A Crisis of Beliefs

A Crisis of Beliefs
Author: Nicola Gennaioli,Andrei Shleifer
Publsiher: Princeton University Press
Total Pages: 264
Release: 2020-03-10
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780691202235

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"How investor expectations move markets and the economy. The collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 caught markets and regulators by surprise. Although the government rushed to rescue other financial institutions from a similar fate after Lehman, it could not prevent the deepest recession in postwar history. A Crisis of Beliefs makes us rethink the financial crisis and the nature of economic risk. In this authoritative and comprehensive book, two of today's most insightful economists reveal how our beliefs shape financial markets, lead to expansions of credit and leverage, and expose the economy to major risks. Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer carefully walk readers through the unraveling of Lehman Brothers and the ensuing meltdown of the US financial system, and then present new evidence to illustrate the destabilizing role played by the beliefs of home buyers, investors, and regulators. Using the latest research in psychology and behavioral economics, they present a new theory of belief formation that explains why the financial crisis came as such a shock to so many people--and how financial and economic instability persist. A must-read for anyone seeking insights into financial markets, A Crisis of Beliefs shows how even the smartest market participants and regulators did not fully appreciate the extent of economic risk, and offers a new framework for understanding today's unpredictable financial waters."--

Financial Transformations Beyond The Covid 19 Health Crisis

Financial Transformations Beyond The Covid 19 Health Crisis
Author: Sabri Boubaker,Duc Khuong Nguyen
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 857
Release: 2022-05-18
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781800610798

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The COVID-19 global health pandemic, which started in late December 2019, forced many countries to adopt unusual measures such as social distancing and strict lockdowns. It changed many of our certainties and practices, including the foundations of the market-led version of capitalism, by bringing social and health considerations back to the forefront of firms' considerations, investors' strategies and governments' priorities. Under the effects of this unprecedented crisis, all sectors of finance and real economy have been seriously affected.Health uncertainties and their increasing consequences for human life and activities require stronger and faster actions to shape pathways towards sustainability and better resilience. The COVID-19 health crisis is a visible part of a greater iceberg: the World Health Organization has tracked, over recent years, a large number of epidemic events around the world, suggesting that many other similar diseases could appear and evolve in the future from epidemic to pandemic in a globalized world.Financial Transformations Beyond the COVID-19 Health Crisis was specifically designed to provide the readers with new results, recent findings and future outlook on the impacts of COVID-19 on financial markets, firm behaviors, and finance and investment strategies. It favors multidimensional perspectives and brings together conceptual, empirical and policy-oriented chapters, using quantitative and qualitative methods alike. This is a timely and comprehensive collection of theoretical, empirical and policy contributions from renowned scholars around the world, and provides the thoughts and insights required to rethink the financial sector in the event of new shocks of the same nature.

Impact of Covid 19 on German Consumer Behavior Elaboration Regarding a Sustained Change of Online Shopping

Impact of Covid 19 on German Consumer Behavior  Elaboration Regarding a Sustained Change of Online Shopping
Author: Michel Brandes
Publsiher: GRIN Verlag
Total Pages: 73
Release: 2021-10-11
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9783346510853

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Master's Thesis from the year 2021 in the subject Business economics - Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, Hamburg School of Business Administration gGmbH, language: English, abstract: The goal of this study was to elaborate the differences between COVID-19 induced and a potentially restriction free consumer behavior in 2024 regarding a sustained change of online shopping and the usage of digital services. Two different scenarios were developed (I) asking participants about their behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic and (II) asking participants about their behavior in a pandemic and restriction free environment in 2024. In order to elaborate potential effects, a research model was derived based on a conceptual framework investigating the long-term adherence of behavioral changes combined with item relationships regarding the sustained usage of services. The data was derived through online questionnaires. Afterwards, the conducted data was operationalized and elaborated through multiple (M)ANOVA. The key findings were that the satisfaction levels for both online shopping as well as for the digital services significantly decreased in scenario II. According to the research model this allows the conclusion that a sustained usage is negatively affected. Therefore, the observed acceleration of online shopping could potentially slow down and return to average growth levels. The reduction of satisfaction levels was supported by a correlation reduction of the frequency of use and money spent items which confirmed the reduction of online shopping as well as the usage of digital services. For the retail and e-commerce industry the findings allow strategic implications to prepare for the post pandemic consumer behavior. Consumers will potentially carry their positive experiences with them and translate those into future expectations towards retail and e-commerce. To mention are that due to the decreased satisfaction levels the traditional stationary retail store remains relevant and therefore should be strategically emphasized within retailer’s channel strategy.

Business Under Crisis Volume I

Business Under Crisis Volume I
Author: Demetris Vrontis,Alkis Thrassou,Yaakov Weber,S. M. Riad Shams,Evangelos Tsoukatos,Leonidas Efthymiou
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 273
Release: 2022-01-21
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9783030765675

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This book examines businesses under crisis conditions through a composition of contextual accounts. The Editors argue that crises are transformative, evolutionary and even revolutionary in the development of organizations, industries and markets. Moreover, crises reform the context in which organizations operate, including customers and their behaviour. As such, they need to be viewed as conduits to change, accelerators of evolution and catalysts of innovation in organizations. Emphasising the importance of ‘context’ and its complexities, the book argues that for crisis, as a concept and notion, context is crucial to any understanding of the meaning that should or could be attached to it. Drawing on different types of changes and crises that substantially affect business, including economic, technological, political, and environmental, chapters Bringing together scientific research and case studies on contextual transformations, the book provides a balanced selection of works across business disciplines, including management, strategy, marketing and finance as well as geographic regions, market types and industries. The book examines the context of crises, its indicators and triggers, and encompasses topics such as Artificial Intelligence, e-mobility, changes in consumption patterns, militancy and the impact of pandemics.

