The Prostate Massage Manual

The Prostate Massage Manual
Author: Ronald M. Bazar
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2015-05-18
Genre: Alternative medicine
ISBN: 1508958734

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Prostate Massage Has Excellent Health and Sexual Benefits. Prostate massage is a new world for most men. Most of us have not learned enough about our prostates and its importance for great health in general and for sexual health for men in particular, let alone for ultimate sexual pleasure and sexual stamina. And only a relative few have learned about ways to massage the prostate for health and stimulation. Prostate massage and sexual instruction isn't something men generally talk about over beer. Let's face it. It's been a bit of a taboo topic. Thank goodness that is changing. Who Should Do Prostate Massage? Some men may think that they shouldn't do prostate massage. Such thinking would be a mistake for two reasons. 1. Prostate massage, when done correctly, can be a very healthy thing to do for your overall prostate health. 2. When sexual stimulation is intentionally added to the massage, the resulting sexual male orgasm can be exceptionally powerful. Who wouldn't want that? Added Sexual Pleasure And for the best in sexual orgasmic pleasures, your prostate is the switch that can take you on a new journey of discovery. Time to learn all about that male G-spot gland at any age, especially if you want to last longer and heal any erectile dysfunction problems you may have. For you to have optimal sexual health, your prostate must be kept healthy. One of the best ways to do that is through prostate massage. Toxins In Your Prostate Our prostate filters toxins to protect the sperm. Our prostate is our most sensitive gland, needed for our health and sexual fulfillment. Too many toxins create problems. Prostate massage can help restore vitality. Therapeutic prostate massage is a very beneficial skill. It is becoming essential for better health and sex in this modern age of exposure to so many toxins. Even if you don't have prostate problems, you might want to begin to think about what you can do to prevent them. Prostate massage is just one simple way to maintain prostate health or to help your prostate regain its health if you have a problem. Sexual Benefits of Prostate Massage And-an added bonus-prostate massage can open up a whole new world of incredible sexual orgasms if you are so inclined. As a side benefit, it can help alleviate erectile difficulties by strengthening the pubococcygeus or PC muscle and by stimulating the prostate erection nerves so you can get it up. It will also help minimize premature ejaculation problems by strengthening the prostate muscles giving you more control than ever before. Prostate orgasms are way more powerful than regular orgasms. They last longer, more ejaculate is released and your whole body thrives from the intensity. For Women Too This book is also for women who want to further understand the prostate and to learn ways to support men in their quests for better prostate health. It may also be useful to women to increase mutual sexual pleasure and to give your man explosive longer-lasting orgasms (no longer the exclusive domain of women!). What You Will Learn: The Prostate's 10 Amazing Functions Benefits of Prostate Massage Prostate Milk Prostate Exercises External Prostate Massage Internal Prostate Massage Safe Prostate Massage Non-Sexual Internal Prostate Massage Sexual Internal Prostate Massage Prostate Massage Orgasm Tantra and Taoist Prostate Sex Practices Sex and Your Prostate Advanced Sexual Skills Prostate Massage Resources All along you will be guided with exact details to do your prostate massage safely, easily and very comfortably. No pain. Just gain. Scroll back to the BUY button.

Manual Therapy for the Prostate

Manual Therapy for the Prostate
Author: Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.
Publsiher: North Atlantic Books
Total Pages: 153
Release: 2010-06-29
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781556439001

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Manual Therapy for the Prostate presents a comprehensive guide to the prostate that includes manual treatment procedures designed to resolve common prostate issues. Based on author Jean-Pierre Barral’s clinical practice and his innovative theory of visceral manipulation, the book provides a structured framework rooted in anatomy and physiology. By precisely applying manual techniques to the prostate and surrounding structures, practitioners can successfully treat prostate problems and help patients avoid surgical procedures or medication. Featuring detailed, full-color anatomy illustrations throughout, the book begins with a discussion of the anatomical structure and function of the prostate. Causes of prostate dysfunction are revealed, including predisposing factors such as age, ethnicity, stress level, diet, and tobacco and alcohol usage. The book explores the signs, symptoms, prevention, and allopathic treatments for disease and dysfunction of the prostate. Examination and manual treatment protocols, contraindications and precautions, and the various goals the practitioner is working to achieve are clearly described. Explaining how all pelvic structures have links with the rest of the body, the book concludes by demonstrating how the entire body is interconnected and elucidating the influence of stress and emotional issues in prostate dysfunction.

Sexy Prostate

Sexy Prostate
Author: Erika Thost
Publsiher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Total Pages: 112
Release: 2016-03-07
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1530445256

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Did you know that basically every man is curious about prostate pleasure? However this is the last taboo so they may not feel comfortable talking about that interest. And they may not want to actually do anything anything about that interest at the moment. However they do want to know more. So here Dr Erika Thost gives you an easy and relaxed way to get that information for both the men and the women: how to go about giving him prostate pleasure. We are breaking down the last frontier of the unspeakable! This book is not about prostate cancer. This book is only about promoting prostate pleasure and prostate health. If we pay some positive attention to the prostate now, there may be fewer problems down the line. This book gives you clear and detailed instructions for doing a prostate massage. It includes answers to all those questions that you were afraid to ask. And you get this information in an accessible and light-hearted way. And the other reason to pay attention to the prostate: basically every man has some prostate issues in middle age. And in this book we talk about ways to promote prostate health by doing prostate massage. The biggest prize goes to those who are willing to experiment! You will learn about: - How to make it easy for the woman: easy to learn and easy to do - How you miss out by not doing it - How to make it a turn on for the woman - How to do it safely and comfortably - How to keep it clean - Which supplies you need - Why you want to do this - How it makes the male orgasm better - How to turn him on and get him ready - nice and slow - How to do this as a quickie Everything you have always wanted to know - all in one place in a friendly and humorous style. And there is also a chapter on how to do this from a totally different non-sexual angle: how it works to have a therapeutic prostatic massage by a medical professional for prostate problems or for preventative care. Dr Erika says to men: If you have any problems, however minor or major, that are related to prostate problems such as urinary and / or sexual function, please do not continue to suffer: there are ways for you to feel better. So do take action now so that you can enjoy life to the fullest! Don't believe the myth that these issues automatically come with aging and that there is nothing you can do about them. Find the care that you need. Fight the good fight for yourself so that you can be at the top of your game and feel that you have your life back!

