Meteorites and the Early Solar System II

Meteorites and the Early Solar System II
Author: Dante S. Lauretta,Harry Y. McSween
Publsiher: University of Arizona Press
Total Pages: 978
Release: 2006-07
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780816525621

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They range in size from microscopic particles to masses of many tons. The geologic diversity of asteroids and other rocky bodies of the solar system are displayed in the enormous variety of textures and mineralogies observed in meteorites. The composition, chemistry, and mineralogy of primitive meteorites collectively provide evidence for a wide variety of chemical and physical processes. This book synthesizes our current understanding of the early solar system, summarizing information about processes that occurred before its formation. It will be valuable as a textbook for graduate education in planetary science and as a reference for meteoriticists and researchers in allied fields worldwide.

Meteorites and the Early Solar System

Meteorites and the Early Solar System
Author: John F. Kerridge,Mildred Shapley Matthews
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 1304
Release: 1988
Genre: Meteorites
ISBN: UOM:39015056626073

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Although the Earth was formed, together with the other planets, at the birth of the solar system, geological activity has since erased all but a hint of the processes that accompanied its formation. If we wish to explore the processes that occurred in the earliest solar system, and the nature of the environment in which they took place, we must turn to the record contained in more primitive material. Many meteorites appear to satisfy that criterion, and much effort has been applied during the past twenty years or so in identifying those meteorites, or their constituents, that have retained a reliable record of the early solar system. This book provides a synthesis of what has been learned so far about the earliest stages of solar system history through the study of meteorites, and what, given our current level of understanding, remains to be learned. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Source Regions 3. Secondary Processing 4. Irradiation Effects 5. Solar System Chronology 6. Chondrites and the Early Solar System 7. Elemental Composition of Chondrites 8. Magnetic Fields in the Early Solar System 9. Chondrules10. Primitive Material Surviving in chondrites11. Micrometeorites12. Inhomogencity of the Nebula13. Survival of Presolar Material in Meteorites14. Nucleosynthesis15. Nucleocosmochronology16. Summary

Oxygen in the Solar System

Oxygen in the Solar System
Author: Glenn J. MacPherson
Publsiher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Total Pages: 620
Release: 2018-12-17
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781501508509

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Volume 68 of Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry reviews Oxygen in the Solar System, an element that is so critically important in so many ways to planetary science. The book is based on three open workshops: Oxygen in the Terrestrial Planets, held in Santa Fe, NM July 20-23, 2004; Oxygen in Asteroids and Meteorites, held in Flagstaff, AZ June 2-3, 2005; and Oxygen in Earliest Solar System Materials and Processes (and including the outer planets and comets), held in Gatlinburg, TN September 19-22, 2005. As a consequence of the cross-cutting approach, the final book spans a wide range of fields relating to oxygen, from the stellar nucleosynthesis of oxygen, to its occurrence in the interstellar medium, to the oxidation and isotopic record preserved in 4.56 Ga grains formed at the Solar System's birth, to its abundance and speciation in planets large and small, to its role in the petrologic and physical evolution of the terrestrial planets. Contents: Introduction Oxygen isotopes in the early Solar System - A historical perspective Abundance, notation, and fractionation of light stable isotopes Nucleosynthesis and chemical evolution of oxygen Oxygen in the interstellar medium Oxygen in the Sun Redox conditions in the solar nebula: observational, experimental, and theoretical constraints Oxygen isotopes of chondritic components Mass-independent oxygen isotope variation in the solar nebula Oxygen and other volatiles in the giant planets and their satellites Oxygen in comets and interplanetary dust particles Oxygen and asteroids Oxygen isotopes in asteroidal materials Oxygen isotopic composition and chemical correlations in meteorites and the terrestrial planets Record of low-temperature alteration in asteroids The oxygen cycle of the terrestrial planets: insights into the processing and history of oxygen in surface environments Redox conditions on small bodies, the Moon and Mars Terrestrial oxygen isotope variations and their implications for planetary lithospheres Basalts as probes of planetary interior redox state Rheological consequences of redox state

Formation Of The Solar System The Theories Old And New 2nd Edition

Formation Of The Solar System  The  Theories Old And New  2nd Edition
Author: Woolfson Michael Mark
Publsiher: World Scientific
Total Pages: 440
Release: 2014-09-11
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781783265244

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This fully-updated second edition remains the only truly detailed exploration of the origins of our Solar System, written by an authority in the field. Unlike other authors, Michael Woolfson focuses on the formation of the solar system, engaging the reader in an intelligent yet accessible discussion of the development of ideas about how the Solar System formed from ancient times to the present.Within the last five decades new observations and new theoretical advances have transformed the way scientists think about the problem of finding a plausible theory. Spacecraft and landers have explored the planets of the Solar System, observations have been made of Solar-System bodies outside the region of the planets and planets have been detected and observed around many solar-type stars. This new edition brings in the most recent discoveries, including the establishment of dwarf planets and challenges to the ‘standard model’ of planet formation — the Solar Nebula Theory.While presenting the most up-to-date material and the underlying science of the theories described, the book avoids technical jargon and terminology. It thus remains a digestible read for the non-expert interested reader, whilst being detailed and comprehensive enough to be used as an undergraduate physics and astronomy textbook, where the formation of the solar system is a key part of the course.Michael Woolfson is Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics at University of York and is an award-winning crystallographer and astronomer.


Author: Harry Y. McSween, Jr,Gary R. Huss
Publsiher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2010-04-29
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781139489461

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How did the Solar System's chemical composition evolve? This textbook provides the answers in the first interdisciplinary introduction to cosmochemistry. It makes this exciting and evolving field accessible to undergraduate and graduate students from a range of backgrounds, including geology, chemistry, astronomy and physics. The authors - two established leaders who have pioneered developments in the field - provide a complete background to cosmochemical processes and discoveries, enabling students outside geochemistry to understand and explore the Solar System's composition. Topics covered include: - synthesis of nuclides in stars - partitioning of elements between solids, liquids and gas in the solar nebula - overviews of the chemistry of extraterrestrial materials - isotopic tools used to investigate processes such as planet accretion and element fractionation - chronology of the early Solar System - geochemical exploration of planets Boxes provide basic definitions and mini-courses in mineralogy, organic chemistry, and other essential background information for students. Review questions and additional reading for each chapter encourage students to explore cosmochemistry further.

Solar System Exploration

Solar System Exploration
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 158
Release: 2006
Genre: Outer space
ISBN: UOM:39015070705929

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In Quest of the Solar System

In Quest of the Solar System
Author: Theo Koupelis
Publsiher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Total Pages: 422
Release: 2010-02-04
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780763766290

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Available with WebAssign! Author Theo Koupelis has set the mark for a student-friendly, accessible introductory astronomy text with In Quest of the Universe. He has now developed a new text to accommodate those course that focus mainly on planets and the solar system. Ideal for the one-term course, In Quest of the Solar System opens with material essential to the introductory course (gravity, light, telescopes, the sun) and then moves on to focus on key material related to our solar system. Incorporating the rich pedagogy and vibrant art program that have made his earlier books a success, Koupelis' In Quest of the Solar System is the clear choice for students making their way through their first astronomy course.

Early Solar System Processes and the Present Solar System

Early Solar System Processes and the Present Solar System
Author: Devendra Lal,Società italiana di fisica
Publsiher: North-Holland
Total Pages: 294
Release: 1980
Genre: Cosmology
ISBN: UVA:X001322921

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