Innovative Design and Construction

Innovative Design and Construction
Author: Stefan Behling,Christian Brensing,Andreas Fuchs,Christoph Ingenhoven
Publsiher: Walter de Gruyter
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2010-01-01
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9783955531713

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How is innovative architecture created? How can efficient synergies between planners and manufacturers be achieved? And how does an enterprise such as seele, with its proven high-level qualifications in the area of steel and glass, respond to planners' design ideas? These are just some of the questions answered in Innovative Design + Construction, the new publication in the DETAILdevelopment series. Using prestigious international projects as examples, the book explains the working philosophy and approach of the seele company, which stands for innovation in construction and customised solutions using the materials of glass, steel, aluminium and membranes like few other companies.

Staining of Facades

Staining of Facades
Author: M. Y. L. Chew,Tan Phay Ping,Phay Ping Tan
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2003
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9812382992

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Facade staining is a centuries-old building defect that is globally widespread. Millions of dollars are wasted annually for its rectification. A stained building looks old and worn-out, diminishing the value of the property and the confidence in occupying it. The facade's durability may also be affected by staining. Despite these wide and varying downstream implications, facade staining can actually be foreseen and prevented if conscientious efforts are made at the building's planning and design stages. This book provides insight into the underlying causes of facade staining and proposes an approach to address the root of the problem. It aims to raise awareness of crucial factors that should be understood and considered in the prevention or minimization of facade staining, hence reducing resource wastage in unnecessary maintenance work. Staining of Facades will serve as a useful guide for students as well as practitioners in related professions such as architecture, engineering, building, realestate, and project and property management, in their efforts to minimize the life-cycle costs of buildings.

Modern Construction Case Studies

Modern Construction Case Studies
Author: Andrew Watts
Publsiher: Birkhäuser
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2016-10-24
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9783035608809

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In the context of tight budgets, complex geometries, high energy efficiency, and flexible user functions mean that the requirements for technical details, and their execution in modern buildings, are very exacting. Modern Construction Case Studies presents planned, under construction and completed, innovative avant-garde projects – all designed by internationally recognized architectural practices such as Zaha Hadid, BIG, Jean Nouvel, Gensler, Lab Architecture Studio, RMJM Architecture, Nordic Office of Architecture, and others. The case studies are analyzed in a structured way under technical criteria, using text, photographs, 3D illustrations, and diagrams. They provide inspiration for new approaches that also work for smaller-scale projects.

Product Development and Architecture

Product Development and Architecture
Author: Uta Pottgiesser,Holger Strauß
Publsiher: Walter de Gruyter
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2013-05-28
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9783034608824

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From idea to product In the construction sector, demand is steadily increasing for innovative products. Product Development and Architecture presents selected examples that illustrate how the planning disciplines can contribute to such innovations in building. Introductory essays comprehensively explain the thematic and methodological framework. Case studies exemplify the transformation of ideas into prototypes or products. Creating dynamics, shifting boundaries, building and expanding networks, conserving resources, developing and optimizing planning tools, as well as implementing use-additive processes — all these processes are discussed in order to clarify the necessary collaboration between various actors in the construction industry. Groundbreaking solutions clearly explain the role applied sciences play in the active collaboration between university and industry, as well as the interdisciplinary integration of disciplines and experts. This publication presents interdisciplinary collaborative projects such as the “Seaweed Facade,” which resulted in the realization of a building with a bioreactor facade at the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg in 2012, or the "Printed Envelope,” the result of a collaborative research project in which free forms for the facade design were generated from 3D computer-generated processes.

Science and Technology of Building Seals Sealants Glazing and Waterproofing

Science and Technology of Building Seals  Sealants  Glazing and Waterproofing
Author: Michael A. Lacasse
Publsiher: ASTM International
Total Pages: 305
Release: 1996
Genre: Concrete
ISBN: 9780803120495

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Advanced Customization in Architectural Design and Construction

Advanced Customization in Architectural Design and Construction
Author: Roberto Naboni,Ingrid Paoletti
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 170
Release: 2014-12-04
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783319044231

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This book presents the state of the art in advanced customization within the sector of architectural design and construction, explaining important new technologies that are boosting design, product and process innovation and identifying the challenges to be confronted as we move toward a mass customization construction industry. Advanced machinery and software integration are discussed, as well as an overview of the manufacturing techniques offered through digital methods that are acquiring particular significance within the field of digital architecture. CNC machining, Robotic Fabrication, and Additive Manufacturing processes are all clearly explained, highlighting their ability to produce personalized architectural forms and unique construction components. Cutting-edge case studies in digitally fabricated architectural realizations are described and, looking towards the future, a new model of 100% customized architecture for design and construction is presented. The book is an excellent guide to the profound revolution taking place within the fields of architectural design and construction, characterized by computational tools, advanced fabrication means and custom-made high-performance architecture.

Construction of the Fa ade Systems

Construction of the Fa  ade Systems
Author: Ingrid Paoletti
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 146
Release: 2023
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9783031496080

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Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2015

Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2015
Author: Ershi Qi,Jiang Shen,Runliang Dou
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 888
Release: 2016-02-05
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9789462391772

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Being the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Industrial Engineering, IEEM 2015 aims to provide a high-level international forum for experts, scholars and entrepreneurs at home and abroad to present the recent advances, new techniques and applications face and face, to promote discussion and interaction among academics, researchers and professionals to promote the developments and applications of the related theories and technologies in universities and enterprises, and to establish business or research relations to find global partners for future collaboration in the field of Industrial Engineering. All the goals of the international conference are to fulfill the mission of the series conference which is to review, exchange, summarize and promote the latest achievements in the field of industrial engineering and engineering management over the past year, and to propose prospects and vision for the further development. This volume is the second of the two proceedings volumes from this conference.