Native American Songs for Piano Solo

Native American Songs for Piano Solo Author: GAIL SMITH
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

A truly fresh and exciting book of piano solos featuring authentic Native American melodies. the history of the American Indian is sometimes a sad drama, yet is filled with a wonder reflected in music. This book, the result of extensive research by the outstanding educator, composer and musicologist, Gail Smith, ...

The Songs of Hollywood

The Songs of Hollywood Author: Philip Furia
Publisher: Oxford University Press

From "Over the Rainbow" to "Moon River" and from Al Jolson to Barbra Streisand, The Songs of Hollywood traces the fascinating history of song in film, both in musicals and in dramatic movies such as High Noon. Extremely well-illustrated with 200 film stills, this delightful book sheds much light on some ...

The Unorthodox Guitar

The Unorthodox Guitar Author: Mike Frengel
Publisher: Oxford University Press

The Unorthodox Guitar: A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice is a comprehensive resource for experimentally minded guitarists and composers wishing to write for or perform on the instrument in new ways. The book focuses primarily on unconventional approaches to guitar performance, which include alternative tunings, extended techniques, instrumental preparations, electronic ...

For The First Time (I've Fallen In Love)

For The First Time  I ve Fallen In Love Author: David Kapp
Publisher: Roba Digital Sheets

Die Originalversion von "For The First Time" wurde 1943 veröffentlicht. Von verschiedenen Künstlern wurden in den letzten Jahrzehnten zahlreiche Bearbeitungen des Songs angefertigt. In dieser Ausgabe sind die Klaviernoten im Violin- und Bassschlüssel enthalten. Text, Akkorde und Gesangsmelodie sind separat notiert....

New Perspectives on Music and Gesture

New Perspectives on Music and Gesture Author: Elaine King
Publisher: Routledge

Building on the insights of the first volume on Music and Gesture (Gritten and King, Ashgate 2006), the rationale for this sequel volume is twofold: first, to clarify the way in which the subject is continuing to take shape by highlighting both central and developing trends, as well as popular and ...

Gustav and Alma Mahler

Gustav and Alma Mahler Author: Susan M. Filler
Publisher: Routledge

This revised edition of Garland's 1989 publication updates the core bibliography on Gustave Mahler (as well as his spouse and fellow composer Alma Mahler) by incorporating new research gathered over the past dozen years on his life and professional works. Gustave Mahler, renowned conductor and composer of symphonies and song cycles, ...

Old Time Stringband Workshop for Clawhammer Banjo

Old Time Stringband Workshop for Clawhammer Banjo Author: JANE KEEFER
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

Old Time Stringband Workshop for Banjo is one in a set of four books, each with a matching collection of 40 traditional type fiddle tunes arranged to develop ensemble and jam session playing skills with other acoustic instruments, as well as to expand your repertoire of tunes. the music is presented ...

Strictly Classics, Book 1

Strictly Classics  Book 1 Author: John O'Reilly
Publisher: Alfred Music

This flexible new collection of string ensembles will inspire chamber music performance while introducing beginners to some of the greatest classic themes ever written. Correlated with Strictly Strings Book 1, Strictly Classics contains 18 ensembles spanning four centuries of music. Its flexible format provides performance opportunities for solo (with piano accompaniment), duet ...

Ladies of Soul

Ladies of Soul Author: David Freeland
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

American soul music of the 1960s is one of the most creative and influential musical forms of the twentieth century. With its merging of gospel, R&B, country, and blues, soul music succeeded in crossing over from African American culture into the general pop culture. Soul became the byword for ...

Modern Guitar Method Grade 3, Expanded Edition

Modern Guitar Method Grade 3  Expanded Edition Author: WILLIAM BAY
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications

This expanded edition of the acclaimed Modern Guitar Method Grade 3 contains outstanding solos, etudes, chord melody studies, scale studies and duets in the keys of A, F#m, G, D, Em, Bm, F, Dm, Bb, Gm, Eb, Cm, Ab and Fm! In addition, 2nd and 3rd positions are thoroughly explored. ...

