Wonderful Abstract Classic Pattern

Wonderful Abstract Classic Pattern
Author: Irene Taylor
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 56
Release: 2016-11-21
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1540578232

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If you are searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten your own mystery while having a good time coloring it. Let's get lost in this adult coloring book now!

Children s Tales from Dickens The Great Classics The Wonderful Stories for Children Illustrated Edition

Children s Tales from Dickens     The Great Classics   The Wonderful Stories for Children  Illustrated Edition
Author: Charles Dickens
Publsiher: e-artnow
Total Pages: 5050
Release: 2017-02-27
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9788026873815

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Wonderful Ways with Washi

Wonderful Ways with Washi
Author: Robertta A. Uhl
Publsiher: Tuttle Publishing
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2002-09-15
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 9781462916634

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Washi papercrafting is similar to Japanese origami, but uses higher-quality paper for more permanent-lasting projects. Lear how to fold washi with this fun guide. In Japan, paper and paper crafts are held in popular esteem. The originators of origami, the art of paper-folding, and kirigami, the art of paper-cutting, the Japanese also make their own paper, called washi. A colorful printed paper, washi is used to decorate everything from boxes to dolls. Noted for its strength, durability and flexibility, washi paper is available in a rich array of colors, textures, weights and patterns. Wonderful Ways with Washi is a selection of seventeen washi origami designs for decorating commonly available objects, such as milk cartons, boxes and eggs, which can be used in home decor, as gifts, or for special occasions. Every project is shown with clear, step-by-step diagrams. Color photographs show completed projects, as well as imaginative ways for displaying the finished crafts.

2019 International Bamboo Construction Competition

2019 International Bamboo Construction Competition
Author: Kewei Liu,Cristoforo Demartino,Zhi Li,Qinghui Liu,Yan Xiao
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 275
Release: 2022-03-09
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030919900

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This volume builds upon the 2019 International Bamboo Construction Competition (IBCC 2019) from the Concepts to the Realized Pavilions. Several designed projects are described, and particular attention is devoted to the realized prototypes. It also presents the Bamboo Eye, an important example of architecture realized by INBAR for the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Expo. As such, the volume provides an overview of the use of bamboo poles and engineered bamboo products for temporary and normal constructions, and represents a compact review of the applications of bamboo poles and/or engineered bamboo products in the construction industry. This book will be of interest for researchers, architects and structural engineers in field of bamboo constructions.

Yijing Wondering and Wandering

Yijing Wondering and Wandering
Author: Jane Schorre,Carrin Dunne
Publsiher: Arts of China Seminars
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2004
Genre: Yi jing
ISBN: 0965771628

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A unique contemplation of Yijing (I Ching). In the first part, Wondering, Jane Schorre ponders the meaning of the hexagrams, taking into consideration their arrangement, their relationships as thirty-two reflecting pairs, and their characters -- the Chinese names. Along her way, she retells selections from the classics of Laotse and Zhuangzi for illustration and clarification. In the second part, Wandering, Carrin Dunne carries the meditation further, wandering through the labyrinth of trigrams, nuclear trigrams, and line texts -- exploring psychological and spiritual meaning in the individual lines and their movements. Along her way, her discovery of the 'foursomes' leads to a kaleidoscopic view of Yijing as a whole and to a new approach ("a key, not the key") to meaning in Yijing.

The Second Frank Belknap Long Science Fiction MEGAPACK 22 Classic Stories

The Second Frank Belknap Long Science Fiction MEGAPACK    22 Classic Stories
Author: Frank Belknap Long
Publsiher: Wildside Press LLC
Total Pages: 410
Release: 2016-09-09
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781479423187

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Frank Belknap Long (1901-1994) -- one of the early masters of fantasy and science fiction, friend of and collaborator with H.P. Lovecraft -- produced hundreds of novels, short stories, and poems throughout his long and distinguished career. From fantasy and horror in Weird Tales to action-adventure science fiction in Planet Stories and Thrilling Wonder Stories to more "nuts and bolts" science fiction in Astounding Stories, and also work in the romance and mystery fields, his career spanned 7 decades and was filled with remarkable accomplishments. Included in this volume are 22 classic tales: BRIDGEHEAD THE BODY-MASTERS BLUE EARTHMAN RED STORM ON JUPITER TEMPORARY WARP THE BLACK VORTEX MIND OUT OF TIME WHITE BARRIER FLAME OF LIFE ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW WOMAN OUT OF TIME THE HORIZONTALS THE VIBRATION WASPS BROWN PRISONERS IN FLATLAND TO FOLLOW KNOWLEDGE CIRCLE OF YOUTH STAR COMRADES SON OF HIS FATHER WILLIE ALIAS THE LIVING HE CAME AT DUSK If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Megapack" to see more of the 300+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction -- and much, much more!


Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1280
Release: 1989
Genre: Periodicals
ISBN: UOM:39015016514005

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Classic Knits of the 1980s

Classic Knits of the 1980s
Author: Sandy Black
Publsiher: The Crowood Press
Total Pages: 690
Release: 2021-01-25
Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN: 9781785008030

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Written by a pioneer of modern fashion knitwear, Classic Knits of the 1980s describes the principal fundamentals of knitwear design and features original, colourful, textural and fun knitting patterns that capture the fashion zeitgeist of the 1980s designer knitwear boom. As well as selling ready-made knitwear to stores, several designers made their patterns available as home knitting kits. Classic Knits of the 1980s features a range of innovative designs from Sandy Black knitting kits, many published here for the first time. The patterns are suitable for a broad range of knitting skills, from those with good basic knowledge of knitting to the more experienced knitter. Made up of two parts: Part 1 establishes the fashion and knitwear context of the period and its influence on the development of the designs, examining the entire creative process from inspiration to final pattern. Lavishly illustrated with photographs, diagrams and charts, special features include patchwork (modular) designs and intarsia or colour-block knitting, with techniques and tips for pattern calculations, working from charts and handling several colours. Part 2 then offers twenty-one original patterns and designs, grouped into themes of textural, graphic, heraldic and ornamental, plus the unique Siamese cat, leopard and tiger accessories. Contemporary photography, together with original images from the 1980s, illustrates the designs' timeless appeal, with close-up images of intricate pattern details and suggested design variations to aid creative knitters inspired by this pivotal decade.