101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Author: Matthew Frederick
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 213
Release: 2007-08-31
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9780262062664

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Concise lessons in design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation, from the basics of “How to Draw a Line” to the complexities of color theory. This is a book that students of architecture will want to keep in the studio and in their backpacks. It is also a book they may want to keep out of view of their professors, for it expresses in clear and simple language things that tend to be murky and abstruse in the classroom. These 101 concise lessons in design, drawing, the creative process, and presentation—from the basics of "How to Draw a Line" to the complexities of color theory—provide a much-needed primer in architectural literacy, making concrete what too often is left nebulous or open-ended in the architecture curriculum. Each lesson utilizes a two-page format, with a brief explanation and an illustration that can range from diagrammatic to whimsical. The lesson on "How to Draw a Line" is illustrated by examples of good and bad lines; a lesson on the dangers of awkward floor level changes shows the television actor Dick Van Dyke in the midst of a pratfall; a discussion of the proportional differences between traditional and modern buildings features a drawing of a building split neatly in half between the two. Written by an architect and instructor who remembers well the fog of his own student days, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School provides valuable guideposts for navigating the design studio and other classes in the architecture curriculum. Architecture graduates—from young designers to experienced practitioners—will turn to the book as well, for inspiration and a guide back to basics when solving a complex design problem.

101 Things I Didn t Learn In Architecture School And Wish I Had Known Before My First Job

101 Things I Didn t Learn In Architecture School  And Wish I Had Known Before My First Job
Author: Sarah Lebner
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 130
Release: 2019-12-23
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 0648693708

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An essential resource for students and graduates of architecture. This book offers 101 succinct lessons about construction basics, the business of architecture, and personal development. Readers understand concepts through 24 simple diagrams and friendly language that assumes no prior learning.

101 Things I Learned in Product Design School

101 Things I Learned   in Product Design School
Author: Sung Jang,Martin Thaler,Matthew Frederick
Publsiher: Crown
Total Pages: 216
Release: 2020-10-13
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9780451496744

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An engaging, enlightening, and cleverly illustrated guide to product design, written by experienced professional designers and instructors. Products are in every area of our lives, but just what product designers do and how they think is a mystery to most. Product design is not art, engineering, or craft, even as it calls for skills and understandings in each of these areas—along with psychology, history, cultural anthropology, physics, ergonomics, materials technology, marketing, and manufacturing. This accessible guide provides an entry point into this vast field through 101 brief, illustrated lessons exploring such areas as • why all design is performed in relation to the body • why every product is part of a system • the difference between being clever and being gimmicky • why notions of beauty are universal across cultures • how to use both storytelling and argument to effectively persuade Written by three experienced design instructors and professionals, 101 Things I Learned® in Product Design School provides concise, thoughtful touch points for beginning design students, experienced professionals, and anyone else wishing to better understand this complex field that shapes our lives every day.

101 Things to Learn in Art School

101 Things to Learn in Art School
Author: Kit White
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2011-08-19
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780262300131

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Lessons, demonstrations, definitions, and tips on what to expect in art school, what it means to make art, and how to think like an artist. What is the first thing to learn in art school? “Art can be anything.” The second thing? “Learn to draw.” With 101 Things to Learn in Art School, artist and teacher Kit White delivers and develops such lessons, striking an instructive balance between technical advice and sage concepts. These 101 maxims, meditations, and demonstrations offer both a toolkit of ideas for the art student and a set of guiding principles for the artist. Complementing each of the 101 succinct texts is an equally expressive drawing by the artist, often based on a historical or contemporary work of art, offering a visual correlative to the written thought. “Art can be anything” is illustrated by a drawing of Duchamp's famous urinal; a description of chiaroscuro art is illuminated by an image “after Caravaggio”; a lesson on time and media is accompanied by a view of a Jenny Holzer projection; advice about surviving a critique gains resonance from Piero della Francesca's arrow-pierced Saint Sebastian. 101 Things to Learn in Art School offers advice about the issues artists confront across all artistic media, but this is no simple handbook to making art. It is a guide to understanding art as a description of the world we live in, and it is a guide to using art as a medium for thought. And so this book belongs on the reading list of art students, art teachers, and artists, but it also belongs in the library of everyone who cares about art as a way of understanding life.

