Foundations of the Mind Brain and Behavioral Relationships

Foundations of the Mind  Brain  and Behavioral Relationships
Author: Jahangir Moini,Anthony LoGalbo,Raheleh Ahangari
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 484
Release: 2023-09-05
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 9780323959766

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Foundations of the Mind, Brain, and Behavioral Relationships: Understanding Physiological Psychology is an engaging introduction into neuroscience, and the portions of the nervous system, perception, and the clinical considerations in physiological psychology. "Clinical Applications" appear throughout the chapters and provide real-world examples of brain–behavior relationships, and how the nervous system interacts with other body systems to create a specific behavior. Creating an interactive experience for learners, this volume connects the study of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology with clinically relevant topics, ranging from stress and eating disorders to substance abuse, major affective disorders, and schizophrenia. Integrating the foundations of neuroscience with disorders encountered in clinical practice serves as a foundation to better understand the clinical bases of these conditions. Coauthored by clinical neuropsychologists, this book is for those interested in learning about the underpinnings of the mind, brain, and human behaviors in normal and divergent functioning. Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology are interconnected with disorders and clinically relevant practice "Clinical Application" sections throughout the chapters provide real-world examples of brain–behavior relationships Discussion of how the nervous system interacts with behaviors, consciousness, movements, and the five senses Chapters on cognitive disorders and clinical considerations of physiological psychology cover a variety of neurological disorders

The Mind s Machine

The Mind s Machine
Author: Neil V. Watson,S. Marc Breedlove
Publsiher: Sinauer
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2015-01-01
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 1605352764

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The Mind's Machine, introduced in 2012, was written to impart the core concepts of behavioral neuroscience to students in a diverse range of disciplines, including not only psychology and the other life sciences, but art, philosophy, media studies, linguistics, and the like. Through the use of streamlined text, full-color art, novel pedagogical features, and real-life examples and analogies, the book succeeded in engaging students new to neuroscience without sacrificing accuracy. Features NEW! Signs and Symptoms This new feature highlights important clinical issues related to the chapter topics that apply behavioral neuroscience to the study of clinical disorders. Vignettes Each chapter begins with a gripping vignette relating the material that follows to a real-life situation. Visual Summary A graphic layout helps organize the material, and directs students to the figures that reinforce each point. Bold-faced key terms, callouts to pertinent figures, and references to the Companion Website are provided. Parts Larger, standalone 'Parts' of chaptersare written discretely to maximize flexibility in assigning readings. Marginal Glossary Bold-faced terms are defined in the margins of the text to help students identify and learn key terminology as they read. Researchers at Work Important discoveries are explained and illustrated to highlight the process of experimentation and hypothesis testing. QR Codes Using their smartphones, students can instantly access support material from the Companion Website, such as animations, activities, and videos to further explain topics. Color Art The figures are beautifully drawn to aid students' understanding of biological processes. Concisely labeled and explained, the figures are one of the strongest pedagogical features in the text. Boxes Boxes describe interesting applications, important methods, sidelights, historical perspectives, or refreshers on theoretical concepts. A Step Further This feature offers additional, more advanced material for an instructor who wants to make certain topics more challenging or for students who want to know more 'How's it going?' Questions At the end of each section are review questions to help students organize and rehearse what they've learned from the text. Photographs Photographs show students 'real-life' examples of concepts and topics.

Mind Brain Body and Behavior

Mind  Brain  Body  and Behavior
Author: Ingrid G. Farreras,Caroline Hannaway,Victoria Angela Harden
Publsiher: IOS Press
Total Pages: 404
Release: 2004
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1586034715

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Provides insights not only into the work of the National Institutes of Health, but the relationship between institutional and governmental structures and the manner in which they influenced the direction taken by individual scientists. The recollections of the individuals in the intramural program juxtaposed alongside whatever primary sources have survived also provide an equally fascinating contrast. It provides a perspective that can illuminate contemporary policy debates about the nature and direction of biomedical and social science research as well as the relationships between government and science.

