Fashion Figures

Fashion Figures
Author: Melissa A. Borza
Publsiher: Apress
Total Pages: 133
Release: 2017-09-26
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 9781484222744

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Missy Maker is a middle school girl who loves math and fashion. She sees math in everything she does. She tries to hide this from her friends, because she thinks it’s too geeky. Missy hears that the school math club needs more members, but she’s worried about what her friends will think if she joins, and she’s already committed to joining the fashion club. After an epic internal struggle and with the support of her peers and her quirky, loving family, Missy finds that she can be both a Mathlete and a Fashionista. Missy figures out how to bring the two clubs together to help both groups win. In the process, she discovers that she can openly excel in math and science and still be popular with her peers. She also learns how her math and science skills can help her artistic endeavors. Gain an inside perspective on what it’s like when you love math and science and happen to be a girl. Fashion Figures highlights the societal and internal pressures preteen and early-teen girls often face when they excel in these subjects, and it shows strategies for overcoming barriers to being themselves and doing what they love while still fitting in socially. What You'll Learn Girls can have a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects and still be cool Girls can be great at math Math skills are important in non-STEM centered subject areas like fashion and art Math can be fun Who This Book Is For Pre-teen and early-teen girls (9-14 years old)

How to Draw Fashion Figures

How to Draw  Fashion Figures
Author: Hodge
Publsiher: Search Press Limited
Total Pages: 135
Release: 2012
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781781267479

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Beginner s Guide to Sketching the Fashion Figure

Beginner s Guide to Sketching the Fashion Figure
Author: Lisa Steinberg
Publsiher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 289
Release: 2020-02-20
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9781501343841

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“I like the way the author has developed the croquis and the steps. It starts on the basis of anatomy, and how to draw anatomy and mixes it with fashion proportions” – Patrick Brown-Hayes, Washington State University, USA “Beautiful organization, excellent logical structure. Love the exercises inserted into the flow of the book” – Nicolas ChampRoux, Houston Community College, USA Learn the beginner level steps of fashion drawing, The book shows you illustrated step-by-step instructions that you can follow to build your skills until you're able to draw the female, male and children's fashion figures. Learn to develop fast designer concept sketches called croquis. Quick reference sheets, model poses, timed exercises, do's and don'ts, and online practice templates will help you gain confidence as you progress in fashion drawing. You'll also learn how to draw figures of diverse sizes and backgrounds, so you can design clothes for anyone. Features · Visual reference pages in the book are also downloadable as a quick reference guide to reinforce specific topics · Variations of model poses throughout the book will aid you in getting the right proportions for a variety of views · Includes instructions for drawing faces, hands, and feet · Example drawings from students and professionals included to inspire your own personal style · Easy to follow steps for drawing garments on the figure · Separate chapters included for drawing men and children Beginner's Guide to Sketching the Fashion Figure STUDIO Access downloadable files for additional exercises, templates, and croquis Image bank of additional drawings for inspiration and practice

Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio

Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio
Author: Gigi Morris
Total Pages: 163
Release: 2009-12-08
Genre: Fashion drawing
ISBN: 9780557131976

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The Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio is a collection of professionally illustrated male and female figure templates. These templates are ideal to use for fashion design presentations.The book is printed in Black and White. Back pages of the book is intentionally left blank so it can easily be traced.It is also available in CD as e-figure template files. Purchase separately.

How to draw fashion figure

How to draw fashion figure
Author: Irina V Ivanova
Publsiher: Art Design Project, Inc
Total Pages: 155
Release: 2019
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9780984356041

