Walking the Way of Harriet Tubman

Walking the Way of Harriet Tubman
Author: Therese Taylor-Stinson
Publsiher: Broadleaf Books
Total Pages: 119
Release: 2023-02-14
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781506478340

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Harriet Tubman, freedom fighter and leader in the Underground Railroad, is one of the most significant figures in U.S. history. Her courage and determination in bringing enslaved people to freedom have established her as an icon of the abolitionist movement. But behind the history of the heroine called "Moses" was a woman of deep faith. In Walking the Way of Harriet Tubman, Therese Taylor-Stinson introduces Harriet, a woman born into slavery whose unwavering faith and practices in spirituality and contemplation carried her through insufferable abuse and hardship to become a leader for her people. Her profound internal liberation came from deep roots in mysticism, Christianity, nature spirituality, and African Indigenous beliefs that empowered her own escape from enslavement--giving her the strength and purpose to lead others on the road to freedom. Harriet's lived spirituality illuminates a profound path forward for those of us longing for internal freedom, as well as justice and equity in our communities. As people of color, we must cultivate our full selves for our own liberation and the liberation of our communities. As the luminous significance of Harriet Tubman's spiritual life is revealed, so too is the path to our own spiritual truth, advocacy, and racial justice as we follow in her footsteps.

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman
Author: Spring Washam
Publsiher: Hay House, Inc
Total Pages: 185
Release: 2023-01-24
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 9781401963224

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Within these visionary pages, meditation and dharma teacher Spring Washam meets the spirit of one of America's greatest ancestors, Harriet Tubman. The Spirit of Harriet Tubman, who was called the Moses of her people, is rising again, and we can call forth her spirit to embody incredible strength and unwavering courage. Combining direct transmissions of Harriet's message with insightful explorations of her life and legacy, this extraordinary book gives us support and inspiration to deepen our roots of resilience and become powerful conductors of love and truth in our own lives. We are in the midst of another civil rights revolution and a movement of the heart is underway. Each chapter of this book examines a different facet of Harriet's prophetic life with teachings on how her lessons can be applied to what is happening in our world today. Whether we need to focus on cultivating supportive practices for ourselves, or on developing skills to engage more broadly with what is unfolding in the larger world, the inspiring story of Harriet Tubman can support us as we respond to this unprecedented time. We can learn how to remain fearless in the face of hatred and confusion. And through Harriet Tubman's guidance, we will learn how to meet the challenges of this moment with a compassionate heart. Spring's previous works have been praised by Publishers Weekly as "bring[ing] considerable gifts for conveying her vision of personal change and offer[ing] vivid, inspiring testimony to the power of Buddhism." And now, she inspires a new generation of activists to carry her message and her work forward.

A Guide to Harriet Tubman s Eastern Shore

A Guide to Harriet Tubman s Eastern Shore
Author: Phillip Hesser,Charlie Ewers
Publsiher: Arcadia Publishing
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2021-09-20
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 9781439672945

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When Harriet Tubman crossed the line to freedom in Pennsylvania, she left behind her home in Maryland, along with a life of enslavement. Her native land made Tubman the person she became to history: Underground Railroad conductor, Civil War scout and nurse, suffragist and advocate for the aged and disabled. Authors Phillip Hesser and Charlie Ewers explore the landscape of Tubman's life, from the slave quarters to the churches to the marshes and fields where she worked. Travel to nineteenth-century Dorchester County and search for the places that Harriet Tubman would never know again--some of them now lost to sinking lands and rising waters.

Harriet Tubman Freedom Leader

Harriet Tubman  Freedom Leader
Author: Tanya Savory
Publsiher: Townsend Press
Total Pages: 119
Release: 2008-01-01
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781591943488

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“I grew up like a neglected weed—didn’t know nothing about liberty, since I never had any. . . . I think slavery is the next thing to hell!” —Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was born into the hell of slavery. For many years she was beaten and treated like an animal. But then Harriet began having strange dreams and visions—she saw a star, hidden pathways, and a line that separated slavery from freedom. One day, Harriet would find out just what these dreams meant. Harriet stood barely five feet tall and was unable to read or write. But she outsmarted slave catchers, outran bloodhounds, and gave hope to millions of slaves. From Maryland to Mississippi, slaves knew Harriet as “Moses”—the deliverer who would lead her people out of slavery.

Time Machine 5 Civil War Secret Agent

Time Machine 5  Civil War Secret Agent
Author: Steve Perry
Publsiher: ibooks
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2013-08-27
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9781596876163

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When you read this Choose Your Own Adventure-type book, you'll get more than an adventure. More than 10 years later, I still remember most of the storyline. But most importantly, this book introduces you to one of the many unsung Civil War heroes: Harriet Tubman. She was perhaps the best known member of the Underground Railroad and the fiction-based-on-fact adventures that you go through with her are really amazing. Every time I hear her name in history class my ear perk up because I know who they're talking about. Very educational, very fun to read. If you find a copy, buy it and like the scorpion--don't-let-go! —A Reviewer It is the year 1860. You have traveled back to America in the days before the Civil War. A black woman named Harriet Tubman is running a secret network called the Underground Railroad to help slaves in the South escape to freedom in the North. You can search for Harriet and help her underground freedom fighters, or you can stay in the North and wait for her. Your decsion can lead you to safety or leave you stranded in time! Are you ready to face the danger?

From Slavery to Freedom with Harriet Tubman

From Slavery to Freedom with Harriet Tubman
Author: Deborah Hedstrom-Page
Publsiher: B&H Publishing Group
Total Pages: 92
Release: 2007
Genre: Underground Railroad
ISBN: 080543268X

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This series of picture books profiles an outstanding American and includes activities and character-building study questions based on biblical principles for children ages 8-12.

The Nurse as Wounded Healer

The Nurse as Wounded Healer
Author: Marion Conti-O'Hare
Publsiher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Total Pages: 196
Release: 2002
Genre: Nurses
ISBN: 0763715689

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This work depicts the evolution of the wounded healer phenomenon and its impace on the practice of nursing. It explores how healing has been defined in the past, and emphasizes the changing focus necessary to meet the relevant health care needs of an increasingly wounded society in the 21st century.

Walking Tours of Boston s Made Land

Walking Tours of Boston s Made Land
Author: Nancy S. Seasholes
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 225
Release: 2006-09-18
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 9780262693394

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Exploring Boston's past and present: 12 walks that trace the creation of the city's man-made land in the central waterfront, Back Bay, South End, Charlestown, and elsewhere. At its founding, Boston was a small peninsula; over the last 375 years the city has doubled in size by filling in the surrounding tidal flats—areas covered with water at high tide and exposed at low. In Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land, historian Nancy Seasholes outlines twelve walks that trace where and why Boston's man-made land was created, and, along the way, uncovers fascinating and little-known pieces of Boston history. In the course of these walks—around the central waterfront, Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the South End, Charlestown, and elsewhere—she shows us how Boston's past is always just below the surface of its present. Each walk is accompanied by a map that shows the route and original shoreline. The walks are illustrated with historical maps, historical photographs and views, and current photographs. All walks are accessible by public transportation.