How to Architect

How to Architect
Author: Doug Patt
Publsiher: MIT Press
Total Pages: 144
Release: 2012-02-17
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9780262516990

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The basics of the profession and practice of architecture, presented in illustrated A-Z form. The word "architect" is a noun, but Doug Patt uses it as a verb—coining a term and making a point about using parts of speech and parts of buildings in new ways. Changing the function of a word, or a room, can produce surprise and meaning. In How to Architect, Patt—an architect and the creator of a series of wildly popular online videos about architecture—presents the basics of architecture in A-Z form, starting with "A is for Asymmetry" (as seen in Chartres Cathedral and Frank Gehry), detouring through "N is for Narrative," and ending with "Z is for Zeal" (a quality that successful architects tend to have, even in fiction—see The Fountainhead's architect-hero Howard Roark.) How to Architect is a book to guide you on the road to architecture. If you are just starting on that journey or thinking about becoming an architect, it is a place to begin. If you are already an architect and want to remind yourself of what drew you to the profession, it is a book of affirmation. And if you are just curious about what goes into the design and construction of buildings, this book tells you how architects think. Patt introduces each entry with a hand-drawn letter, and accompanies the text with illustrations that illuminate the concept discussed: a fallen Humpty Dumpty illustrates the perils of fragile egos; photographs of an X-Acto knife and other hand tools remind us of architecture's nondigital origins. How to Architect offers encouragement to aspiring architects but also mounts a defense of architecture as a profession—by calling out a defiant verb: architect!

Think Like an Architect

Think Like an Architect
Author: Hal Box
Publsiher: University of Texas Press
Total Pages: 225
Release: 2010-01-01
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9780292783201

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An award-winning architect and educator demystifies the process of making architecture and explains why good architectural design matters. The design of cities and buildings affects the quality of our lives. Making the built environments in which we live, work, and play useful, safe, comfortable, efficient, and as beautiful as possible is a universal quest. What many don’t realize is that professional architects design only about five percent of the built environment. While much of what non-architects build is beautiful and useful, the ugliness and inconveniences that blight many urban areas demonstrate that an understanding of good architectural design is vital for creating livable buildings and public spaces. To help promote this understanding among non-architects and those considering architecture as a profession, award-winning architect and professor Hal Box explains the process from concept to completed building, using real-life examples to illustrate the principles involved. To cause what we build to become architecture, we have three choices: hire an architect, become an architect, or learn to think like an architect. In this book, organized as a series of letters to students and friends, Box covers: what architecture should be and do how to look at and appreciate good buildings how to understand the design process, work with an architect, or become an architect an overview of architectural history, with lists of books to read and buildings to see practical guidance about what goes into constructing a building an architect’s typical training and career path how architecture relates to the city where the art of architecture is headed why good architecture matters

How to Thrive at Architecture School

How to Thrive at Architecture School
Author: Neil Spiller
Publsiher: Routledge
Total Pages: 176
Release: 2020-03-01
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 9781000033182

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Studying architecture is hugely exciting and rewarding. It entails developing design skills, problem-solving abilities and tapping into creativity, as well as acquiring cultural, technical and professional knowledge. This book is the go-to guide for students throughout their architectural education. It introduces architecture students to all they need to know to get on an architecture course, thrive at school and be prepared for the realities of becoming a practising architect. Split into three main sections – Part I (BA or BSC in Architecture), Part II (Masters or Diploma) and Part III (Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice) – it offers direction on all aspects of an architectural education. These range from initial tutorials, the first crit and essay-writing through to the development of final project and thesis work. Covering all bases, it is a comprehensive guide for a student’s passage from university preparation through to undergraduate and graduate study and out into the profession. It features RIBA UK architecture schools and those validated overseas, as well as a short, final chapter on architectural education elsewhere in the world.

The architecture reference specification book

The architecture reference   specification book
Author: Collectif
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2017-12
Genre: Electronic Book
ISBN: 9781631593796

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