Women and Empowerment in Contemporary India

Women and Empowerment in Contemporary India
Author: Brati Biswas,Ranjana Kaul
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 219
Release: 2016
Genre: Women
ISBN: 9382267255

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Urban Women in Contemporary India

Urban Women in Contemporary India
Author: Rehana Ghadially
Publsiher: SAGE Publications India
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2007-04-04
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9788178299563

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Since the early 1990s, feminists in India have been rallying against integrating the Indian economy into the world market, perceiving it as a phenomenon which will lead to increased feminisation of poverty and the commodification of women. This anthology explores the impact of globalisation on Indian women and the struggle for gender equality. Since urban India has taken the initial benefit and brunt of globalisation, the focus here is on urban women, particularly from the educated middle class. The two dozen essays in this book offer insights into: - gender identity, gender relations and conceptions of women - violence against women and conflict resolution - women and the media - neo-liberal globalisation, from beauty pageants to working conditions - women and information and communication technologies - politics and women’s political participation ‘Women`s work is never done,` said an African women`s rights activist, `Feminists’ work will never ever be done.’ This book reminds us that the road to the complete empowerment of women in India is still a long one.


Author: Prin. Dr. Shendage R. N.
Publsiher: Ashok Yakkaldevi
Total Pages: 220
Release: 2022-03-18
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781716002618


In 1992, Bhanwari Devi, an administration social specialist in the north Indian province of Rajasthan, was assaulted before her better half by higher position neighbors infuriated by her endeavors to stop a youngster marriage in their loved ones. quity evaded Bhanwari Devi. A lower court cleared the blamed for assault and indicted them with lesser offenses for which they served nine months in prison. The allure is as yet forthcoming in the state's High Court today, after 28 years. However, public shock and activism catalyzed by her trial made ready for new legitimate securities against lewd behavior in the working environment for a large number of Indian ladies.After state specialists, her boss, rejected obligation since she had been assaulted in her own fields, activists recorded a public interest request in the Supreme Court requesting that "working environments should be made safe for ladies and that it should be the obligation of the business to safeguard ladies worker at each progression."

Indian Women

Indian Women
Author: Devaki Jain,C. P. Sujaya
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 235
Release: 2015
Genre: Women
ISBN: 8123019793

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Women s Empowerment in India

Women s Empowerment in India
Author: Sarojini Nayak
Publsiher: Pointer Publishers
Total Pages: 424
Release: 2005
Genre: Women
ISBN: 817132410X

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This Book Traces The Evolution Of Indian Women Through The Mists Of History To The Present Efforts To Empower Them And Give Them Their Rightful Place In Society. Attempts In This Direction Have Not Been Dramatic Or Aggressive But Rather After The Old Indian Fashion Of Combining Chance With Continuity. It Was Gandhiji Who Brought A Dramatic Chance Among Our Women, When At His Bidding They Came Out In Large Numbers From The Shelter Of Their Homes To Take Their Part In The Struggle For India'S Freedom. Once The Old Shackles Were Removed, It Was No Longer Possible To Replace Them In The Same Way. Attempts Were No Doubt Made To Go Back, But They Were Bound To Fail. This Book Brings Much Information, Which Will Enlighten The Reader'S Mind And Give Him And Idea Of What Our Women Have Done And Are Doing.

Women s Empowerment Gender Parity

Women   s Empowerment   Gender Parity
Author: Dr. Shikha Bhatnagar
Publsiher: Notion Press
Total Pages: 124
Release: 2020-12-04
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781636337203

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This book is a tribute to millions of women across the world who have been struggling and overcoming the odds of life in their recurring quest for empowerment and equality, firmly resolving to preserve their dignity and identity in a patriarchal milieu. Women who have raised their voice against oppression and discrimination are constantly striving to reclaim their rights by overcoming the challenges encountered in life. They are trailblazing influencers inspiring humanity to strike a holistic gender balance leading to sustainable development where both the genders take an equal and active part in leading happy lives. What is the status quo on gender equality? Why are crimes against women increasing? Can gender sensitization solve the inequity issue? These are some of the paradigms that are dealt with in the book. The journey of true empowerment is difficult, but the resolute strength to obliterate the gender gap is unbeatable…The motto is to achieve women’s empowerment through gender equality and gender sensitization.

Contemporary India The Basics

Contemporary India  The Basics
Author: Rekha Datta
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2017-12-14
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 9781351339759

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Contemporary India: The Basics provides readers with a clear and accessible guide through the richness, diversity and complexity of twenty-first century India. It explores the reality of the country’s cultural diversity which creates both harmony and tension. Covering issues the country faces both domestically and on the global stage, this book analyzes the political, social, cultural and economic landscape of India and investigates how the future might look for India. The book addresses key questions such as: How has India risen to be a major economic power? What role does sectarianism play in the world’s largest democracy? How do caste and gender affect the structure of Indian society? What is the domestic and international impact of Bollywood? Featuring maps, discussion questions and suggestions for further reading, this is the ideal introduction to India for those who are new to the study of this most fascinating and complex of countries.

Women Chief Ministers in Contemporary India

Women Chief Ministers in Contemporary India
Author: Shukla
Publsiher: APH Publishing
Total Pages: 292
Release: 2007
Genre: Heads of state
ISBN: 8131301516

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Study on the role and performance of four women chief ministers, Smt. Sheila Dikshit (Delhi), Smt. Rabari Devi (Bihar), Miss. Mayawati (U.P.), Miss. Dr. J. Jayalalitha (Tamil Nadu).