Six Faces of Globalization

Six Faces of Globalization
Author: Anthea Roberts,Nicolas Lamp
Publsiher: Harvard University Press
Total Pages: 401
Release: 2021-09-28
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9780674245952

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An essential guide to the intractable public debates about the virtues and vices of economic globalization, cutting through the complexity to reveal the fault lines that divide us and the points of agreement that might bring us together. Globalization has lifted millions out of poverty. Globalization is a weapon the rich use to exploit the poor. Globalization builds bridges across national boundaries. Globalization fuels the populism and great-power competition that is tearing the world apart. When it comes to the politics of free trade and open borders, the camps are dug in, producing a kaleidoscope of claims and counterclaims, unlikely alliances, and unexpected foes. But what exactly are we fighting about? And how might we approach these issues more productively? Anthea Roberts and Nicolas Lamp cut through the confusion with an indispensable survey of the interests, logics, and ideologies driving these intractable debates, which lie at the heart of so much political dispute and decision making. The authors expertly guide us through six competing narratives about the virtues and vices of globalization: the old establishment view that globalization benefits everyone (win-win), the pessimistic belief that it threatens us all with pandemics and climate change (lose-lose), along with various rival accounts that focus on specific winners and losers, from China to AmericaÕs rust belt. Instead of picking sides, Six Faces of Globalization gives all these positions their due, showing how each deploys sophisticated arguments and compelling evidence. Both globalizationÕs boosters and detractors will come away with their eyes opened. By isolating the fundamental value conflictsÑgrowth versus sustainability, efficiency versus social stabilityÑdriving disagreement and show where rival narratives converge, Roberts and Lamp provide a holistic framework for understanding current debates. In doing so, they showcase a more integrative way of thinking about complex problems.

The Banana Girls

The Banana Girls
Author: Hirji, Karim F.
Publsiher: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers
Total Pages: 146
Release: 2017-07-19
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9789987083206

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Two talented high school girls, who are also best friends, have resolved to eat bananas everyday. Together with their devotion to the truth and idealistic spirit, this addiction slowly propels them far into the lands of ideas and action. From reserved science students, they evolve to be steadfast fighters for justice, and ultimately find themselves behind bars, convicted of terrorism related charges. This action packed novel traces that evolution through a wide cast of characters that range from school mates, teachers, family members, street vendors to state officials and businessmen, both national and international. It is a story, based in Africa, of true friendship and the struggle for a decent human existence in the face of powerful adversaries. Though otherwise entirely fictional, it derives from existent and historical realities. Interspersed within its pages, you will find enticing entities from the plant kingdom as well as songs, photos and mathematical ideas relating to bananas. The supplementary material at the end provides an introduction to the factual basis of the story.

Six Plays of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Six Plays of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict
Author: Jamil Khoury,Michael Malek Najjar,Corey Pond
Publsiher: McFarland
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2018-08-22
Genre: Drama
ISBN: 9781476675909

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A bold and singular collection of six plays by Arab and Jewish playwrights explores the human toll of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: The Admission by Motti Lerner, Scenes From 70* Years by Hannah Khalil, Tennis in Nablus by Ismail Khalidi, Urge for Going by Mona Mansour, The Victims by Ken Kaissar, and The Zionists by Zohar Tirosh-Polk. Rather than striving to achieve balance and moral equivalency between "competing" narratives, the plays investigate themes of identity, justice, occupation, exile, history and homeland with honesty and integrity. The plays do not "take sides" or adhere to ideological orthodoxies but challenge tribalism and narrow definitions of nationalism, while varying widely in thematic content, dramatic structure, and time and place. Where politicians and diplomats fail, artists and storytellers may yet succeed--not in ratifying a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, but in building the sort of social and political connectivity that enables resolution.

No More Bananas

No More Bananas
Author: Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
Publsiher: Effectual Strategy Press
Total Pages: 261
Release: 2019-06-21
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9789082344363

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“Feel better, get done more and become a nicer person” In this age of social media, fake news, individualism and information overload, the certainties we relied on in the past are gone. In our quest for assurance and support, the only seemingly dependable pillar left is other people. So we look to them. But they are unsettled too. And by looking to them, we create and perpetuate our own vicious stress-cycle. As a result, we lose our sensible selves. And we go bananas. But there is good news. If we look around us, there are people who withstand the collective lunacy and stay grounded. They do something that most of us have a hard time doing: they stay themselves. And the best news is that what they can do, you can do too. It doesn’t require any special talents or supernatural powers. It only requires doing. In this amiable, open and accessible book, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink takes you on his personal journey out of Bananaland. Drawing from cognitive psychology, martial arts, Saint Benedict, personal experience, and a wide range of other sources, the book offers a nine-step approach with some remarkably practical advice for keeping a cool head in the collective lunacy. “Free yourself from the collective lunacy and reclaim your calm and sensible self”

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Strategy Guide

Dragon Ball Z  Kakarot   Strategy Guide
Total Pages: 357
Release: 2020-02-13
Genre: Games & Activities
ISBN: 9781630418397

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Experience the story of DRAGON BALL Z like never before playing out epic confrontations and light-hearted side quests. Live, fight and breath as Goku as you cultivate relationships, take on the meanest foes and hone your culinary skills. The guide for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all the sagas and substories while also detailing vital information on all skills and the Community Board. Inside Version 1.1 - Full Walkthrough of the main storyline - Coverage of all Substories - Trophy/Achievement Guide - All Collectibles - All Skills - Community Board Breakdown

Nevile and the Lost Bridge

Nevile and the Lost Bridge
Author: Debbie Jacob
Publsiher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2021-03-25
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781398319516

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There have been many great and enduring works of literature by Caribbean authors over the last century. The Caribbean Contemporary Classics collection celebrates these deep and vibrant stories, overflowing with life and acute observations about society. In the year 2222, Neville and his friends Nina and A.T. are elite bridge builders in the province of Aribbea, where children go to work, adults go to school, and everyone is ruled by a tyrannical king. No-one remembers what life was like before the calamitous event which brought the king to power, and enabled him to lock up all secrets and memory in his own library. Aribbeans now have no memory, and no understanding of the world outside the bridges on which they live. When Neville, Nina and A.T. find themselves plunging from a bridge to the land and sea below, they have no idea what will befall them. Sometimes together, sometimes apart, each must make his or her way through the tests and challenges which await them, to find their true place and to begin to recover their history. Accompanied by a varied cast of companions, they encounter Pierre the Bacoo, Papa Bois, the rasta Hunn Dread, Hanuman the monkey and the last dog in Arribea. This motley crew succeeds in posing the first real challenge to his rule which the king has ever faced. What does friendship and loyalty mean? How do we know when we are safe, and what makes us so? Who can we trust?

Chicken Soup for the Grandparent s Soul

Chicken Soup for the Grandparent s Soul
Author: Jack Canfield,Mark Victor Hansen
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2012-08-07
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781453280072

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In this latest addition to the Chicken Soup family, children and grandchildren will relive memories of their parents and grandparents as they read stories of love, humor and wisdom.

Moral Writings

Moral Writings
Author: H. A. Prichard
Publsiher: Clarendon Press
Total Pages: 324
Release: 2002-08-01
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 9780191530494

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