Panic Prosperity and Progress

Panic  Prosperity  and Progress
Author: Timothy Knight
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 480
Release: 2014-02-17
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781118684320

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A detailed guide to financial market performance during financial crises With the financial markets seemingly careening from one crisis to another, it's vital for today’s investors and traders to have an historical perspective on market performance during times of great turmoil. In this book, Tim Knight provides an exhaustive analysis of financial market behavior prior, during, and following tumultuous events since 1600. Making copious use of charts and basic technical analysis, Knight demonstrates how external shocks tend to create extreme reactions in the financial markets and how these predictable reactions provide opportunities for investors and traders to profit. Knight traverses five centuries of financial market history, from Tulipmania in the 1600s to the contemporary sovereign debt crisis. He looks at each event from the prism of the financial markets, examining the market climate prior to the event, during the event, and following the event. Draws essential lessons from history providing investors and traders with guidelines to better navigate markets in today's tumultuous times Offers valuable insights on understanding and anticipating market responses to shocks and crises Companion website with a Q&A section contains charts from key moments in past financial crises and asks readers to choose whether to go long, short, or step aside If you're looking for a better way to make it today's dynamic markets, look no further than this timely book.

Dangerous Markets

Dangerous Markets
Author: Dominic Barton,Roberto Newell,Gregory Wilson
Publsiher: John Wiley & Sons
Total Pages: 323
Release: 2002-10-02
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9780471429739

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A corporate guide to crisis management in volatile financial markets Current financial crises in Argentina, Japan, and Turkey are being played out on the front pages of newspapers, and these are just the most recent financial crises that have rolled across the globe in the last decade and whose far-reaching impact hurts business around the world. Dangerous Markets: Managing in Financial Crises recognizes that no global corporation or financial institution can afford to ignore the potential of a financial storm and will help top management and financial professionals navigate through this often disastrous maze. While many books discuss financial crises and their ramifications, none has presented an action plan for managing these storms—until now. Dangerous Markets: Managing in Financial Crises presents a method that allows executives and financial professionals to recognize the warning signs of a financial crisis and act appropriately before the situation spirals out of control. Based on years of research and practice in cleaning up the mess, McKinsey consultants Barton, Newell, and Wilson reveal the warning signs of potential financial catastrophes and provide unique principles that can be followed to shape and manage a strategy for survival.

Coronavirus Leadership and Recovery The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review

Coronavirus  Leadership and Recovery  The Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review
Author: Harvard Business Review,Martin Reeves,Nancy Koehn,Tsedal Neeley,Scott Berinato
Publsiher: Harvard Business Press
Total Pages: 93
Release: 2020-07-28
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781647820503

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Lead through the crisis and prepare for recovery. As the Covid-19 pandemic is exacting its toll on the global economy, forward-looking organizations are moving past crisis management and positioning themselves to leap ahead when the worst is over. What should you and your organization be doing now to address today's unprecedented challenges while laying the foundation needed to emerge stronger? Coronavirus: Leadership and Recovery provides you with essential thinking about managing your company through the pandemic, keeping your employees (and yourself) healthy and productive, and spurring your business to continue innovating and reinventing itself ahead of the recovery. Business is changing. Will you adapt or be left behind? Get up to speed and deepen your understanding of the topics that are shaping your company's future with the Insights You Need from Harvard Business Review series. Featuring HBR's smartest thinking on fast-moving issues—blockchain, cybersecurity, AI, and more—each book provides the foundational introduction and practical case studies your organization needs to compete today and collects the best research, interviews, and analysis to get it ready for tomorrow. You can't afford to ignore how these issues will transform the landscape of business and society. The Insights You Need series will help you grasp these critical ideas—and prepare you and your company for the future.

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report Authorized Edition

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report  Authorized Edition
Author: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
Publsiher: PublicAffairs
Total Pages: 576
Release: 2011-01-27
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781610390422

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The definitive report on what caused America's economic meltdown and who was responsibleThe financial and economic crisis has touched the lives of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and their homes, but many have little understanding of how it happened. Now, in this very accessible report, readers can get the facts. Formed in May 2009, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) is a panel of 10 commissioners with experience in business, regulations, economics, and housing, chosen by Congress to explain what happened and why it happened. This panel has had subpoena power that enabled them to interview people and examine documents that no reporter had access to. The FCIC has reviewed millions of pages of documents, and interviewed more than 600 leaders, experts, and participants in the financial markets and government regulatory agencies, as well as individuals and businesses affected by the crisis. In the tradition of The 9/11 Commission Report, "The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report" will be a comprehensive book for the lay reader, complete with a glossary, charts, and easy-to-read diagrams, and a timeline that includes important events. It will be read by policy makers, corporate executives, regulators, government agencies, and the American people.