Burton s Lost Breweries From Old Photographs

Burton s Lost Breweries From Old Photographs
Author: Terry Garner
Publsiher: Amberley Publishing Limited
Total Pages: 168
Release: 2017-08-15
Genre: Photography
ISBN: 9781445675398

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Explore the history of Burton-on-Trent's lost breweries through this fascinating collection of beautiful photographs.

Last Boat Out of Shanghai

Last Boat Out of Shanghai
Author: Helen Zia
Publsiher: Ballantine Books
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2019-01-22
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780525618867

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The dramatic real life stories of four young people caught up in the mass exodus of Shanghai in the wake of China’s 1949 Communist revolution—a heartrending precursor to the struggles faced by emigrants today. “A true page-turner . . . [Helen] Zia has proven once again that history is something that happens to real people.”—New York Times bestselling author Lisa See NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR AND THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR • FINALIST FOR THE PEN/JACQUELINE BOGRAD WELD AWARD FOR BIOGRAPHY Shanghai has historically been China’s jewel, its richest, most modern and westernized city. The bustling metropolis was home to sophisticated intellectuals, entrepreneurs, and a thriving middle class when Mao’s proletarian revolution emerged victorious from the long civil war. Terrified of the horrors the Communists would wreak upon their lives, citizens of Shanghai who could afford to fled in every direction. Seventy years later, members of the last generation to fully recall this massive exodus have revealed their stories to Chinese American journalist Helen Zia, who interviewed hundreds of exiles about their journey through one of the most tumultuous events of the twentieth century. From these moving accounts, Zia weaves together the stories of four young Shanghai residents who wrestled with the decision to abandon everything for an uncertain life as refugees in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States. Benny, who as a teenager became the unwilling heir to his father’s dark wartime legacy, must decide either to escape to Hong Kong or navigate the intricacies of a newly Communist China. The resolute Annuo, forced to flee her home with her father, a defeated Nationalist official, becomes an unwelcome exile in Taiwan. The financially strapped Ho fights deportation from the U.S. in order to continue his studies while his family struggles at home. And Bing, given away by her poor parents, faces the prospect of a new life among strangers in America. The lives of these men and women are marvelously portrayed, revealing the dignity and triumph of personal survival. Herself the daughter of immigrants from China, Zia is uniquely equipped to explain how crises like the Shanghai transition affect children and their families, students and their futures, and, ultimately, the way we see ourselves and those around us. Last Boat Out of Shanghai brings a poignant personal angle to the experiences of refugees then and, by extension, today. “Zia’s portraits are compassionate and heartbreaking, and they are, ultimately, the universal story of many families who leave their homeland as refugees and find less-than-welcoming circumstances on the other side.”—Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club


Author: Bill Yenne
Publsiher: Race Point Publishing
Total Pages: 291
Release: 2014-04-01
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781627882477

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Join author Bill Yenne on a whirlwind tour of the world of beer! After a quick stop to learn about the anatomy of beer, including ingredients, styles, and even museums, Beer: The Ultimate World Tour will take you to all the regions of the world. Inside, you will find maps, charts, illustrations, and photographs showcasing favorite brews of the areas!Featuring beer from regions like: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain & Ireland, France, Netherlands, USA, Caribbean, Canada, Australia/New Zealand/Far East, And more! So grab a pint and dive into a wonderful tour of one of the world’s best beverages!

China in Old Photographs 1860 1910

China in Old Photographs  1860 1910
Author: Burton F. Beers
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 168
Release: 1981
Genre: China
ISBN: PSU:000014851155

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Lost Teams of the Midlands

Lost Teams of the Midlands
Author: Mike Bradbury
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 452
Release: 2013-10
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781483695297

