The Autopilot in NetzwerkMensch

The Autopilot in NetzwerkMensch
Author: Ori Wolff
Publsiher: Lehmanns Media
Total Pages: 161
Release: 2024
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9783965434424

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The book 'The Autopilot in NetzwerkMensch' was published in 2020 as the third book in the NetzwerkMensch series in the German language. Now we are publishing the English version. 'The Autopilot in NetzwerkMensch' presents the physiology of NetzwerkMensch with scientific principles and tips for everyday life. It shows the holistic basics of human health with the motoric and the metabolic Autopilot as well as the Autopilot of thoughts and feelings. The polyvagale vegetative nervous system with its three circuits of regulation describes the main part of the Autopilot. We act according to our perception of fear, life threat and security. The vegetative polyvagale nervous system connects our body and mind with the world around us, using 'fast and slow thinking'. This perspective helps us to better understand our individual health situation and also to connect us to our inner peace. As a result we may develop a fellow human consciousness. With the awareness of our bio-logical body we can live a natural life naturally.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Author: Lawrence H. Lash,Dean P. Jones
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 528
Release: 2013-10-22
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781483218618

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Methods in Toxicology, Volume 2: Mitochondrial Dysfunction provides a source of methods, techniques, and experimental approaches for studying the role of abnormal mitochondrial function in cell injury. The book discusses the methods for the preparation and basic functional assessment of mitochondria from liver, kidney, muscle, and brain; the methods for assessing mitochondrial dysfunction in vivo and in intact organs; and the structural aspects of mitochondrial dysfunction are addressed. The text also describes chemical detoxification and metabolism as well as specific metabolic reactions that are especially important targets or indicators of damage. The methods for measurement of alterations in fatty acid and phospholipid metabolism and for the analysis and manipulation of oxidative injury and antioxidant systems are also considered. The book further tackles additional methods on mitochondrial energetics and transport processes; approaches for assessing impaired function of mitochondria; and genetic and developmental aspects of mitochondrial disease and toxicology. The text also looks into mitochondrial DNA synthesis, covalent binding to mitochondrial DNA, DNA repair, and mitochondrial dysfunction in the context of developing individuals and cellular differentiation. Microbiologists, toxicologists, biochemists, and molecular pharmacologists will find the book invaluable.

Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Author: Georges Serratrice,Jean-Louis Vildé
Publsiher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 93
Release: 2012-12-06
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9782817808680

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G Serratrice Les organisateurs de ce symposium en ont choisi le titre: {laquo} Syndrome de fatigue chronique {raquo}, titre dont chacun des termes doit être défini avec précision, ce qui, paradoxalement, n'est pas aisé. Syndrome: ensemble de symptômes ou de signes s'observant dans des états pathologiques différents mais ne déterminant pas à eux seuls la cause de la maladie. Fatigue: symptôme plus ou moins exprimé, moteur, intellectuel, sensoriel, sexuel selon les cas. Mais aussi signe traduit par l'incapacité à maintenir une force initiale pendant un effort continu. Ceci sépare la fatigue de la faiblesse, qui est l'incapacité à produire une force. Stricto sensu, l'asthénie et la fai blesse sont équivalentes. Mais l'usage, tout au moins en France, fait souvent confondre asthénie et fatigue. Chronique enfin. C'est sans doute sur cet adjectif que s'accumulent les plus grandes ambiguités. La simple lecture du programme d'aujour d'hui indique la difficulté de se situer entre une définition stricte - chronique signi fiant {laquo} permanent {raquo}, {laquo} qui dure {raquo} - et l'usage, surtout dans l'acception anglo-améri caine, qui réserve l'appellation de chronique à une forme particulière de fatigue, parfois dite post-virale. En fait, il convient, pour une claire compréhension, de sépa rer ce que l'on pourrait nommer les états de fatigue chronique {laquo} déterminés {raquo} dans leur mécanisme et ceux qui restent {laquo} indéterminés {raquo}. A l'évidence, les états dont le mécanisme est déterminé sont très diversifiés.

