Author: Josep M. Guerrero,Ritu Kandari
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 270
Release: 2021-10-21
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780323854641

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Microgrids: Modeling, Control, and Applications presents a systematic elaboration of different types of microgrids, with a particular focus on new trends and applications. The book includes sections on AC, DC and hybrid AC/DC microgrids and reflects state-of-the-art developments, covering theory, algorithms, simulations, error and uncertainty analysis, as well as novel applications of new control techniques. Offering a valuable resource for students and researchers working on the integration of renewable energy with existing grid and control of microgrids, this book combines recent advances and ongoing research into a single informative resource. The book highlights recent findings while also analyzing modelling and control, thus making it a solid reference for researchers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students. Covers different types of microgrids and their architecture and control in a single book Includes original, state-of-the-art research contributions by international experts Features global case studies for better understanding and real-life examples

Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Converters for Microgrid Applications

Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Converters for Microgrid Applications
Author: Yang Han
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2021-08-27
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783030745134

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This book covers the fundamentals of power electronic converter modeling and control, digital simulation, and experimental studies in the area of renewable energy systems and AC/DC microgrid. Recent advanced control methods for voltage source inverters (VSIs) and the hierarchical controlled islanded microgrid are discussed, including the mathematical modeling, controller synthesis, parameter selection and multi-scale stability analysis, and consensus-based control strategies for the microgrid and microgrid clusters. The book will be an invaluable technical reference for practicing engineers and researchers working in the areas of renewable energy, power electronics, energy internet, and smart grid. It can also be utilized as reference book for undergraduate and postgraduate students in electrical engineering.

Planning of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems Electric Vehicles and Microgrid

Planning of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems  Electric Vehicles and Microgrid
Author: Aashish Kumar Bohre,Pradyumn Chaturvedi,Mohan Lal Kolhe,Sri Niwas Singh
Publsiher: Springer Nature
Total Pages: 1013
Release: 2022-05-21
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9789811909795

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This book focuses on various challenges, solutions, and emerging technologies in the operation, control, design, optimization, and protection of microgrids in the presence of hybrid renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. This book provides an insight into the potential applications and recent development of different types of renewable energy systems including AC/DC microgrids, RES integration issues with the grid, electric vehicle technology, etc. The book serves as an interdisciplinary platform for the audience working in the focused area to access information related to energy management, modeling, and control. It covers fundamental knowledge, design, mathematical modeling, applications, and practical issues with sufficient design problems and case studies with detailed planning aspects. This book will serve as a guide for researchers, academicians, practicing engineers, professionals, and scientists, as well as for graduate and postgraduate students working in the area of various applications of RES, Electric Vehicles, and AC/DC Microgrid.

Modeling Control Estimation and Optimization for Microgrids

Modeling  Control  Estimation  and Optimization for Microgrids
Author: Zhixiong Zhong
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 185
Release: 2019-10-28
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9781351032445

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Due to increasing economic and environmental pressures, small-scale grids have received increasing attention in the last fifteen years. These renewable sources, such as solar PVs, wind turbines, and fuel cells, integrated with grid, have changed the way we live our lives. This book describes microgrid dynamics modeling and nonlinear control issues from introductory to the advanced steps. The book addresses the most relevant challenges in microgrid protection and control including modeling, uncertainty, stability issues, local control, coordination control, power quality, and economic dispatch.

Modeling techniques and control strategies for inverter dominated microgrids

Modeling techniques and control strategies for inverter dominated microgrids
Author: Gkountaras, Aris
Publsiher: Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin
Total Pages: 172
Release: 2017-02-15
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783798328723

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The character of modern power systems is changing rapidly and inverters are taking over a considerable part of the energy generation. A future purely inverter-based grid could be a viable solution, if its technical feasibility can be first validated. The focus of this work lies on inverter dominated microgrids, which are also mentioned as 'hybrid' in several instances throughout the thesis. Hybrid, as far as the energy input of each generator is concerned. Conventional fossil fuel based generators are connected in parallel to renewable energy sources as well as battery systems. The main contributions of this work comprise of: The analysis of detailed models and control structures of grid inverters, synchronous generators and battery packs and the utilization of these models to formulate control strategies for distributed generators. The developed strategies accomplish objectives in a wide time scale, from maintaining stability during faults and synchronization transients as well as optimizing load flow through communication-free distributed control. Die Struktur der modernen Energieversorgung hat sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten massiv geändert. Dezentrale Generatoren, die auf Wechselrichtern basieren, übernehmen einen großen Teil der Energieerzeugung. Ein ausschließlich wechselrichterbasiertes Netz wäre ein realistischer Ansatz, wenn seine technische Machbarkeit verifiziert werden könnte. Die wichtigste Beiträge dieser Arbeit sind: Die Analyse von Modellen und Regelstrukturen von Netzwechselrichtern, Synchrongeneratoren und Batterieanlagen. Die entwickelten Modelle werden verwendet, um Regelstrategien für dezentrale Generatoren in Mittelspannungsinselnetzen zu formulieren. Die erste Strategie ist eine Synchronisationsmethode für netzbildende Wechselrichter. Zweitens wird die Leistungsaufteilung in Mittelspannungsinselnetzen mittels Droop Regelung analysiert. Weiterhin erfolgt die Untersuchung der transienten Lastaufteilung zwischen netzbildenden Einheiten mit unterschiedlichen Zeitkonstanten. Beim Betrieb mehrerer paralleler Wechselrichter wird der Einfluss der Netzimpedanz auf die transiente Lastaufteilung analysiert. Die dritte entworfene Regelstrategie umfasst die Integration der Sekundärregelung in die Primärregelung. Der Ladezustand von Batterien wird mit der Lastaufteilung gekoppelt, um die Autonomie des Netzes zu stärken. Abschließend wird eine Kurzschlussstrategie für netzbildende und netzspeisende Wechselrichter entwickelt. Ziel der Strategie ist die Maximierung des Kurzschlussstromes. Als zusätzliche Randbedingung soll keine Kommunikation zwischen Generatoren stattfinden.

