounts the heroic efforts by Cournia and his fellow guardsmen to haul the Minouche’s crew to safety. Tragically, things would not go as well for Captain Michael Davidson and El Faro. Despite exhaustive searching by her would-be rescuers, the loss of the vessel became the largest U.S. maritime disaster in decades. As Korten narrates the ships’ fates, with insights drawn from insider access to crew members, Coast Guard teams, and their families, he delivers a moving and propulsive story of men in peril, the international brotherhood of mariners, and the breathtaking power of nature. Praise for Into the Storm “The story [Tristram] Korten tells is impressively multifaceted, exploring everything from timely issues such as climate change to timeless themes such as man’s struggle against the ocean’s fury.”—Miami New Times “Into the Storm is a triumph of reporting and you-are-there writing that becomes a deeper tale—with more implications about our own lives—with every chapter.”—Robert Kurson, New York Times bestselling author of Shadow Divers

A Raging Storm

A Raging Storm
Author: Richard Castle
Publsiher: Disney Electronic Content
Total Pages: 25
Release: 2012-07-03
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781401304676

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The second piece of the Derrick Storm trilogy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Richard Castle, available exclusively as an eBook short. Days after being brought out of retirement to investigate a kidnapping, Derrick Storm has a dead US senator on his hands, an assassin to track down, and nearly six billion dollars' worth of gold bars--hidden by the Communist Party somewhere in the former USSR--to uncover. Teaming up again with FBI agent April Showers, Storm must talk to Ivan Petrov, a secretive millionaire who has ties to the assassination, coordinates for the gold, and a mole leaking information to the Russian government from within his inner circle. And while the CIA mission is getting heated, it's nothing compared to the growing sexual tension between Storm and Showers...

The Raging Storm

The Raging Storm
Author: Caroline Lamwaka
Publsiher: African Books Collective
Total Pages: 493
Release: 2016-12-14
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN: 9789970196753

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The Raging Storm: A Reporter’s Inside Account of the Northern Uganda War, 1986-2005 is a highly personal and inside account of the northern Uganda war by a young woman whose early encounter with the conflict was as an on-the-ground war correspondent. Caroline Lamwaka’s experiences as a war-time journalist inform the narrative, the research and the broader perspective of an academically trained war and peace researcher. The book examines four phases of the northern Uganda war. These are: the war in Acholi, Lango and Teso; the peace efforts to end the war; the impact of the war; and coping with the impact of insurgency. Caroline Lamwaka joins other authentic voices examining the northern Uganda war.