Cognitive Neuroscience Foundations for School Psychologists

Cognitive Neuroscience Foundations for School Psychologists
Author: Gabrielle Wilcox,Frank P. MacMaster,Erica Makarenko
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2022-11-29
Genre: Education
ISBN: 9781000784398

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Cognitive Neuroscience Foundations for School Psychologists provides a comprehensive overview of brain-behavior relationships relevant to the support of students at all ability levels. Carefully attuned to the shared language between neuroscience, psychology, and education, this book covers basic neuroanatomy, brain development in student academic performance, and general assessment and pedagogical implications and interventions in the classroom. School psychologists will be prepared to apply judicious neuroscientific findings to the initial stages of instruction through assessment and intervention, clearly linking best practices for classroom instruction, formative and summative assessment, and evidence-based intervention.

Matter of Mind

Matter of Mind
Author: Kenneth M. Heilman
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2002-01-24
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780190286927

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Most of what has been learned about how the brain mediates behavior comes from experiments of nature where a stroke or other damage to the brain produces changes in a person's behavior. In Matter of Mind, one of the leading figures in behavioral and cognitive neurology uses patient vignettes and other examples from his rich professional life to show just how much knowledge about brain functions such as reading, writing, language, control of emotions, skilled movement, perception, attention, and motivation has been gained from the study of patients with diseases of or damage to the brain. No knowledge of neurology or neuroscience is required to understand the book, which is intended for neurological patients and their families. It will also be of interest to professionals who study the brain or treat patients with brain damage including neuropsychologists, neurologists, neuroscientists, psychologists, physiatrists, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and their students and trainees.

The Behavioral and Social Sciences

The Behavioral and Social Sciences
Author: National Research Council,Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education,Committee on Basic Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Publsiher: National Academies Press
Total Pages: 301
Release: 1988-02-01
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780309037495

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This volume explores the scientific frontiers and leading edges of research across the fields of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, history, business, education, geography, law, and psychiatry, as well as the newer, more specialized areas of artificial intelligence, child development, cognitive science, communications, demography, linguistics, and management and decision science. It includes recommendations concerning new resources, facilities, and programs that may be needed over the next several years to ensure rapid progress and provide a high level of returns to basic research.

Foundations of Perceptual Theory

Foundations of Perceptual Theory
Author: S.C. Masin
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 421
Release: 1993-06-30
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 0080867537

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Historical analysis reveals that perceptual theories and models are doomed to relatively short lives. The most popular contemporary theories in perceptual science do not have as wide an acceptance among researchers as do some of those in other sciences. To understand these difficulties, the authors of the present volume explore the conceptual and philosophical foundations of perceptual science. Based on logical analyses of various problems, theories, and models, they offer a number of reasons for the current weakness of perceptual explanations. New theoretical approaches are also proposed. At the end of each chapter, dicussants contribute to the conclusions by critically examining the authors' ideas and analyses.

The Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions

The Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions
Author: E.A. Mayer,C.B. Saper
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 544
Release: 2000-02-03
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0080862470

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The current volume focuses on several key aspects of mind/brain/body interactions in health and disease, including specific examples of interactions between body and brain, mechanisms underlying the response of the system to stressors, the role of early life events in permanently biasing the responsiveness of the system and practical implications of mind body interactions in human disease. The volume on Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions is organized into 6 major sections, each dealing with a unique aspect of the general topic: After establishing the relationship between mind, brain and emotions, the first section deals with general neurobiological aspects mediating the effect of stress on various organ systems, including the immune and cardiovascular system. The second section covers the topic of how early life stressor can permanently alter responsiveness of the nervous system in animals and in man. The third section deals with influences of the internal environment, mediated by neuroendocrine and visceral afferent pathways on the CNS. The fourth section which deals with influences of body on the brain, focuses on mechanisms involved in perception and modulation of pain. The fifth section deals with influences of the mind/brain on the body, with an emphasis on central and peripheral mechanisms of autonomic control of body functions. The last section deals with a series of practical issues of mind body treatments, including acupuncture, breathing, body work and meditation. In addition, issues such as cost effectiveness and research aspects are discussed. Authors in this last section frequently refer to topics and mechanisms addressed in the early sections, making it a truly integrated volume. The unique aspect of the volume is the integration of state of the art research information on biological and practical aspects of mind/brain/body interactions. It is based on the beliefs of the editors and participants that the traditional separation of mind and body in research and in treatment of human disease is obsolete and needs to be replaced with a new unifying paradigm. Ironically, this evolving paradigm shares many similarities with ancient pre-Cartesian paradigms of health and disease.