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure
Author: Charlie Glickman,Aislinn Emirzian
Publsiher: Cleis Press
Total Pages: 364
Release: 2013-02-12
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9781573449045

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The first definitve guide to P-Spot pleasure will offer men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. Co-authored by one of the foremost experts on sexual health, Charlie Glickman, men who may not feel confident exploring anal play will be empowered to claim the prostate as an erogenous zone ripe for exploration. And men who already enjoy prostate play will find much to learn from this friendly, accessible how-to guide. The P-Spot covers tips and techniques for prostate play, as well as outlining important safety information and how to maintain prostate health.

Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman

Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman
Author: Jennifer Berman,Laura Berman,Alice Burdick Schweiger
Publsiher: Hachette Books
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2005-04-13
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781401383237

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The nation's leading experts on women's sexual health offer up the secrets to female sexual satisfaction using data culled from their groundbreaking new survey Not since The Hite Report twenty-five years ago has female sexuality been so comprehensively addressed and analyzed. In Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman, Drs. Laura and Jennifer Berman topple common misconceptions and reshape conventional wisdom based on their revolutionary and highly anticipated National Women's Sexual Satisfaction Survey. Extrapolating from the study results, the Bermans address the psychological and medical factors that affect sexuality while providing expert, accessible advice on how women can improve their sex lives and enhance sexual pleasure. The Bermans are not afraid to take on topics that make most people blush, and this book is sure to be an essential resource for women throughout the country.

Manual of Men s Health

Manual of Men   s Health
Author: Susanne A. Quallich, PhD, ANP-BC, NP-C, CUNP, FAANP,Michelle Lajiness, MSN, FNP-BC,Kenneth Mitchell, MPAS, PA-C
Publsiher: Springer Publishing Company
Total Pages: 536
Release: 2018-10-11
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780826191144

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The only practical resource to focus solely on health issues specific to men Written by and for APRNs and PAs in the primary care setting, this is the first clinical reference to focus solely on managing health concerns that are specific to men. Filling a significant gap in knowledge about this patient group, the user-friendly reference delivers evidence-based guidelines for the day-to-day management of male patients. Designed for ease of use and quick access to information, the resource is divided into three sections: general men’s health, overview of special issues in men’s health, and urology and preventive cardiology. In addition to addressing the full gamut of urological and cardiac issues, the book discusses the basics of male physical assessment including sports assessment, male adolescent risk issues, musculoskeletal manifestations of stress in men, and health screening issues. Also covered are the aging male and physical activity, the health needs of male veterans, complementary and alternative health methods, chronic pain, high-risk MSM sexual health issues, and starting a men’s health clinic. Key Features: The only practical men’s health resource written specifically for APRNs and PAs by APRNs and PAs Organized to facilitate quick access to information Delivers evidence-based guidelines for men’s healthcare Written and edited by noted APRN and PA men’s health practitioners and faculty Addresses health issues in urology, cardiology treatment for men, and other health issues specific to men

Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor

Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor
Author: Mantak Chia,William U. Wei
Publsiher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2013-11-02
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 9781620552285

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A guide to restoring men’s sexual health and function to maintain a flourishing sex life well into old age • Includes fully illustrated instructions for exercises to clear energetic blockages of the male reproduction organs, restore function, reduce prostate enlargement, and prevent prostate gland cancer • Presents a routine of exercises to be practiced daily as well as guidance on supporting your practice with nutritional and herbal supplements • Explains how these techniques can forestall the need for surgery in early stages of prostate disease Age need not be a death sentence for men’s sexual health and vitality. Taoist Master Mantak Chia and William U. Wei explain how to use the energetic and physical practice of Chi Kung to not only maintain a flourishing sex life well into old age but also reduce prostate enlargement and prevent prostate gland cancer. With fully illustrated step-by-step instructions, the authors provide exercises and techniques to open the energetic pathways connected to the male reproductive organs and clear the energy blockages that lead to sexual dysfunction and illness. They explain how to perform sexual energy and prostate gland massages and detail stretching exercises and the practice of chi weight lifting--attaching weights to the penis and scrotum to enhance sexual vigor. They explain that while these techniques are primarily preventive, they can also act to regenerate and restore function, forestalling the need for surgery in early stages of prostate disease. The authors present a routine of exercises to be practiced daily as well as guidance on supporting your practice with nutritional and herbal supplements.

Manual of Nephrology

Manual of Nephrology
Author: Robert W. Schrier
Publsiher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Total Pages: 340
Release: 2008-10-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0781796199

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Now in its Seventh Edition, this best-selling Spiral® Manual is a practical quick-reference guide to the diagnosis and treatment of renal disorders. The book covers all common renal problems in a user-friendly outline format designed for rapid information retrieval. Coverage includes acute and chronic kidney diseases, fluid and electrolyte disorders, acid-base disturbances, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and hypertension. Highlights of this Seventh Edition include updated information on kidney disease in diabetes. A chapter on drug dosing in patients with renal impairment provides specific recommendations for over 500 drugs.