Roman Aqueducts Water Supply

Roman Aqueducts   Water Supply
Author: A. Trevor Hodge
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Academic
Total Pages: 514
Release: 1992
Genre: Aqueducs - Rome
ISBN: MINN:31951D00963820B

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"How did Roman waterworks work? How were the aqueducts planned and built? What happened to the water before it got into the aqueduct conduit and after it left it, in catchment, urban distribution and drainage? What were the hydraulics and engineering involved? And what was hydraulic technology like throughout the provinces, far from the often-studied system of metropolitan Rome? In a comprehensive study that ranges through the Roman aqueducts of France, Germany, Spain, North Africa, Turkey and Israel, Professor Hodge introduces us to these often neglected aspects of what the Romans themselves would certainly boast of as one of the greatest glories of their civilisation. Although often technically oriented, the book is aimed at non-engineers (there is a chapter on basic hydraulics, and an appendix on the use of formulae), and historians of society and the economy are not overlooked. Above all, the book looks on aqueducts as functioning machines rather than as static archaeological monuments." -- Provided by publisher

Thirsty Cities

Thirsty Cities
Author: Danilo J. Anton
Publsiher: IDRC
Total Pages: 177
Release: 1993
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 9781552501085

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Many cities in Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing a water crisis as sources become exhausted or degraded. Urbanization, deteriorating infrastructures with a lack of funds for repairs, and inadequate polices are conspiring to cause water shortages. People are becoming concentrated in megacities, such as Mexico City with a population of almost 23 million, that have outgrown their water-supply systems. Urban areas are increasingly incapable of supplying water and sewer systems for their populations. By the year 2020, more than 500 million inhabitants of Latin America (two-thirds of.

Alternative Water Supply Systems

Alternative Water Supply Systems
Author: Fayyaz Ali Memon,Sarah Ward
Publsiher: IWA Publishing
Total Pages: 496
Release: 2014-10-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781780405506

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Owing to climate change related uncertainties and anticipated population growth, different parts of the developing and the developed world (particularly urban areas) are experiencing water shortages or flooding and security of fit-for-purpose supplies is becoming a major issue. The emphasis on decentralized alternative water supply systems has increased considerably. Most of the information on such systems is either scattered or focuses on large scale reuse with little consideration given to decentralized small to medium scale systems. Alternative Water Supply Systems brings together recent research into the available and innovative options and additionally shares experiences from a wide range of contexts from both developed and developing countries. Alternative Water Supply Systems covers technical, social, financial and institutional aspects associated with decentralized alternative water supply systems. These include systems for greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting, recovery of water through condensation and sewer mining. A number of case studies from the UK, the USA, Australia and the developing world are presented to discuss associated environmental and health implications. The book provides insights into a range of aspects associated with alternative water supply systems and an evidence base (through case studies) on potential water savings and trade-offs. The information organized in the book is aimed at facilitating wider uptake of context specific alternatives at a decentralized scale mainly in urban areas. This book is a key reference for postgraduate level students and researchers interested in environmental engineering, water resources management, urban planning and resource efficiency, water demand management, building service engineering and sustainable architecture. It provides practical insights for water professionals such as systems designers, operators, and decision makers responsible for planning and delivering sustainable water management in urban areas through the implementation of decentralized water recycling. Authors: Fayyaz Ali Memon, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, UK and Sarah Ward, Centre for Water Systems, University of Exeter, UK

Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply

Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply
Author: Ashok K. Sharma,Donald Begbie,Ted Gardner
Publsiher: IWA Publishing
Total Pages: 372
Release: 2015-05-15
Genre: Science
ISBN: 9781780405353

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Rainwater tank systems have been widely adopted across the world to provide a safe local source of water in underdeveloped rural areas, a substitution for mains water for non potable end uses in water stressed urban areas, as well as providing flooding control in monsoonal climates such as Korea, or combined sewer systems such as Germany. The importance of these systems in cities has grown, as water managers seek to provide a range of decentralised solutions to supply constraints of current water supply systems, whilst reducing the impact of urban development on the natural environment, and increasing resilience to the impacts of climate change. Rainwater tank systems are now often implemented under integrated urban water management (IUWM) and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) philosophies, which take a holistic view of the urban water cycle. Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply is based on a comprehensive, multi-million dollar research program that was undertaken in South East Queensland (SEQ) Australia in response to the Millennium drought when the water supply level in the regions drinking water dams dropped to 17% in July 2007 and the area came close to running out of water. In particular, the book provides insights and detailed analysis of design, modelling, implementation, operation, energy usage, economics, management, health risk, social perceptions and implications for water quality/quantity of roof water runoff. The approaches and methodologies included in Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban Water Supply inform and validate research programs, and provide insights on the expected performance and potential pitfalls of the adoption of rainwater tanks systems including: actual harvested yield and resulting mains water savings, optimal sizing for rainwater storages and roof collection systems, expected water quality and implications for managing public health risks, modelling tools available for decision support, operation and management approaches of a decentralised asset at the household scale and community acceptance. The book is suitable for use at undergraduate and post graduate levels and is of particular interest to water professionals across the globe, who are involved in the strategic water planning for a town, city or a region. It is a valuable resource for developers, civil designers, water planners, architects and plumbers seeking to implement sustainable water servicing approaches for residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Rural Community Water Supply

Rural Community Water Supply
Author: Richard C. Carter
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2021-05-15
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 1788531663

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Richard Carter weaves together the myriad of factors that need to come together to make rural water supply truly available to everyone. He concludes that ultimately, systemic change to the global web of injustice that divides this world into rich and poor may be the only way to address the underlying problem.

Water Supply in a Mega City

Water Supply in a Mega City
Author: Michael Webber,Jon Barnett,Brian Finlayson,Mark Wang
Publsiher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2018-11-30
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9781786433930

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With the increasing threat of depleted and contaminated water supplies around the world, this book provides a timely and much needed analysis of how cities should manage this precious resource. Integrating the environmental, economic, political and socio-cultural dimensions of water management, the authors outline how future mega-city systems can maintain a high quality of life for its residents.

Manual of Individual Water Supply Systems Developed in Cooperation with the Joint Committee on Rural Sanitation

Manual of Individual Water Supply Systems  Developed in Cooperation with the Joint Committee on Rural Sanitation
Author: United States. Public Health Service. Division of Environmental Engineering and Food Protection
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 148
Release: 1962
Genre: Water
ISBN: UCAL:B3722119

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Water supply Paper

Water supply Paper
Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 780
Release: 1908
Genre: Irrigation
ISBN: STANFORD:36105007635373

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