Camping Wilderness Survival

Camping   Wilderness Survival
Author: Paul Tawrell
Publsiher: Paul Tawrell
Total Pages: 1092
Release: 2006
Genre: Camping
ISBN: 0974082023

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Extensively researched and illustrated guidebook of nearly every conceivable aspect of outdoor camping and survival in all types of terrain and climate.

The Survival Book

The Survival Book
Author: Paul Homer Nesbitt
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 362
Release: 1959
Genre: Accidents
ISBN: STANFORD:36105038423781

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A guide to aid and insure survival after emergency aircraft landings regardless of geographic location.

Strategic Defenses and the Transition to Assured Survival

Strategic Defenses and the Transition to Assured Survival
Author: Glenn A. Kent,Randall James DeValk,Rand Corporation
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 164
Release: 1986
Genre: Arms race
ISBN: UCAL:B4246466

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"This report details the anatomy and calculus of the ballistic missile portion of the transition to a robust nationwide strategic defense posture, as proposed by President Reagan on March 23, 1983. To provide insight into the policy issues surrounding the transition, the authors develop an analytic format based on ballistic missile "defense potential." The defense potential format demonstrates that, if highly survivable strategic defenses were deployed as an adjunct to current superpower ballistic missile forces, the United States could make the transition to the President's goal of assured survival from ballistic missile attack without having to pass through a period during which either the United States or the Soviet Union would have great incentive to launch a first strike against the other. However, if the defenses are vulnerable to attack and/or if both superpowers continue to deploy weapons capable of destroying hard targets but fail to adopt corresponding offensive force survivability measures, a stable transition would become less likely."--Rand abstracts.

Corporate Survival

Corporate Survival
Author: Dan R. Anderson
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 446
Release: 2005
Genre: Risk management
ISBN: WISC:89086114626

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Corporate Survival: The Critical Importance of Sustainability Risk Management thoroughly examines the rising sustainability risks that affect thriving businesses, the environment, various societies, people in foreign lands, and our children. Author Dan Anderson, a professor of risk management and insurance, has been observing sustainability risk management issues for his entire career. In Corporate Survival he presents guidelines for various professionals in the risk management and insurance industries. In his view, corporations need to establish sound sustainability risk management systems in order to survive potentially major financial and professional damages. These damages can arise from liability suits, customer boycotts, shareholder actions, new regulations, and international pressures. Anderson provides well-timed direction for establishing risk management systems, as well as numerous examples of how companies successfully employ sustainability risk management strategies. He also demonstrates the advantages of following his advice for corporate survival, including reducing sustainability risk costs, improving competitive advantage, attracting both reliable customers and productive employees, augmenting the firm's reputation and community image, and increasing profits. Corporate Survival will help all corporations and those in the fields of risk management and insurance improve business systems while enhancing environmental quality and social justice conditions.

Watercraft Patrol and Survival Tactics

Watercraft Patrol and Survival Tactics
Author: Donald M. Turner,Tony Lesce
Publsiher: Charles C. Thomas Publisher
Total Pages: 300
Release: 1990
Genre: Boats and boating
ISBN: PSU:000048589734

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Survival A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature Large Print 16pt

Survival  A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature  Large Print 16pt
Author: Margaret Atwood
Publsiher: ReadHowYouWant
Total Pages: 396
Release: 2013-05-01
Genre: History
ISBN: 1459664809

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When first published in 1972, "Survival" was considered the most startling book ever written about Canadian literature. Since then, it has continued to be read and taught, and it continues to shape the way Canadians look at themselves. Distinguished, provocative, and written in effervescent, compulsively readable prose, "Survival" is simultaneously a book of criticism, a manifesto, and a collection of personal and subversive remarks. Margaret Atwood begins by asking: ''What have been the central preoccupations of our poetry and fiction?'' Her answer is ''survival and victims.'' Atwood applies this thesis in twelve brilliant, witty, and impassioned chapters; from Moodie to MacLennan to Blais, from Pratt to Purdy to Gibson, she lights up familiar books in wholly new perspectives. This new edition features a foreword by the author.

Deep Survival Who Lives Who Dies and Why

Deep Survival  Who Lives  Who Dies  and Why
Author: Laurence Gonzales
Publsiher: W. W. Norton & Company
Total Pages: 336
Release: 2017-01-10
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9780393354218

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“Unique among survival books . . . stunning . . . enthralling. Deep Survival makes compelling, and chilling, reading.”—Denver Post Over a decade since its original publication, Laurence Gonzales’s bestselling Deep Survival has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives. Its mix of adventure narrative, survival science, and practical advice has inspired everyone from business leaders to military officers, educators, and psychiatric professionals on how to take control of stress, learn to assess risk, and make better decisions under pressure. Now with a new introduction on how this book can help readers overcome any of life’s obstacles, Gonzales’s gripping narrative is set to motivate and enlighten a new generation of readers.

Surviving the Desert

Surviving the Desert
Author: Gregory J. Davenport
Publsiher: Stackpole Books
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2004
Genre: Desert survival
ISBN: 0811730719

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Travel safely through extreme environments Find water, dress for the environment, create a campsite, signal, and navigate in the desert Series author Greg Davenport has appeared on ABC's Primetime Thursday and CBS's 48 Hours The techniques and equipment necessary for surviving in the desert are made more challenging by the intense sunlight, wide temperature range, sparse vegetation, and sandstorms, but Greg Davenport shares how to deal with the toughest conditions. Learn how to avoid insects and snakes. Photos and drawings illustrate gear and techniques necessary for survival in the rough and dangerous terrain.