Syndromes pileptiques de l enfant et de l adolescent 5eme edition

Syndromes   pileptiques de l enfant et de l adolescent   5eme edition
Author: Bureau Michelle,Genton Pierre,Dravet Charlotte
Publsiher: John Libbey Eurotext
Total Pages: 667
Release: 2013-09-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9782742011223

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Un DVD inclus avec des séquences vidéos inédites pour chaque chapitre ! L’épileptologie change, et les approches syndromiques sont maintenant complétées par une approche étiologique fondée sur les progrès considérables en génétique. Une approche purement « électro-clinique » n’est plus adaptée aujourd’hui dans bien des cas. Cette 5e édition du « Guide bleu » fait le point sur les plus récents progrès. Ainsi, la structure du livre a un peu évolué, laissant plus de place aux approches : - physiologiques - épidémiologiques - génétiques - thérapeutique Néanmoins, la description des syndromes épileptiques reste au cœur de cet ouvrage. La diversité des contributeurs – coordinateurs et auteurs – confère à ce livre des qualités d’objectivité et de sérieux qui en font la réputation depuis maintenant près de 30 ans.

Physical Fitness sports Medicine

Physical Fitness sports Medicine
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 420
Release: 1983
Genre: Exercise
ISBN: PSU:000056048698

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Quarterly. Covers medical aspects of exercise, exercise physiology, physical conditioning, and sports injuries. Includes worldwide journals and some papers presented at selected congresses. Index medicus format with subject and author listings.

Index Medicus

Index Medicus
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 2324
Release: 2004
Genre: Medicine
ISBN: MINN:31951P00992554H

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Vols. for 1963- include as pt. 2 of the Jan. issue: Medical subject headings.

Cellular Organelles

Cellular Organelles
Author: Edward Bittar
Publsiher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 287
Release: 1995-12-08
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0080528791

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The purpose of this volume is to provide a synopsis of present knowledge of the structure, organisation, and function of cellular organelles with an emphasis on the examination of important but unsolved problems, and the directions in which molecular and cell biology are moving. Though designed primarily to meet the needs of the first-year medical student, particularly in schools where the traditional curriculum has been partly or wholly replaced by a multi-disciplinary core curriculum, the mass of information made available here should prove useful to students of biochemistry, physiology, biology, bioengineering, dentistry, and nursing. It is not yet possible to give a complete account of the relations between the organelles of two compartments and of the mechanisms by which some degree of order is maintained in the cell as a whole. However, a new breed of scientists, known as molecular cell biologists, have already contributed in some measure to our understanding of several biological phenomena notably interorganelle communication. Take, for example, intracellular membrane transport: it can now be expressed in terms of the sorting, targeting, and transport of protein from the endoplasmic reticulum to another compartment. This volume contains the first ten chapters on the subject of organelles. The remaining four are in Volume 3, to which sections on organelle disorders and the extracellular matrix have been added.

Mitochondrial Medicine

Mitochondrial Medicine
Author: Salvatore DiMauro,Michio Hirano,Eric A. Schon
Publsiher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 368
Release: 2006-04-19
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1842142887

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Mitochondrial dysfunction is increasingly being recognized as the basis of a wide variety of human diseases. Providing an authoritative update on our current knowledge of mitochondrial medicine, this text draws together world authorities from various fields to present general therapeutic strategies, as well as the treatments presently available in different specialties - thus making it essential reading for clinicians involved with the management of patients with mitochondrial diseases. A unique work, this text covers a range of specialties, including cardiology, ophthalmology, otology, nephrology, gastroenterology, hematology-oncology, and reproductive medicine, and does not focus exclusively on the more commonly known neurologic conditions. An accessible, user-friendly text, it also presents translational concepts of mitochondrial biogenesis and genetics in vignettes related to specific questions raised by the disease under discussion, rather than concentrating on basic science, which can often intimidate clinicians. This pioneering work is primarily directed to a clinical audience who are interested in the diverse and diagnostically challenging clinical presentations of mitochondrial diseases and their pathophysiology.