Belwin Intermediate Band Method

Belwin Intermediate Band Method Author: Fred Weber
Publisher: Alfred Music

The Belwin Intermediate Band Method is designed for class or full band instruction following any elementary band or individual method....

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom Author: Susan McClary
Publisher: Univ of California Press

With her usual combination of erudition, innovation, and spirited prose, Susan McClary reexamines the concept of musical convention in this fast-moving and refreshingly accessible book. Exploring the ways that shared musical practices transmit social knowledge, Conventional Wisdom offers an account of our own cultural moment in terms of two dominant ...

Never Enough: The Story of The Cure

Never Enough  The Story of The Cure Author: Jeff Apter
Publisher: Omnibus Press

The Cure emerged in the post-punk 70s and defied all expectations to launch a marathon career marked by hit records and a string of sell-out arena shows. In 2004, after numerous personnel changes, the band delivered their Greatest Hits album in 2004.This biography traces the roots in middle-class Crawley, Sussex and ...

Who’s Who

Who   s Who Author: Sheikh, M. A.
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

I first met M.A Sheikh in the late nineteen seventies as my interest in music grew beyond that of mere appreciation. I was looking for people who could help in developing my taste further and on being recommended I went to visit M. A Sheikh who had an office ...

The Resonance of a Small Voice

The Resonance of a Small Voice Author: Paolo Petrocelli
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

This book constitutes both a study and a historical musicological analysis of Sir William Walton's Violin Concerto, treating the form of the violin concerto in general in England, as it developed between 1900 and 1940, taking into consideration the works of Charles Villiers Stanford, Edward Elgar, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Frederick Delius, Ralph Vaughan ...

Drama Kings

Drama Kings Author: Joshua Goldstein
Publisher: Univ of California Press

In this colorful and detailed history, Joshua Goldstein describes the formation of the Peking opera in late Qing and its subsequent rise and re-creation as the epitome of the Chinese national culture in Republican era China. Providing a fascinating look into the lives of some of the opera’s key ...

The Courtesan's Arts

The Courtesan s Arts Author: Martha Feldman
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Courtesans, hetaeras, tawaif-s, ji-s--these women have exchanged artistic graces, elevated conversation, and sexual favors with male patrons throughout history and around the world. Of a different world than common prostitutes, courtesans deal in artistic and intellectual pleasures in ways that are wholly interdependent with their commerce in sex. In pre-colonial ...

Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings

Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings Author: Steve Sullivan
Publisher: Scarecrow Press

The Encyclopedia of Great Popular Song Recordings, Volumes 1 and 2 covers the full range of popular music recordings with virtually unprecedented breadth and depth. In this 2-volume encyclopedia, Sullivan explores approximately 1,000 song recordings from 1889 to the present, telling the stories behind the songs, recordings, performers, and songwriters. From the Victorian parlor ...

Ludovico Einaudi Film Music: 17 Pieces for solo piano

Ludovico Einaudi Film Music  17 Pieces for solo piano Author: Ludovico Einaudi
Publisher: Chester Music

Ludovico Einaudi's beautifully evocative music lends itself so perfectly to use in films that for many years directors have been using it to complement their images. 17 of the best examples of his music for film over the past two decades are included here in this Film Music collection, arranged for ...

Waking the Spirit

Waking the Spirit Author: Andrew Schulman
Publisher: Picador

An Oliver Sacks Foundation Best Book of the Year Selection, Finalist for the Books for a Better Life "Best First Book” Award, and a People Magazine Pick in nonfiction. The astounding story of a critically ill musician who is saved by music and returns to the same hospital to help ...

The Bob Dylan Albums

The Bob Dylan Albums Author: Anthony Varesi
Publisher: Guernica Editions

In the process Varesi unearths new meaning in both Dylan's most famous works and in songs that have received less attention."--BOOK JACKET....