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Association Football did not magically begin with the formation of the Football Association in 1863: for centuries before, leather and rag balls had been kicked about, often as a smoke-screen for a jolly good brawl amongst the ruffians of the town or village! In medieval times, the common people from all over the Midlands would chase after a stuffed leather football, sometimes from dawn till dusk, from one end of town to the other. Football, in all its various forms, was the game of the people. Centuries later, in England's universities and public schools, the game was brought under a unified set of rules by middle and upper-class young men who formed exclusive football clubs for their fellows and tried to keep the Association game between themselves. Back in the Midlands, however, pioneering men started football teams for the working-class society, and within a decade, there were hundreds of such teams from Worcester to Sheffield. Football had been given back to the common man. This book gives an insight into over sixty small clubs who were the mainstay of organised football across the Midlands from the embryonic 1860s to beyond professionalism in the 1890s. Many new details and photographs are being published for the first time, as the author travels all over the eight counties of the Midlands to find the lost grounds and the Lost Teams of the Midlands. In This Book, Author Mike Bradbury Brings together a history and description of over sixty of the most prominent lost' Midlands football clubs from the Victorian era, many defunct even before 1900 Discovers the location of the lost Trapezium Ground in Wednesbury Discovers the location of the Shrubbery Ground where Tipton FC played in the 1870s Establishes four of the grounds used by Derby Junction and other Derby teams Establishes the site of Derby Midland FC's lost ground near the railway station Discovers the true origins of Walsall Town Football Club Unearths previously unpublished pictures of Wellington St. George's and their Shropshire ground Discovers the previously unknown team colours for over twenty teams featured in this book, including Notts Olympic, B'ham Excelsior, Calthorpe, Derby Junction, Staveley Unravels the mystery of the two St. George's football teams in the Birmingham area Finds out what became of Walsall's oldest team, Rushall Rovers Publishes unseen photographs of Birmingham's oldest team, Saltley College, and their ground within the college Discovers the first two grounds of the early Bloxwich FC (Strollers) Presents maps showing the lost locations of the grounds of Rushall Rovers, Smethwick Carriage Works, Lozells FC, Wednesbury Strollers, Crosswells FC, and others Unearths the 1873 advert where players are asked to form the Walsall Football Club Discovers the lost' football ground at Aston Cross, used by Aston Shakespeare and Aston Victoria Finds and gets access to the lost' ground of the Willenhall Pickwicks, seven-times Staffordshire Junior Cup finalists Photographs all three grounds of pioneering Birmingham club, Calthorpe FC, and unearths their colours and their link to Aston Villa Discovers the lost' Vulcan ground used by early Derby teams in the city centre Has created a web site featuring over 100 photographs and maps of teams, players, and grounds, details of which are given inside the book

Brewers Guardian

Brewers  Guardian
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 430
Release: 1883
Genre: Brewing
ISBN: MINN:31951D00007095J

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The Beer Book

The Beer Book
Author: Tim Hampson
Publsiher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Total Pages: 354
Release: 2014-10-01
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9780241196830

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Your drinking companion to over 1,700 beers from around the world - now available in PDF The Beer Book is a comprehensive guide to the best beers in the world, exploring more beers than any other book. Beer, the drink to taste, savour, talk about and travel for. Explore its astonishing variety and rapidly expanding new tastes - thirst-quenching lagers, "meal-in-a-glass" stouts, peppery white beers, tangy fruit-based brews, and classic ales and bitters - with this updated guide to every good beer in the world. Tim Hampson, Chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers, takes you from Brazil to Slovakia, Japan to Belgium, to features every significant brewery in every significant brewing nation. Visit over 800 breweries, such as Guinness or Kronenburg and read detailed tasting notes for over 1,700 beers from a team of local specialists. Whet your appetite with five beer trails with trail maps that take you round key beer regions to experience the best breweries and brewpubs. With this updated edition of The Beer Book you can discover all the best beers of the world, which brands of beers to try and how best to enjoy them, with brews that are anything but 'a pint of the usual'. A perfect gift for beer lovers.

Pale Ale Revised

Pale Ale  Revised
Author: Terry Foster
Publsiher: Brewers Publications
Total Pages: 353
Release: 1999-04-07
Genre: Cooking
ISBN: 9781938469251

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Never before has the evolution of pale ale been so thoroughly explored. Terry Foster pays proper homage to this distinctive ale and the sub-styles it has spawned. This all-new revised and expanded edition includes a new section on American IPA’s, pale ales and amber ales. The Classic Beer Style Series from Brewers Publications examines individual world-class beer styles, covering origins, history, sensory profiles, brewing techniques and commercial examples.