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How to draw fashion figure: Essential figure drawing techniques for women's wear designers Draw a fashion figure from scratch. Learn how to change any figure template by making simple transformations. Save time and effort on the fashion figure drawing process. The book is a collection of techniques and methods which allow you to: - draw accurate fashion figure with less stress and with minimum effort - modify proportions and body style of the figure - create multiple figures of various styles from the same croquis No previous figure drawing knowledge and skill is required for this book. Beginners: Jump start your drawing process: skip tedious typical figure drawing routine. Find the method which works best for you. Develop your drawing style with practice. Professionals: Explore the flexibility and effectiveness of methods described in the book. Practice the techniques of converting one style into another: mix and match practical methods described in the book. With this book you will learn: How to draw figure styles and proportions o for plus size fashion figures o for maternity designs o for runway model figures inspired by “haute couture” style o for fashion design projects with “nine heads tall” croquis How to create a basic female fashion figure from the beginning, without using any templates: o learn “cutting method” create a fashion figure using paper cutouts o learn “freehand drawing method” create a fashion figure by drawing with a pencil o learn how to manipulate figure by adjusting cutouts into different proportions o learn how to modify poses and movements in the figure template o learn how to combine cutting and freehand drawing methods for better results Book offers additional resources on: · face drawing · hands drawing · gallery oh hairstyles Before you buy the book, please make a note that: · The book is for womenswear designers: there is no children’s figure or male figure study in the book. · The book focuses on essential, standard, fashion design relevant poses and movements. · The book is all about drawing a figure: we do not study apparel drawing in this book. If you are looking for resources on apparel drawing use other Fashion Croquis books from the same book series. · We do not offer figure drawing templates in this book. This book helps you to create your figure template. If you are looking for pre-drawn, ready for use figure templates for fashion, we suggest you use other Fashion Croquis books from the same book series. About the author: Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and visual artist: the creator of the Fashion Croquis book series. Book condense years of teaching experience and illustration practice. Irina’s classic figure drawing training combined with professional fashion design education and experience makes her an effective teacher for fashion figure drawing. 20 + years of teaching college-level courses on Fashion illustration and Figure drawing made this book possible. The book “How to draw fashion figure” by Irina V. Ivanova offers you a collection of practical, easy to use, original figure drawing techniques which you do not find in a typical fashion drawing book.

New Fashion Figure Templates Expanded edition

New Fashion Figure Templates   Expanded edition
Author: Patrick John Ireland
Publsiher: Batsford Books
Total Pages: 493
Release: 2015-04-16
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9781849943048

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The bestselling New Fashion Figure Templates has been providing help for fashion students and fashion designers for decades and this new expanded edition will provide help for generations to come. The new edition includes over 200 templates of men, women, teens, and children on perforated pages for easy pull out, which can then be scanned. Costumers will also be provided with access to download a range of templates direct from the internet. The templates include figures in movement - with attitude and in classic elegant poses – from a variety of angles including full-length poses, three-quarter length poses, back views and front-on poses. The figures may be copied or photocopied and enlarged from the book or used as a guide to develop your own illustrations. This is a very useful tool for fashion students and designers, providing them with strong visuals for their work by making the most of templates created by one of the world's leading fashion illustrators, Patrick John Ireland. But they can overlay their own designs on to the templates to ensure the work bears their own creativity or use the scans as a basis for digital designs. A new chapter provides over 150 different fashion details from the author, ranging from sleeve shapes, hemlines, tucks, collars, drapes, gathers, pleats, and pockets.

140 Great Fashion Designs 1950 2000

140 Great Fashion Designs  1950 2000
Author: Tom Tierney
Publsiher: Courier Corporation
Total Pages: 60
Release: 2001-01-01
Genre: Design
ISBN: 9780486995052

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Five decades of glamorous, royalty-free designs include classic costumes by top designers, including Chanel, St. Laurent, Courrèges, Mary Quant, Halston, Laura Ashley, Carolina Herrera, Galliano, and many others. All carefully researched and meticulously rendered, the designs are appropriate for either computer or traditional cut-and-paste use. 140 full-color figures.

Creative Haven How to Draw Fashion Figures

Creative Haven How to Draw Fashion Figures
Author: Barbara Lanza
Publsiher: Courier Dover Publications
Total Pages: 100
Release: 2016-02-17
Genre: Games & Activities
ISBN: 9780486798776

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Aspiring fashion illustrators can learn the basics with these step-by-step instructions for drawing 15 outfits. Casual and dressy designs feature completed illustrations to color or trace plus blank pages for sketching practice.