Design Analysis and Applications of Renewable Energy Systems

Design  Analysis and Applications of Renewable Energy Systems
Author: Ahmad Taher Azar,Nashwa Ahmad Kamal
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 762
Release: 2021-09-09
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780323859912

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Design, Analysis and Applications of Renewable Energy Systems covers recent advancements in the study of renewable energy control systems by bringing together diverse scientific breakthroughs on the modeling, control and optimization of renewable energy systems as conveyed by leading energy systems engineering researchers. The book focuses on present novel solutions for many problems in the field, covering modeling, control theorems and the optimization techniques that will help solve many scientific issues for researchers. Multidisciplinary applications are also discussed, along with their fundamentals, modeling, analysis, design, realization and experimental results. This book fills the gaps between different interdisciplinary applications, ranging from mathematical concepts, modeling, and analysis, up to the realization and experimental work. Presents some of the latest innovative approaches to renewable energy systems from the point-of-view of dynamic modeling, system analysis, optimization, control and circuit design Focuses on advances related to optimization techniques for renewable energy and forecasting using machine learning methods Includes new circuits and systems, helping researchers solve many nonlinear problems

Microgrids Design and Implementation

Microgrids Design and Implementation
Author: Antonio Carlos Zambroni de Souza,Miguel Castilla
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 538
Release: 2018-11-29
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9783319986876

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This book addresses the emerging trend of smart grids in power systems. It discusses the advent of smart grids and selected technical implications; further, by combining the perspectives of researchers from Europe and South America, the book captures the status quo of and approaches to smart grids in a wide range of countries. It describes the basic concepts, enabling readers to understand the theoretical aspects behind smart grid formation, while also examining current challenges and philosophical discussions. Like the industrial revolution and the birth of the Internet, smart grids are certain to change the way people use electricity. In this regard, a new term – the “prosumer” – is used to describe consumers who may sometimes also be energy producers. This is particularly appealing if we bear in mind that most of the distributed power generation in smart grids does not involve carbon emissions. At first glance, the option of generating their own power could move consumers to leave their current energy provider. Yet the authors argue that doing so is not a wise choice: utilities will play a central role in this new scenario and should not be ignored.

Modeling and Control Dynamics in Microgrid Systems with Renewable Energy Resources

Modeling and Control Dynamics in Microgrid Systems with Renewable Energy Resources
Author: Ramesh C. Bansal,J. J. Justo,F. Mwasilu
Publsiher: Academic Press
Total Pages: 433
Release: 2023-11-23
Genre: Technology & Engineering
ISBN: 9780323909907

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Modelling and Control Dynamics in Microgrid Systems with Renewable Energy Resources looks at complete microgrid systems integrated with renewable energy resources (RERs) such as solar, wind, biomass or fuel cells that facilitate remote applications and allow access to pollution-free energy. Designed and dedicated to providing a complete package on microgrid systems modelling and control dynamics, this book elaborates several aspects of control systems from classical approach to advanced techniques based on artificial intelligence. It captures the typical modes of operation of microgrid systems with distributed energy storage applications like battery, flywheel, electrical vehicles infrastructures that are integrated within microgrids with desired targets. More importantly, the techno-economics of these microgrid systems are well addressed to accelerate the process of achieving the SDG7 i.e., affordable and clean energy for all (E4ALL). This reference presents the latest developments including step by step modelling processes, data security and standards protocol for commissioning of microgrid projects, making this a useful tool for researchers, engineers and industrialists wanting a comprehensive reference on energy systems models. Includes simulations with case studies and real-world applications of energy system models Detailed systematic modeling with mathematical analysis is covered Features possible operating scenarios with solutions to the encountered issues