Adaptation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change

Adaptation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change
Author: Ian Burton,Elizabeth Malone,Saleemul Huq
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 268
Release: 2004-11-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 052161760X

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Adaptation is a process by which individuals, communities and countries seek to cope with the consequences of climate change. The process of adaptation is not new; the idea of incorporating future climate risk into policy-making is. While our understanding of climate change and its potential impacts has become clearer, the availability of practical guidance on adaptation has not kept pace. The development of the Adaptation Policy Framework (APF) is intended to help provide the rapidly evolving process of adaptation policy-making with a much-needed roadmap. Ultimately, the purpose of the APF is to support adaptation processes to protect - and enhance - human well-being in the face of climate change. This volume will be invaluable for everyone working on climate change adaptation and policy-making.

Deep Adaptation

Deep Adaptation
Author: Jem Bendell,Rupert Read
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2021-06-09
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9781509546855

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‘Deep adaptation’ refers to the personal and collective changes that might help us to prepare for – and live with – a climate-influenced breakdown or collapse of our societies. It is a framework for responding to the terrifying realization of increasing disruption by committing ourselves to reducing suffering while saving more of society and the natural world. This is the first book to show how professionals across different sectors are beginning to incorporate the acceptance of likely or unfolding societal breakdown into their work and lives. They do not assume that our current economic, social and political systems can be made resilient in the face of climate change but, instead, they demonstrate the caring and creative ways that people are responding to the most difficult realization with which humanity may ever have to come to terms. Edited by the originator of the concept of deep adaptation, Jem Bendell, and a leading climate activist and strategist, Rupert Read, this book is the essential introduction to the concept, practice and emerging global movement of Deep Adaptation to climate chaos.

The Great Adaptation

The Great Adaptation
Author: Romain Felli
Publsiher: Verso Books
Total Pages: 177
Release: 2021-07-20
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781788734141

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When capitalism doesn't fight climate change but rather tries to make a buck out of it The Great Adaptation tells the story of how scientists, governments and corporations have tried to deal with the challenge that climate change poses to capitalism by promoting adaptation to the consequences of climate change, rather than combating its causes. From the 1970s neoliberal economists and ideologues have used climate change as an argument for creating more "flexibility" in society, that is for promoting more market-based solutions to environmental and social questions. The book unveils the political economy of this potent movement, whereby some powerful actors are thriving in the face of dangerous climate change and may even make a profit out of it.

Adapting to Climate Change

Adapting to Climate Change
Author: Joel B. Smith,Neeloo Bhatti,Gennady V. Menzhulin,Ron Benioff,Max Campos,Bubu Jallow,Frank Rijsberman,Mikhail I. Budyko,R.K. Dixon
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 479
Release: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781461384717

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Global climate change is one of the most important environmental issues facing the world today. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) acknowledges the potential for global climate change to have major effects on the world economy. The work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Cli mate Change (lPCC) is focused on evaluating the scientific data on climate change and analyzing the potential responses to it. One of the primary issues in the global climate change debate is how to adapt to any change that might occur. The process ofidentifying adaptation measures and evaluating their effectiveness is the focus of this book. In dealing with climate change adaptation, the sequence of events in conduct ing these types of analyses can be generalized as follows: • Develop scenarios for the possible range of climate change, • Assess the vulnerability of various sectors of the national economy and infrastructure to climate change, and • Identify and evaluate measures in each sector to adapt to the climate change It is this third step that is the subject of this book. In presenting this material, Chapter 1 gives an overview of the concept of climate change adaptation and the general principles guiding the conduct of analyses in this area. Chapters 2-7 give the results of evaluating climate change adaptation options in the agriculture, water resources, coastal resources, forest and ecosystems, fisheries, and human settlements sectors.

Investing to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change

Investing to Mitigate and Adapt to Climate Change
Author: Anthony Bonen,Mr.Prakash Loungani,Willi Semmler,Sebastian Koch
Publsiher: International Monetary Fund
Total Pages: 46
Release: 2016-08-05
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781475523690

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We propose a macroeconomic model to assess optimal public policy decisions in the the face of competing funding demands for climate change action versus traditional welfare-enhancing capital investment. How to properly delineate the costs and benefits of traditional versus adaption-focused development remains an open question. The paper places particular emphasis on the changing level of risk and vulnerabilities faced by developing countries as they allocate investment toward growth strategies, adapting to climate change and emissions mitigation.

Adapting Cities to Climate Change

Adapting Cities to Climate Change
Author: David Dodman,Jane Bicknell,David Satterthwaite
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 408
Release: 2012-05-31
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9781136572548

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This volume brings together, for the first time, a wide-ranging and detailed body of information identifying and assessing risk, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in urban centres in low- and middle-income countries. Framed by an overview of the main possibilities and constraints for adaptation, the contributors examine the implications of climate change for cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and propose innovative agendas for adaptation. The book should be of interest to policy makers, practitioners and academics who face the challenge of addressing climate change vulnerability and adaptation in urban centres throughout the global South. Published with E&U and International Institute for Environment and Development

Dealing with climate change on small islands Towards effective and sustainable adaptation

Dealing with climate change on small islands  Towards effective and sustainable adaptation
Author: Carola Klöck,Michael Fink
Publsiher: Göttingen University Press
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2019
Genre: Climate change mitigation
ISBN: 9783863954352

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Small islands have received growing attention in the context of climate change. Rising sea-levels, intensifying storms, changing rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures force islanders to deal with and adapt to a changing climate. How do they respond to the challenge? What works, what doesn’t – and why? The present volume addresses these questions by exploring adaptation experiences in small islands across the world’s oceans from various perspectives and disciplines, including geography, anthropology, political science, psychology, and philosophy. The contributions to the volume focus on political and financial difficulties of climate change governance; highlight the importance of cultural values, local knowledge and perceptions in and for adaptation; and question to what extent mobility and migration constitute sustainable adaptation. Overall, the contributions highlight the diversity of island contexts, but also their specific challenges; they present valuable lessons for both adaptation success and failure, and emphasise island resilience and agency in the face of climate change.

The Age of Adaptation

The Age of Adaptation
Author: David Collins
Publsiher: Rockwood Publishing
Total Pages: 202
Release: 2023-11-03
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9182736450XXX

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As our planet continues its relentless journey through climate change, we stand on the precipice of an era unlike any other. "The Age of Adaptation: How Climate Change is Reshaping Our World and Our Minds," is a compelling book that offers a profound examination of the ways in which climate change is not just transforming our physical world, but also the complex landscape of human psychology, society, and politics. Author David Collins delves into the mental and emotional shifts happening as we confront our planet's new reality and also highlights the inspiring resilience and adaptability of the human spirit. “The Age of Adaptation” examines how climate change is subtly yet significantly reshaping our social fabric, disrupting economies, and challenging established norms and behaviors. This book empowers readers with essential knowledge, pushes for a fresh understanding of climate change beyond just environmental science, and is a must-read for anyone curious about the future of our world. Prepare to be informed, challenged, and ultimately, inspired.